Sponsored Anglers UK (A Complete List)

I recently watched a great video by Winning Ways where they talked about sponsorship. They talk about the good and bad things and you can find a link to the video here. What they cover is that all these sponsored anglers have worked hard to get where they are. People have quit their day jobs and taken risks to be where they are.

I decided to put together this list of all the sponsored match anglers I could find.



Guru has a lot of great sponsored anglers and they probably lead the way in creating amazing content. Let’s take a look at some of the anglers on their books.

Preston Innovations


  • Jamie Harrison
  • Lee Wright
  • Mark Pollard
  • Warren Martin
  • Ben Townsend
  • Jon Arthur
  • Jamie Hughes
  • Aidan Mansfield
  • Sam Powell


The map website is really out of date for listing their sponsored anglers but here’s who I think is their current sponsored anglers.



  • Callum Dicks
  • Andy Kinder
  • Stephen Bellion
  • Sam Brown
  • Sarah Taylor
  • Eddie Bridon
  • Matt Derry
  • David Watson
  • Ben Bell
  • Denis White
  • Matt Powell
  • Andy Mann


The news has not been updated since 2020 and it still lists Steve Ringer as a consultant on there. Here are the only 2 anglers I could find on their site.

How much do sponsored anglers make?

Sponsored anglers are not actually not paid as much as you think. They will supplement their income by hopefully winning big matches and by offering fishing coaching.