The Blowback Rig

Perfect for: Pop-ups or bottom baits

Designed for: Outwitting ‘riggy’ carp, weedy venues, anti-eject properties.

The rig ‘resets’ itself due to the sliding rig ring, hair rarely tangles + the sliding ring allows the bait to move freely along the shank.


Materials List


Size 6 Wide Gape Hook or Kurvshank
20lb Coated hooklink (40cm)
Reflective rig rings (‘O’ shaped)
Shrink tube (2cm)
Anti-tangle sleeve
Quick change swivel (size 8)
Bait stop
Pop-up, boilie or corn

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How to tie the blowback rig

Step 1:

Measure 40cm of hooklink, then strip back about 2 cm of the coating.

Then tie an overhand loop to create the hair rig.

Place your chosen bait onto the hair and secure with a bait stop.

Step 2:

Slip on a rig ring about 2.5 cm from the end of the loop, the tie an overhand loop to ‘lock’ the ring in place.

Step 3:

Slide on your hook, entering the eye the side of the hook point.

Your rig should begin to look something like this:

blowback rig

Step 4:

To tie the hook, we are going to use a knotless knot.

Start by wrapping the line 7 times around the shank of the hook then thread the line back down through the eye.

knotless knotStep 5:

Now it’s time to slide the 2cm shrink tube down the hook length but first make a small slit in the shrink tube so the line can exit slightly.

You can now slide this over the hook eye so the knot is covered and secure.

how to make the blowback rig

Step 6:

We suggest steaming the shrink tube so it will become tighter. You can also create an aggressive angle like the picture above.
Next, slide on the anti-tangle sleeve threading the line through the thinnest part.
Finally, tie your size 8 quick link swivel to the coated hook length using a double overhand knot, making sure you tighten with a hook puller.
Slide the anti-tangle sleeve over the swivel and you’re ready to fish!
Using the quick link is handy so you change your rig faster and easier!
Let’s have a look at the finished blowback rig.
complete blowback rig

Images courtesy of Anglers Mail