Do Carp Like Garlic? Can You Add It To Bait?

My friend laughed when I told him I was going to add some garlic powder to my pellets. He said it wouldn’t work and that I was wasting my time. I had to prove him wrong and made sure I added extra garlic. The results? I caught more fish than him last time we went carp fishing.

So, do carp like garlic? Yes, carp love garlic in all forms due to the strong smell it gives off in the water. They are nosey fish who will be attracted by the smell.


What baits can you add garlic too?

It’s totally up to you, but some will work better than others. Here are some that I have personally added it to and how I will talk about what form I added it in.


Pellets such as micro pellets take on the water really well. Next time you are soaking your pellets in water why not add in a bit of a garlic additive. It could be in the form of shop-bought garlic liquid from the tackle shop or your own homemade mix.


Groundbait usually comes pre flavoured and there is actually one by Sonubaits called “cheesy garlic crush” that I like to use. The only problem is that it smells so good it makes me want to eat it! My tip would be to buy a plain, cheaper groundbait and then you can add your own flavourings in along with garlic.

Spod mixes

Spod mix is a great way to attract fish into the area and what better way than to add garlic into your base mix. I think that the premade garlic liquids will work best in a spod mix.


What sounds better than garlic boilies? Sometimes boilies can become a bit dry and if you have some that you feel need a new lease of life then why not dip them in some premade garlic glug.

What about using whole garlic cloves?

This isn’t one I have personally tried, but it’s one that I have read about and its an interesting bait choice. I found this article here where a guy used a single garlic clove in winter to catch a 35lb carp. He reckons it stays fresher on the hook longer than a boilie and gave him the edge over other baits on a hard winter’s session.

I am sure you all have some garlic in your fridge. Why not peel the cloves and give them a quick snip with your scissors just so it starts to release some of the smell.

What about garlic powder?

If you don’t fancy buying garlic liquid then garlic powder is cheap and easy to use. Much cheaper than what you can buy from bait companies.

This could be added into a spod mix, groundbait or mixed into your pellets.

Personally, I like to mix it into my micropellets when soaking them for the method feeder. I just feel it gives me that little edge and seems to work well when fished in the margins.

What Time Of The Year Is Best To Use Garlic?

I honestly think it’s a good bait to use all year round, but I personally favour it in the summer months as I feel garlic lets off a stronger smell when it’s warmer.

What bait companies are producing garlic flavoured baits?

There are a few companies selling garlic flavoured baits and here are some that we recommend.

Korda Garlic Goo

Check it out here

This is one that people seem to like. It’s not as cheap as making your own but it comes in a nice little bottle that can be stored easily in your tackle box.

Cheesy Garlic Groundbait

Check it out here

As mentioned before, we think this is definitely one worth checking out.

Essential Oils

Check it out here

If you are after something a little different then pop into your local health store and buy some essential oils. Be warned, this stuff is strong and you don’t need to add much of it to your bait.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we have helped you to answer the question do carp like garlic. It is becoming a more popular bait in the fishing world. Garlic is a natural smell that the fish are drawn to so we can’t see any harm in giving it a go. As seen above, it helped someone catch a 35lb carp and it’s helped me catch more than my friend at my local venue. Whether that was down to my skills or the garlic we will never know.