Preston Inception 3D 150 Seat Box: An Angler’s Dream Companion

I recently had the opportunity to test the Preston Inception 3D 150 Seat Box during a weekend fishing trip, and I must say, this seat box is an angler’s dream companion. From its sturdy construction to the innovative design features, it has everything one could want in a seat box.

First and foremost, the Inception 3D 150 is incredibly comfortable. The padded seat and backrest provide ample support for long sessions on the bank, and the adjustable leg system ensures that the box remains stable on uneven terrain. The build quality is outstanding, with a robust frame that can withstand the rigors of regular use.

Storage-wise, the Inception 3D 150 truly excels. The deep storage base is perfect for housing larger tackle items, while the two-shallow side drawers and a deep side drawer offer ample space for smaller essentials. The Mag-Lok system ensures that the drawers stay securely closed, even during transport. I particularly appreciated the inclusion of a winder tray beneath the seat, which proved invaluable for organizing my rigs.

The 3D adjustable seat system allows you to customize the height and angle of the seat to suit your personal preferences, ensuring optimal comfort during your fishing sessions. The built-in spirit level on the frame also helps you achieve a perfectly level setup, which is a thoughtful touch.

One of the standout features of the Inception 3D 150 is its compatibility with a wide range of Preston accessories, thanks to the integrated 19mm and 30mm round leg systems. This means you can easily add attachments like rod rests, bait trays, and umbrellas without needing additional adapters.

The only downside I could find is the weight of the seat box. While it is not excessively heavy, it is not the lightest option on the market. However, the box’s overall quality and features more than make up for the extra weight.

In conclusion, the Preston Inception 3D 150 Seat Box is a fantastic investment for any angler looking for a comfortable, versatile, and durable seat box. Its innovative design and compatibility with a wide range of accessories make it a standout choice for those who take their fishing seriously. Highly recommended!