Daiwa Phantom

Hello fellow anglers and a warm welcome to our Daiwa Phantom review – a perfect carp rod aimed at new …

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carp spod rod reviews

Carp Spod Rod Reviews

These days, specialist rods tailored for spodding make the job much easier than using your normal main carp rod. When …

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Carp Fishing Starter Kits

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and also one of the most popular participation sports. …

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Best Spod Rod and Reel Combo

The sheer variety involved in fishing techniques is part of the appeal. You will never learn every single technique and …

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Terminal Tackle

Terminal Tackle A lot of terminal tackle is used in carp fishing, which you’ll find around the website – the …

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choosing a carp reel

Choosing A Carp Reel

Now that you’ve chosen a carp rod, what reel should you buy to go with it? In carp fishing, there …

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