Bait Boat Reviews 2018

Bait boats have long divided the angling community, in fact, many carp lakes have banned them (so check this beforehand if you intend on using one!)

Bait Boat Comparison

Carp Madness Phantom

  • Digital 2.4 GHz Technology
  • 2 Feed Chambers
  • Up to 3L of Feed
  • 19 inch Dirty Devil 655 Motor
  • 4 LED's Front/Rear/Side
  • Latest LiPo battery 10 A
  • Automatic LiPo Charger
  • 10km Range
HYZ-842 Bait Boat

  • 500 Metre Range
  • Rechargeable 12V/11AH lithium battery
  • 8kg Bait Hold
  • Anti-Leaking System
  • 7 Channel 2.4Ghz Controller
  • 3.5 Hour Sailing Time
  • Speed: 1-2 Metres Per Sec
  • Low Battery Warning Light
JABO-1AL Bait Boat

  • 300 Metre Range
  • 500g Bait Capacity
  • Speed: 1meter/second
  • 2 Hour Working Time
  • 3.7v/10Ah Manganese Acid Lithium Battery
  • Radio Frequency: 433.92MHz
GR-Tech Wirless Bait Boat

  • Double 380 Motors
  • 3.7V/ 10Ah Manganese Acid Lithium Battery
  • Speed: 1m/s
  • Digital 8 frequency 2.4Ghz
  • 300 Metre Range
Grandslam Shuttle Bait Boat

  • 400m Range
  • 1.5 Hour Running Time
  • Patented Hook Release System
  • Front/Rear LED Lights
  • 1.2V 1500mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery
  • 4-Channel Remote Control

There are many pros and cons of course, and we’ll talk about those in a minute.

Technology is everywhere these days, from smart phones to drones – why should carp fishing be exempt from all of this?


Drone for Carp Fishing

“Drones – great for taking photos – but not for fishing?”


The term angler is “a sport where rod and line are used to catch fish” – it’s a technique in a way and requires skill, luck, and patience.

Fly fishing is a good example where a great degree of skill is required to be successful.

What we are trying to say is some people have embraced them, some haven’t.

Using a remote control ‘boat’ to delicately place your rig and bait, often long distance areas or in a spot where you just couldn’t cast to normally from the bank can be seen as ‘cheating’ in a way.

It’s can also a lot of fun though – but on the flipside, boats can be a nuisance to other pleasure anglers who just want to enjoy the tranquillity without any disturbances (ridiculously loud bite alarms still anger us!)


Using Bait Boats for Carp Fishing

In a nutshell, better anglers tend to catch more carp – bait boats, to a degree, close that divide by cutting out the precision and accuracy needed in angling.

Everything about carp fishing was an art – and bait boats aside, you still need the knowledge and experience as far as we’re concerned.

From bait selection to understanding weather patterns, carp fishing will always be challenging.

We get the feeling there is more to come from using technology in the sport we love.

Bait Boats – Yes or No?

Let’s run through a few of the pros and cons of using a bait boat in your carp angling –


  • They enable precise placement of bait
  • You can use a LOT of bait – making it quicker to build up a swim
  • Targeted rig delivery
  • Reach areas where a traditional rod can’t (under snags, tree lines etc)
  • Reduces tangle frequency
  • Increased confidence that your rig is presented just right


  • Expensive to buy – and run.
  • Takes away the ‘skill’ of casting
  • Can be a nuisance to other anglers
  • Interfere with other swims
  • Not allowed on some lakes

So, there you have a few pointers to make up your own mind!

Bait Boat Etiquette

So, if you already own a bait boat, or have yet to decide – here are some simple do’s and don’t’s to keep you, other anglers and most importantly carp safe!


  1. Try not to fish more than halfway to another angler on the lake – this is a common occurrence, you should have plenty enough water in front of you.
  2. Never fish in areas where carp can’t be landed safely – if you’ve placed your rig down somewhere tight (like deep lying snags) think about how you can land the fish safely.
  3. Don’t fish at ranges you can’t cope with – when a carp bites, it can kite off very quickly. Not only could you lose the fish, but tangles with other lines or snags are common place when caught at range. Beware other anglers in the area too.
  4. Don’t light up the lake like a Christmas Tree! – honestly, bait boats can have many LED’s and you’ll disturb other anglers or even wildlife. Switch to night-mode if you can or resist using your bait boat.
  5. Stay in control – if you’re inexperienced with RC boats, try it out on a quiet lake in the day so you can be sure you have full control at all times.
  6. Standby – if you’re not using your bait boat, you should remove it from the water. If the wind is rough, it can drift off without you noticing!


That just about rounds up our discussion on the use of bait boats.

There are many pros and con’s as you’ve just read, but the decision, of course, rests upon you.

Learn how to use your boat, and be safe with it!

Oh – and make sure you check they are allowed on the lake that you fish.

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