Best Carp Rods

Buying a new rod is always a treat. But to make sure you get the best carp rod, you will …

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Best Carp Rod Pods 2022

Part of fishing successfully is being comfortable and having what you need to hand. Particularly your rod. Gone are the …

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best carp rods under £100

Best Carp Rods Under £100

For many carp anglers, carp fishing is the ultimate; landing a big fish is, after all, an exhilarating experience, and …

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Best Quiver Tip Rod

A small extension to your current fishing rod, a quiver tip is designed to do precisely that – quiver each time a …

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Best Carp Landing Net Handle

Having a sturdy and reliable carp landing net handle is a crucial aspect of a good angling experience. Successfully landing …

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carp stalking rod

Best Carp Stalking Rod

Every fisherman – or woman, as our sport is popular with both sexes – likes to have the right equipment …

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Daiwa Carp Rod Reviews

If you’re a fan of Daiwa, then you’ll love our Daiwa carp rod reviews. Known for designing great looking rods, …

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Sonik SKS Spod Rod Review

Introduction The Sonik SKS Carp rod review received a decent rating from us – which prompted us to review the …

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shimano carp rod reviews

Shimano Carp Rod Reviews

Shimano are a pretty decent carp rod manufacturer. In fact, according to their website – there are over 16 models …

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