What is a Match Fishing Rod?

There’s one aim when you are fishing in a match, to catch lots of fish and quickly. Whilst it doesn’t require any specialist equipment, by choosing your tackle wisely you can ensure the best possible chance of success. One way to do this is to use a match rod. In this article we are going to give the answers to the question, what is a match fishing rod?

Let’s take a look at some features found in the best match fishing rods:


Some Match Fishing Rods

Browning x 3.90 m Black Magic CFX Match

Browning tend to make pretty reliable gear, and this rod is no exception. Whilst this is a match rod it would make an excellent all rounder and is suited to fishing rivers too. The main action of this rod is found in the middle and tip sections, making it really ideal to fish with a smaller lighter float. The rod is the right length to enable super accurate casting, but light and fast enough to ensure quick pickup which is exactly what you need when match fishing.

Daiwa D Carp Match

Daiwa are a household name in match fishing, so you would expect nothing less than the best when it comes to match fishing rods. The 12’ waggler version is ideal for both big and small fish alike and offers professional performance that is really affordable. The rod is super lightweight and very responsive. It is slightly more substantial than a standard match rod, but this gives you the benefit of being able to fight larger fish too. The action is medium-fast so will throw out a float with ease.

A fast action

A match fishing rod is designed primarily for float fishing. Whilst it is possible to land big fish the aim when match fishing is ‘little and often’. By having a quick action, the angler is able to reach significant distances with their float, giving them versatility and the option to catch over a wider area.

A quicker action allows the angler to react faster to even the smallest of bites, which is vital to ensure that every dip of the float results in a hook up.

You’ll tend to find that match rods have an action more geared towards the tip of the rod. The aim is to allow the line to be picked up off the water quickly, which is necessary especially with smaller, quicker fish.

What length of match fishing rod?

You’ll need a decent length. What do we mean by ‘decent’? Anything around the 12ft mark is pretty standard for a match fishing rod. You may find that some go up to 16 feet. Most match fishing rods come in two- or three-piece sections for ease of carriage and storage.

We’ve included a couple below for you to look at.


A match fishing rod should have a quick action and be fast and responsive when used with a float. You will want to think ‘lighter’, for consistent bigger fish you could consider a more specialised rod. For a good all-rounder you won’t go wrong with a match fishing rod.