The Titans of the UK: A Look at the Biggest Carp Ever Caught

Carp fishing has grown immensely popular in the UK, with anglers dedicating countless hours to the pursuit of these magnificent fish. The thrill of catching a carp is unmatched, and the excitement only grows when the catch turns out to be a record-breaking monster. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest carp ever caught in the UK, both alive and dead, and learn about the stories behind these incredible catches.

  1. The Parrot – 68lb 1oz

The Parrot was a legendary mirror carp that held the title of the UK’s heaviest carp for several years. Caught by angler Dean Fletcher in 2016 at Wasing Estate’s Cranwells Lake in Berkshire, the enormous fish weighed in at a staggering 68lb 1oz. Unfortunately, The Parrot passed away in 2018, but its legacy as one of the largest carp ever caught in the UK lives on.

  1. Captain Jack – 67lb 8oz

Another famous carp in the UK is Captain Jack, caught by Austin Holness in 2016 at the famous Holme Fen Fishery in Cambridgeshire. The massive mirror carp tipped the scales at 67lb 8oz, cementing its place in the record books. Captain Jack has continued to grow over the years, and recent reports suggest it could potentially surpass The Parrot’s record weight.

  1. Big Rig – 69lb 13oz (disputed)

Big Rig is a controversial entry on this list, as the fish’s record-breaking weight of 69lb 13oz has been disputed due to the use of additional high-nutrient feed. Caught by Tom Doherty in 2016 at the Avenue in Shropshire, Big Rig’s weight surpassed that of The Parrot. However, the British Record Fish Committee (BRFC) decided not to ratify the record due to concerns about the fishery’s feeding practices.

  1. Two Tone – 67lb 14oz

Two Tone, a legendary mirror carp from Conningbrook Lake in Kent, was caught by Chris Logsdon in 2008, weighing an impressive 67lb 14oz. The carp was known for its distinctive coloration, featuring a unique two-tone pattern. Two Tone sadly passed away in 2010, but its memory remains etched in UK carp fishing history.

  1. Benson – 64lb

Benson was one of the most famous carp in the UK, caught multiple times by various anglers and even featured on television programs. The distinctive common carp was named after its fondness for Benson & Hedges cigarettes, reportedly taking bait near discarded cigarette butts. Benson’s top weight reached 64lb before its death in 2009 at Bluebell Lakes in Northamptonshire.


The stories of these colossal carp captivate anglers and inspire the pursuit of the next record-breaking catch. While some of these legendary fish have passed away, their impact on UK carp fishing is undeniable. With new generations of carp growing in size and weight, it’s only a matter of time before another titan emerges to claim the title of the UK’s largest carp. Until then, anglers will continue chasing their personal bests and hoping for a chance to make history.