Best Landing Net Handle for Match Fishing

You haven’t actually ‘caught’ a fish until it is safely enfolded within your landing net. Choose poorly and you are going to lose fish. In order to ensure the best success, you are going to want the best landing net for match fishing that you can find.  In this article we are going to talk briefly about why a good landing net is important and offer some suggestions that fit the bill.


What is the Best Landing Net Handle?

A net is probably more important than you may think. And there is a little thought required before choosing a net, especially the handle. Let’s take a quick look at some things you may want to consider.

First and foremost, catching aside you want to look after the fish, right? Make sure that the material your net is constructed of a material that will protect a fish’s delicate scales. Rubber nets are really good, or failing that, look for fine mesh. Knotless netting is a must.

The key to a great landing net is having a really decent reach. You’ll ideally want the longest handle that you can comfortably manage. The longer the handle of your net, the less distance you have to reel in before you have successfully landed your catch. However, nobody wants to be lugging a scaffold pole around the bank. We find that the best landing nets are extendable or telescopic.

Telescopic equipment can sometimes be prone to weakness, so look for things that ensure utter strength for your net. After all, when you consider the weight of the fish, the weight of the net and at least a few lbs of water you are asking a lot from something that is relatively thin.

With all this in mind, here are some suggestions as to really great landing nets…

The Best Landing Net Handle for Match Fishing


  • 350 cm
  • Telescopic

Strong and long. That’s exactly what you need in the best landing net handle. At 3.5 Metres long this is a little bit of a beast and will give you plenty of reach. The phenolic fibres in the handle make it extremely tough and lightweight. The thread on top of the handle is of standard size and will fit any choice of landing net.

Preston Innovations Response Match Landing Net Handle

  • 400 or 500cm
  • Super high quality

Preston innovations are becoming quite the name on the angling scene. This really high-quality landing net handle is one of the best we have seen. At 5 metres long you are covered regardless of venue. Preston have been smart enough to reinforce weak points to ensure long life and reliability. We love the rubberised handle, offering a rock-solid grip regardless of the weather. A protective end cap completes this set up beautifully.

Lineaffe Landing Net Handle 3m

  • 300cm
  • Fibreglass

For the money this landing net handle offers really great value. Just as with the more expensive Preston handle, each section is reinforced at the joints to prevent fatigue when hauling in bigger fish. This net handle comes in as the shortest in our range, but 3 metres is plenty for most anglers. Fibreglass is both strong, corrosion resistant and extremely light.


The choice of net is yours, but half the battle is using a decent handle. Look for a decent reach and something that is relatively lightweight. By using the best landing net for match fishing you’ll be securing your fish sooner and you’ll be saving yourself time and effort, all of which can make the difference between winning and losing.