Elsecar Reservoir, Elsecar

Elsecar is a picturesque village located in square center of England, in South Yorkshire. Typically for the area, this small village is known for its rich heritage, and a long history of being involved in colliery. This means that the area has many disused, former coal pits, which have since become great angling waters. Elsecar … Read more

Dilham Fishery, Dilham

Situated close to the sea, in the Broads of Norfolk, lies a picturesque, slumbering little village by the name of Dilham. Rich in history and heritage, this little place is a quiet and beautiful corner of the English countryside. It lies on the River Ant, and as such it has great prospects for fishing. Moreover, … Read more

Darracott Reservoir, Torrington

Devon is not often mentioned for its fishing, but it should. It boasts a variety of excellent angling venues that dot the landscape, and our latest fishery is no exception. It is located near Torrington – a small but bustling market town close to the River Torridge and the coast. It is situated on the … Read more

Dale Pitt Lakes, Doncaster

Doncaster boasts a lively and veteran fishing scene, and this latest addition to our fishing venue guides is certainly one of the best in that area. The venue is known as the Dale Pitt Lakes, and it is a truly stunning place to fish at. From fabulously maintained water, to beautiful rural surroundings, all the way … Read more

Combwich Ponds, Bridgwater

Located in Somerset, on the banks of the River Parrett, lies the historic market town of Bridgwater. This picturesque town boasts a long and rich heritage, and takes an important place in the turbulent periods of the English history. It is located on the edge of the picturesque Somerset Levels, which are characterized by the … Read more

Colnbrook West Fishery, West Drayton

West Drayton is a small suburban town in the London Borough of Hillingdon. It is quite close to the busy streets of the capital, but even so it retains a bit of peace and quiet, as some of London’s furthest suburbs can. It is nestled close to the beautiful Colne Valley Regional Park, and just … Read more

Clifton Lakes Fishery, Clifton

Clifton is a civil parish located in Bedfordshire – a historic, rural, and above all lovely little village settled cosily in the valley of the River Ivel. It is the home of a historic Clifton Manor House, and offers plenty of things to see and enjoy in. This village is a typical English countryside experience, … Read more

Carr Side Fishery, Ince Blundell

Ince Blundell is a well known, historic village located in Merseyside, not too far from the coast. Once the location of prominent nobility, the village is well known for the historic sights and the wonderful Ince Blundell Manor – a perfect example of English aristocratic architecture. But the surrounding nature, and the proximity to the … Read more

Braxted Back Lake, Chelmsford

Chelmsford Angling Association is one of the oldest in Essex, and holds a great reputation for offering a friendly and competitive atmosphere. They are readily accepting new members so don’t hesitate to try and join if you are looking for a new and friendly environment of like-minded anglers where you can learn more. This goes … Read more

Bigland Trout Fishery, Haverthwaite

Cumbria’s iconic Lake District is one of the most fascinating landscapes of England, a region of pristine and wild beauty that will captivate everyone. And just as the name suggests, it is dotted with various bodies of water, especially the lonesome natural lakes that are hidden in the rugged hills and forests. In the Southern … Read more

Bestwood Duck Pond, Nottingham

The Nottingham Anglers Association is an old and reputable fishing club, and amongst the oldest in the UK. It was founded in 1895, and ever since it enjoyed a great reputation as one of the premier angling clubs in Nottingham and the area. If you are a local and you were looking to join a … Read more

Batchworth Lake, Rickmansworth

Rickmansworth is a picturesque, quiet little town that lies on the banks of the River Colne and right there in the heart of the Colne Valley. Rickmansworth is the place where rivers Gade and Chess flow into the Colne, and as such, it has all the needed prerequisites for being a fantastic area for good … Read more

Bannister Farm Fishery, Preston

Bannister Farm Fishery is well known to the Lancashire locals, and an odd voyaging angler as well. It has a good reputation and a solid choice of several distinct waters, each one offering a unique angling experience. And best of all it has great stocks of fish. Let’s learn more about this popular local water. … Read more

Badshot Lea Big Pond, Aldershot, Hampshire

For all the local anglers this great venue is becoming increasingly popular in the recent years – and with ample reason. This large and well managed water offers great prospects for angling and relaxation as well. Join us as we explore this important part of the Hampshire angling scene. 16 Acres In Size One glance … Read more

Wrinehill Pool, Crewe, Cheshire

Crewe is a lovely little town in Cheshire, not too far from Wales. It has a lot of historic significance and is the home to some 70,000 people, and some iconic Cheshire landscapes in its vicinity. It is also the home of some great angling, and Wrinehill Pool is just one excellent example. This quarry … Read more

Wood Lane Fishery, Iver, Buckinghamshire

Just 30 kilometers outside of London lies Iver, a picturesque Buckinghamshire village that offers so much in both sights and nature. It is here that the Wood Lane Fishery is located, one of the prime angling venues in the vicinity of London, and a real hidden gem for local anglers. On the other hand all … Read more

Walnut Farm Fisheries, Attleborough

Attleborough is a small, historic town in Southern Norfolk and the location of the perfect rural countryside that is so iconic for Norfolk villages. It is also the home of a picturesque little fishery named Walnut Farm fisheries. This idyllic and cosy venue is a perfect rural retreat for anglers of all ages and all … Read more

Summerfields Trout Fishery

This appropriately named fishery is located close to Haynes, just outside of Bedford, and has a lot to offer – especially for passionate trout anglers. Even though it is a man made fishery, it was created with a lot of skill and a carefully planned design that offers balanced and challenging angling. It is located … Read more

Roundwood Fisheries, Aldwalk, Rotherham

Sometimes it’s the smallest fishing locations that offer the best results and the biggest surprises to anglers. That’s the case with Roundwood Ponds. These are situated in Aldwalk near Rotherham, in South Yorkshire. This historic area is full of unique and iconic sights, and is considered as one of the prettiest in South Yorkshire. Also, … Read more

Ratherheath Tarn, Bonning Gate, Cumbria

Ratherheath Tarn is located close to Bonning Gate, a hamlet in Cumbria, 5 kilometers from the city of Kendal. This popular venue held the title of being one of the finest coarse and specimen carp fisheries in the North West, and is certainly doing its best to keep that title. Located close to the picturesque … Read more