Stick Float vs Waggler

When we look at the concept of stick float vs waggler, you need to understand that it’s not really a …

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Best Hooklength Boxes

Hooklength boxes are more useful than they may first appear on first sight. They aren’t just a storage solution, they …

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The Carp Rig Guide

Well to our ever expanding carp rig guide! You will learn how to make safe and reliable carp rigs, using …

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carp fishing in weed

Carp Fishing in Weed

All you need to know about carp fishing in weed – right here! Carp Fishing In Weed Tips Weed beds …

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The Perfect Zig Rig Setup

You won’t look back once you’ve learnt how to successfully fish with zig rigs! Granted, they can be a little …

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the blowback rig

The Blowback Rig

Perfect for: Pop-ups or bottom baits Designed for: Outwitting ‘riggy’ carp, weedy venues, anti-eject properties. The rig ‘resets’ itself due …

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