Andy May Fishing (What he uses and what has he won?)

Andy May is probably one of the best-known fishermen in the country. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about Andy May. If you notice something that is incorrect please get in touch and we can get it amended.


Andy May Fishing Coaching Sessions

Before we get started, it’s worth mentioning that Andy May offers fishing coaching and you can find his website here.

In 2021 I had a coaching session with Andy and it was a great day. We fished one of the Covey’s on Partridge Lakes and the session lasted the full day. I was new to match fishing and we covered a lot on the day.

After the coaching, my overall weights went up and I won my first club match which I really put down to the coaching I had from Andy. There were just so many small things that when you put them all together make a real difference.

If you want to listen to a great podcast with him then check out the Fishing Gurus podcast.

Who is Andy May sponsored by?

Andy May is currently sponsored by Preston Innovations. He joined then in 2022 but before that, he was sponsored by MAP for many years.

His bait sponsor is also Sonu Baits as this is owned by the same company that owns Preston Innovations.

Winning Ways

Andy, along with Jamie Hughes and Rich Chapman, run Winning Ways. It’s a great channel that’s worth checking out as they post videos each week with tips to help you catch more fish.

You can find a link to the channel here.

What Pole Does He Use?

Watching his latest videos on YouTube he’s currently using the Preston Innovations Superium X90 which is the flagship pole produced by that company. Before that, his main pole was the Map 1001 which he used for many years.

What is Andy May’s favourite bait?

Without a doubt, his favorite bait is maggots, or “magga-wars” as he likes to call them. He loves to fish these shallow, especially in the summer.

Andy also always jokes around in his videos about how much bait he loves to chuck in. He loves nothing more than throwing in big balls of ground baits and often jokes about how he’s overfed his peg.

What fishing competitions has Andy May Won?

Andy’s biggest competition win to date is Fish O’Mania in 2016 which he won with a weight of 27kg. He made it back into the final again in 2021.

He has also won the Kamasan Matchman of the year 3 times in succession.

Where does Andy May Like To Fish?

Old Hough, Birchhouse Lakes, Partridge Lakes.

He is also a big fan of natural waters such as rivers and loves to catch Chub which he calls the number 1 best fish in the world.