Can a fishing pole be a carry on?



Nowadays we all wonder exactly what we can bring on an aircraft? Get it wrong with your airline of choice and you may end up blowing your bait budget for the year. In this article we are going to address the question; can a fishing pole be a carry on?

Can a fishing pole be a carry on?

Actually, the answer may surprise you. Whilst we checked the government website and they say you can. In fact, it turns out that, no you most definitely can’t. It turns out that this is decided by the airline. And every airline we checked with said no.

Can I bring a fishing pole on a plane?

Ah, now that is a different question. The answer to this is a resounding yes. However, it must be taken in the hold as ‘checked in baggage’. A word to the wise, your fishing rod is classed as ‘small sporting goods’ and will be charged as such too. So, make allowances for this and check with your airline as to whether they charge for extra bags (including rods).

How do you transport a fishing pole?

This is a question you will really want to know the answer to.

If you have ever received your suitcase from a flight and found that it looks slightly ‘well travelled’ you will know what we are getting at. Baggage handlers are not always the most careful with the items they are loading. And yes, that includes your rod. Before your two-piece rod magically becomes a four-piece rod…

Let us make a suggestion…

If you really want to take your fishing rod on a flight then you are going to need some form of protection. A rod holdall would be an ideal choice. At the bare minimum we suggest housing your rod in a plastic tube. Therefore, ensuring that it’s only your hooks that are the only things with one eye when you get off the flight.

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2. Bazuka Tube Unisex’s 6085 Rod Carrier

Why can’t I take my rod onboard an aeroplane as hand luggage?

Don’t worry, no one is scared of you hooking the cabin crew (Pike are far less dangerous, and often better looking). The reason is safety-related, however.

If the passengers need to make an emergency evacuation, the aim is to get everyone off of the aircraft as quickly as possible. Airlines are worried (and rightly so) that a 13-foot piece of carbon fibre could impede people’s progress as they tried to escape from the aeroplane. That’s really all there is to it.


So, the answer to the question “can a fishing pole be a carry on?” is… No, it cannot, for safety reasons. You can still take your rod, but it must be checked in. Make sure you protect your rod if you do go down this route, and watch out for additional charges. Happy landings!