Hand Made Pole Floats (A Full List Of Suppliers)

Every match angler wants that edge over their rivals. All the small things you do such as rig preparation, elastic choice, and pole floats can make all the difference. That’s why many of the top-match anglers choose to buy handmade floats.

It’s whatever gives you confidence on the bank and the chances are, if they are handmade pole floats then they have been made with that bit more care and attention when compared to mass-produced commercial pole floats.


Manufacturers of Handmade Pole Floats UK

RW Floats

RW Floats are probably one of the most well-known handmade floats on the market. They are often mentioned in videos of some of the biggest anglers in the UK.

Kristian Jones talks about using the RW dink floats in his video here.

Andy Bennett, 2 times Fish O’Mania winner also uses these float patterns for his fishing. If he’s using them to win Fish O’Mania then they must be good floats. He talks about using these in this video.

I personally own a few of these floats and they really are quality floats that seem to be very well made. I personally like the RW dink which is a great pellet float and also the RW maggie which I have used down the track to catch plenty of fish on maggots.

DS Floats


DS Floats have been around for over 11 years. During that time they have built up a great reputation for selling quality floats.

All of their materials for the body are machined in-house on their custom-built CNC lathe.

DS Floats have a great YouTube channel where they talk through their floats and what float works best in what situation.

Aiden Mansfield is one of the top match anglers in the country and he’s the main guy in the video.

NG Floats

NG Floats are made by Nick Gilbert. These are all handmade floats in a UK workshop. The patterns are available in sizes 0.1g-12g. As well as pole floats he also makes wagglers and other floats.

RG Fishing


RG fishing produce strong, hand made floats that they say offer superb performance and great value for money.

These have been built and designed by match anglers that have over 100 years of combined fishing experience. They will also build floats to your bespoke designs which is really nice.

They also offer a rig and hook tying service which is great if you are buying your floats from them.

Jazz Floats


Jazz floats are, like their name says, jazzy in colour. This sets them apart from other brands.

They are built using a hard foam body which means they are built to last.

One particular float I like the look of is the “ghost” float which looks different from other brands that I have seen.

MB Floats


MB Floats was first started as a mail-order, brochure-based supplier of Canal Specials way back in 1993. Now they make a whole range of commercial pole floats for all different situations.

The bodies of the float are made of balsa.

Mike Nolan Floats

Mike Nolan Floats started in 2014 all floats are handmade with the best quality materials. I do my best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic pole floats that fit your budget.