Best Carp Fishing Hoodies

A fishing hoodie can be a valuable asset for every avid carp fisherman. When the summer’s gone and and a t-shirt isn’t warm enough then you know its time a warm winter hoodie when you’re on the water. We are bringing you the very best carp hoodies that are on offer – blending quality, style, … Read more

Carp Barrow Reviews

carp barrow reviews

Most of us are guilty of having too much fishing tackle, even if it’s just for day sessions. But we might need it. To ensure that you are well prepared down on the swim you may need a helping hand. Barrows are an easy means to transport your carp tackle. We are going to look … Read more

Best Ways To Kill Maggots for Fishing

How to Kill Maggots for Fishing

As anglers, we are always on the lookout for different ways to present our bait. When you have the added benefit of being able to store a really effective bait almost indefinitely it soon becomes quite an attractive proposition. Are Dead Maggots Good for Fishing? There are a few reasons why you may want to … Read more

Hook Tyers: Tie Spade Hooks With Ease

Hook Tyers Tie Spade Hooks With Ease

There’s a whole host of reasons why you may want to use a hook tyer. But anything that makes a repetitive job easier is a good thing in our book! In this article we are going to look at some of the reasons why you should use a hook tyer for eyed hooks and give … Read more

Best Landing Net Handle for Match Fishing

Best Landing Handle for Match Fishing

You haven’t actually ‘caught’ a fish until it is safely enfolded within your landing net. Choose poorly and you are going to lose fish. In order to ensure the best success, you are going to want the best landing net for match fishing that you can find.  In this article we are going to talk … Read more

What is a Match Fishing Rod?

What is a Match Fishing Rod

There’s one aim when you are fishing in a match, to catch lots of fish and quickly. Whilst it doesn’t require any specialist equipment, by choosing your tackle wisely you can ensure the best possible chance of success. One way to do this is to use a match rod. In this article we are going … Read more

Common Carp vs Mirror Carp

Common Carp vs Mirror Carp

So, they have the same last name, but is that where the similarity ends? When addressing Common Carp vs Mirror Carp, you might be surprised at the differences. In this article we are going to have a detailed look at both and see what we can discover. How do the species differ? Well first here … Read more

Carp Fishing Food Bag

Carp Fishing Food Bag

What could be nicer than sitting down on the swim, with a bit of a feast going? By keeping yourself well fed you’ll be able to concentrate on the task that matters. Fishing. Gone are the days of clingfilm and foil. You’re going to want to go all classy with a carp fishing food bag. … Read more

Best Pole Elastic Lubricant: Why It Is Essential

Pole Elastic Lubricant Why It Is Essential

Having problems with your pole? We’ve been there! Many anglers think that a fishing pole will work perfectly fresh out of the box. That you’ll be catching more F1s than Des Shipp in a UK championship with any pole. However, there are a few angling secrets that make using a pole a lot easier. One … Read more

Best Fishing Water Carriers

Fishing Water Carrier

Whether you’re going fishing for a day or a week, taking water with you is a must! After all, how are you going to have a cup of tea at sunrise staring out over the lake without some freshwater? The fishing water carriers below are big enough to give you enough water to wash and … Read more

Expander pellets without pump

Expander pellets without pump

A few years ago, I returned to fishing after leaving it behind to do some other youthful activities. I went fishing using a float like I always had, loved it, but want to catch bigger fish. That is when I learnt about method feeder fishing. If you haven’t tried fishing with a method feeder, I … Read more

Seat box Cushion: Make Yourself Comfy

Seat box Cushion Make Yourself Comfy

Are you tired of having a numb bum while fishing? Is your seat box causing you to walk all funny after a few hours on the bank? Does your seat box make you walk like Mr Wayne? Well, then you need a seat box cushion! Having a seat box cushion is a game changer! Firstly, … Read more

Best Pole Skid Bungs: Protect Your Pole

Pole Skid Bungs Protect Your Pole

If you’re looking for the best pole skid bungs in the UK, you can find them below. If you don’t know what a pole skid bung is, or you don’t really think they are worth using, you can find out more info about pole skid bungs below. Pole skid bungs are really inexpensive, but they … Read more

Keepnet Arm: A Feeder Fishing Essential

Keepnet Arm A Match Fishing Essential

Keepnet arms are a must-have nowadays. Many fishing venues across the UK are now making hard-standing pegs, and many are banning the use of bank sticks altogether. This means that anglers need to find solutions to problems like how to secure a keepnet to the bank without being able to stick a bank stick into … Read more

Best Groundbait Whisk: Do You Need One?

Groundbait Whisk Do You Need One 1

If you have a long day of fishing ahead of you, a groundbait whisk is a great tool that allows you to mix up all of your groundbait in one go. You can either use a groundbait whisk on the bank, or you can mix up your groundbait before you go. Just before we get … Read more

Fishing Van vs Estate Car: Which Suits Your Needs?

How committed are you to your fishing? How much gear do you have, and how often do you go? Depending on the answers to the above you might be in the market for a reliable transportation solution… And we aren’t talking about fishing trolleys. We are in fact talking about the benefits of a fishing … Read more

Why do carp jump out of the water?

Why do carp jump out of the water

We all like seeing the fish. Granted our favourite time is one we have hauled a decent one in with our landing net. As a close second, when the fish are on top and being super active, we find it is a great motivator. When you know the fish are about it can really help … Read more

Best Fishing Towel

Fishing Towel

Here’s a riddle for you… What gets’s wetter the more it dries? The answer is of course a fishing hand towel. Fishing towels are not the most glamorous of topics and don’t get us going quite as much as say, a new reel. But they are a vital piece of gear. In this article, we … Read more

Stick Float vs Waggler

When we look at the concept of stick float vs waggler, you need to understand that it’s not really a competition. Both have their merits, and restrictions. In this article we are going to have a quick rundown and look at some subtle differences. What is a waggler float? [amazon box=”B01N3STXCI”] Wagglers actually come in … Read more

Fishing Rod vs Pole: Which Is Right For The Situation?

Introduction Back in the day, poles were the sole preserve of competition match anglers (and Europeans). They generally meant two things… A seriously empty wallet, and a bad back. Fortunately, they have become a lot cheaper, and due to innovations in materials, they are a fair bit lighter too. But why use a pole in … Read more