Guru Pulse Line

How much difference does line make? The answer is in fact, plenty. We would go as far as to say, next to your rod and reel it is, THE thing you want to invest in. Think about it. It is the line that maintains your one and only connection with a hooked fish. The adage … Read more

Best Fluorocarbon Line

The increased popularity in fluorocarbon line has come about for a variety of reasons, not least that is very tough and readily available. It may not be the most manageable of lines – that remains with the traditional mono – but it is very versatile, and brings with it a few further benefits. For example, … Read more

Best Carp Fishing Line

They say you are only as good as the tools you use, and when it comes to carp fishing, the equipment you choose is always going to help or hamper your performance. For carp fishing, choosing the best line for the job is essential. That’s why we’ve taken a look at the best all-around carp … Read more