Best Carp Rods

Buying a new rod is always a treat. But to make sure you get the best carp rod, you will need to do your research. There are quite a few factors involved in choosing carp rods. There are test curves, different handles, not to mention the price point. Carp anglers all have their own opinions … Read more

Best Carp Weigh Sling

All experienced fishermen know that a good weigh sling is essential for when carp fishing. Not only is the right sling easy to use and durable, but it will be designed for the safety of the carp. A good weigh sling will be light to carry, and compact when packed away, yet will be able … Read more

Best Carp Rod Pods 2021

Part of fishing successfully is being comfortable and having what you need to hand. Particularly your rod. Gone are the days of attempting to smash a bank stick into the undergrowth. The best rod pods will allow you to fish in an organized way and in comfort. Let’s look at some really great suggestions and … Read more

Best Carp Cradle – To Help Protect The Fish

Caring for your catch is so vitally important. Gone are the days of unhooking a fish on your lap, or (shudder) a wet towel. Valuable specimens are exactly that and need to be treated as such. Carp fishing cradles are the new improved version of traditional unhooking mat that most carp fishermen have as part … Read more

Best Carp Landing Nets

best carp landing nets

Let’s be clear. Carp anglers haven’t ‘caught’ a carp until it is safely tucked away in the folds of your net. But depending on your choice, that can be easier said than done. To ensure the highest chance of success when fighting a monster, you’ll want the best one you can get. Let’s take a … Read more

The Best Boilie Catapults

How far can your throw a boilie? Actually, how far can you throw a handful of boilies? In fact, what distance can you accurately throw a handful of boilies? If the answer is ‘not that far’ then you are going to need to invest in the best catapult for boilies and particles. In this article … Read more

Best Carp Bivvy 2021

carp bivvy reviews

Nothing is nicer than retiring to your bivvy after a hard days fishing. Pick the right one and you’ll be warm, dry and comfortable. Make a poor choice or cheap out on your bivvy and you’ll have a cold sleepless night, and ultimately your fishing will suffer. In this article we have chosen the very … Read more

Best Head Torch for Fishing

best head torch for fishing

Among your fishing gear, you will have such as rods, reels, and all the additional stuff such as a good bait box, and your other fishing tackle. But have you got the best fishing head torch? Now, these are not exclusively fishing products. When carp fishing, a torch that does not require the use of hands … Read more

Best Carp Fishing Rucksacks

I have been guilty of taking way too much gear when going carp fishing and that’s why I recently purchased a carp rucksack. Sometimes its all you need to get your gear down to the fishery for those short evening sessions after work. They might even end up replacing your large carryall in the end … Read more

Best Bait Boats: The Ultimate Guide

Carp fishing is, and always has been, about skill. In fact, many consider it an art form. That technology has caught up with an age-old craft is no surprise, as technology is simply everywhere these days. It should be said that while there are technological advances in carp fishing – especially in some areas of … Read more

Best Bivvy Light

Whether you are camping out overnight or just setting up your rods early in the morning or late at night, you must invest in a good quality bivvy light. The last thing you want is to miss that opportunity to land that elusive catch because you couldn’t get up and out of your shelter quick … Read more

Best Carp Bedchair

[amazon table=”8603″] If you’ve ever been tired, you’ll already know that things don’t go well if you haven’t had enough sleep. The key to getting a good rest is to choose the best bedchair sleep system that you can. In this article, we are going to show you a range of options on the bedchair … Read more

Best Fishing Power Pack

It’s a hazard of modern life that you require various devices to keep in contact with the outside world. Even if you prefer to leave your phone in the car, numerous things might require power when carp fishing; Bait boats, bivvy lights, maybe even a kettle! By using a fishing power bank you’ll be able … Read more

Best Digital Fishing Scales

It’s a common image of the modern-day angler… “It was this big,” he says, holding his arms out. Yeah right. If you are serious about your catch, you’ll want precise numbers, not arm lengths. For that, you are going to need the best digital fishing scales for 2021. There’s a little bit to consider. In … Read more

Best Carp Fishing Stoves

We all love a cuppa when we are after carp, especially when the weather is cold. But in order to get your kettle boiling, you are going to need the best carp gas stove that you can get your hands on. We are going to show you some really great ideas to ensure you can … Read more

Best Fishing Seat Box

What do you use even more than your rod and reel? That’s right. Your seatbox. The best seatboxes allow the angler to sit in comfort and be really organised, making the chances of success much more likely. In this article, we’ll look at 8 of the best fishing seatboxes and offer some practical guidance on … Read more

Best Carp Rods Under £100

best carp rods under £100

For many carp anglers, carp fishing is the ultimate; landing a big fish is, after all, an exhilarating experience, and one that – once you have enjoyed the thrill – will have you coming back for more. Did you know that you can buy very good budget carp rods, from a top brand, for under … Read more

Best Bait Runner Reel

best bait runner reel

Some products and names are automatically linked. A prime example is the words Shimano and baitrunner. When looking for a great baitrunner reel you no longer have to be limited by a ‘designer’ name. There’s plenty of bait runners out there, offering great quality and value. In this article, we are going to look at … Read more

Best Bite Alarms 2021

best bite alarms

Our aim is to help YOU find the best bite alarms to suit your budget and your carp fishing tackle needs. So which is the best bite alarm is the best on the market? Read our buying guide below and hopefully, we can help you out. The answer depends on exactly what you are after. … Read more