Do Carp Like Apples?

Fruit can produce good results when carp fishing and today we are going to be looking at one of our (humans) favourite fruit to eat and finding out whether we can actually catch carp on them.

So, do carp like apples? Yes, carp will eat apples but it’s not one of the better fruits to use for carp fishing as there are much better options out there.

My advice would be if you are going carp fishing and realise you don’t have a lot of bait in the house then by all means take the apples from your fruit bowl that are going off. Carp will eat almost anything but it would just not be my preferred choice.


It Lacks Smell

I feel that the apple when compared to other fruits like a strawberry just lacks that potent smell. You really have to get your nose quite close to the apple to get the full smell. When you compare that to peeling an orange, or opening a punnet of strawberries you hopefully see what I mean?

Apple As a Hook Bait

This is where I see apples being used most to catch fish. If I was float fishing down the edge, or even using a margin pole then I feel like I could use a piece of apple on the hook when fished over ground bait or pellets. I just don’t feel feeding chunks of apple, and apple on the hook with nothing else is going to produce better results when compared to all the other baits out there.

Apple is soft, but not THAT soft. You could maybe get away with hooking it directly if you used a big hook, but my advice would be to hair rig it if you can.

But Isn’t An Apple A Natural Bait For The Carp?

Yes, and no.

It’s not boilies, but it’s not a worm or grub.

However, you could argue that apple trees will grow next to lakes and the overhanging apples on tree branches would fall into the water. These would then slowly decompose and be eaten by carp. I have no doubt about this, as carp are not fussy feeders. I feel if you could ask a carp if they liked apple they would be quite passive and say “I’ll take it or leave it”.

What Sorts Of Apple Work Best For Carp Fishing?

I honestly don’t think it matters what apples you use to catch carp. You could take your standard apples from your fruit bowl, maybe some baking apples or if you find some crab apples when fishing give those a go.

Apple Flavoured Bait Products

There just aren’t as many apple flavoured baits on the market from bait companies when you compare them to other fruits such as pineapple. We are now going to take a look at the ones we found. In my eyes, if there is not a lot being produced then there is usually a reason.

Apple Concentrate

I found this apple sour carp fishing glug for sale on eBay. As you can see it’s not just apple flavour and they have had to add something else to it.

What Fruits Are Better To Use?

Strawberries, pineapple, pears or even grapes.

Final Thoughts

Carp anglers always want to find that edge, but I don’t believe apple flavour products are the ones to get you catching carp more than the next person. I actually think you will catch less. That said, if there are carp feeding, they will take the bait!