The Carp Rig Guide

Well to our ever expanding carp rig guide!

You will learn how to make safe and reliable carp rigs, using in-depth videos to guide you through the materials you need, and how your rig should look and sit when you put it into practice.

Of course, each rig is suited to a variety of angling situations you may encounter.

Carp Rig Guide

If you find it difficult to make a rig that you can adapt for weedy or snaggy areas – then the chod rig is a good example of a rig that performs really well if made correctly.

Alternatively, when you’re fishing using PVA bags – there are carp rigs suited to them too!

(You can buy any materials that are underlined in blue directly from Amazon)


1. Basic Hair Rig

Knowing how to make this really basic hair rig will set you off to creating more elaborate carp rigs.

Items Required: Hooks, Baiting Needle, Pop-ups or Boilies, Hooklink, Small Scissors, Bait-Stops

2. Combi Stiff-Hinged Rig

A great variation to the famous hinged stiff rig, the combination of monofilament and braid makes this a really interesting rig.

The best place to add putty is around the knot by the way.

Additional Items: Hook Puller, Putty

3. ‘D’ Rig (or IQ ‘D’ Rig)

Made popular by it’s appearance in Korda’s underwater filming, the ‘D’ rig can be tricky to tie.

Thankfully, although we would recommend learning how to tie it, you can buy ready made D rigs if you’re interested.

Suggested Tackle: Fox Coretex 25lb Coated BraidFox Arma Point SR Hook (size 5), Fox Curo 3.7mm Rig Ring, Fox Multi-Tool, Tungsten Putty and Bait Floss

4. Multi Rig

The multi rig is a really versatile carp rig that can be used anywhere.

This rig is definitely more suited when used in conjunction with pop-ups.

Suggested Materials: Fox Coretex Matt Coated Braid, Fox Arma Point SR Hook, Fox Curo 3.7mm Rig Ring, Fox Multi-Tool, Tungsten Putty and Bait Floss

5. Chod Rig

The chod rig is hugely popular with anglers within the carp community because it’s great at dealing with underwater snags such as weed.

There are a great deal of video’s regarding this rig, each one maybe slightly different so practicing with different techniques such as the knot used and chod length that will help you decide what one you prefer.

There is dedicated specialist carp tackle tailored just for chod rigs, so worth taking a look at these.

Suggested Tackle to Use: Fox Rigidity Chod Filament, Fox Arma Point SR Hook (size 5), Size 11 Flexi Ring Swivels, Micro Hook Ring Swivels, Fox Multi-Tool, Tungsten Putty and Bait Floss

6. 360 Rig

Utilising a swivel, this gives your hook the ability to rotate 360 degrees meaning your presentation is designed to catch carp from any direction they approach your hook bait.

Again, a great carp rig for pop-ups or other critically balanced baits.

Suggested Tackle: Flexi Ring Swivels, Rig Rings, Long Curve Shank Hooks, Tungsten Putty, Hook Ring Stops

7. Blowback Rig

A useful rig for it’s ‘reset’ properties if carp happens to eject your bait.

We’ve actually a more in-depth breakdown of the blowback rig here.

Anyway, here’s the video explaining how it all works.

8. Zig Rig

We’re a huge fan of the zig rig, especially in the summer months when carp roam the upper layers.

If your a fan – or new to zig fishing, we’ve a page that explains everything you need to know aptly tiled ‘ The Perfect Zig Rig Setup‘.

The video below is the adjustable zig rig which shows how easy you can take your zig rig and adjust it to locate where carp maybe found.

One more tip for you -set your zig rig up as best you can to avoid tangles!

A new product on the market is a ‘zig magnet’ which allows you to cast those longer rigs far easier.

9. KD Rig

The hair positioning for this rig is critical when you put this baby together.

This ensures that the hook ‘hangs’ in it’s optimum position.

Especially designed for buoyant baits.

10. Pop-up Rig

Some for the rigs above are specifically tailored for pop-ups, however, this rig is just simply a basic hair rig – but is altered to benefit the buoyancy of a pop-up.

A very safe carp rig indeed this one.

11. Devastating Maggot Rig

We haven’t tested this out yet, but after watching the video, we’ve no doubt that this rig can be a success for anglers who prefer using maggots as part of there setup.

A really effective rig we can’t wait to try come winter.

12. PVA Bag Rig

Using an effective and efficient rig when used with a PVA bag is essential.

You want it to sit right whilst giving enough length to pass through your bag.

You can get really clever in altering existing rigs to covertly blend in when your PVA bag hits the bottom!

13. The ‘Ronnie’ Rig

Also known as the ‘Twister’ rig, this is actually one of the newer carp rigs doing the rounds!

Highly effective, the Ronnie rig uses a low pop-up combined with a Kurvshank hook. Check out instructions on how to make it below.

If you’re struggling with this rig, you can purchase a pre-tied Ronnie Rig from Gardner Tackle.

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14. Bottom Bait Rig

This is Terry Hearn’s tried and tested bottom bait rig. Using a 15mm barrel boilie, tipped with maize, it utilises the gripper pattern hook.

The hair is actually trapped more towards the bend of the hook rather than the shank!