Best Carp Rods

Buying a new rod is always a treat. But to make sure you get the best carp rod, you will …

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Best Carp Weigh Sling

All experienced fishermen know that a good weigh sling is essential for when carp fishing. Not only is the right …

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Best Carp Rod Pods 2022

Part of fishing successfully is being comfortable and having what you need to hand. Particularly your rod. Gone are the …

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best carp landing nets

Best Carp Landing Nets

Let’s be clear. Carp anglers haven’t ‘caught’ a carp until it is safely tucked away in the folds of your …

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carp bivvy reviews

Best Carp Bivvy 2022

Nothing is nicer than retiring to your bivvy after a hard days fishing. Pick the right one and you’ll be …

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Best Bivvy Light

Whether you are camping out overnight or just setting up your rods early in the morning or late at night, …

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Best Carp Bedchair

If you’ve ever been tired, you’ll already know that things don’t go well if you haven’t had enough sleep. The …

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Best Fishing Power Pack

It’s a hazard of modern life that you require various devices to keep in contact with the outside world. Even …

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Best Fishing Seat Box

What do you use even more than your rod and reel? That’s right. Your seatbox. The best seatboxes allow the …

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best carp rods under £100

Best Carp Rods Under £100

For many carp anglers, carp fishing is the ultimate; landing a big fish is, after all, an exhilarating experience, and …

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best bait runner reel

Best Bait Runner Reel

Some products and names are automatically linked. A prime example is the words Shimano and baitrunner. When looking for a …

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