How To Convince Your Wife To Let You Go Fishing

This article will hopefully be funny, but also have a serious element to it. As fishermen, we all want to go fishing, but we also want a healthy relationship with our wives and family. It’s about finding that balance of not filing for divorce but making sure that you get your fishing fix in. So, how do you convince your wife to let you go on your next fishing trip?


You Shouldn’t Have To Convince Her

In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to convince, or ask permission. If you feel yourself asking for permission then in my opinion there’s something wrong (sorry). Now, I am not saying to go fishing 5 times a week, as for most people, unless you were a full-time angling coach would be a bit too much. If you go on a fishing trip once a week but are paying the bills and meet your responsibilities of being a parent then there should be no issue.

Encourage Her To Have Her Own Hobbies

You should encourage your wife to have her own hobbies and other activities that get her out of the house. That way, when you go out on a fishing trip she can do her hobby (if there are no kids at home) or if she’s out doing her hobby one day, then she can’t moan when it comes to you doing something that you enjoy.

In my opinion, this is mutually beneficial and should form the basis of functional relationships. If you don’t have your own hobbies away from each other and are joined at the hip then, personally I think that’s a bit weird (unless you can encourage her to go fishing with you).

My wife has recently taken up Yoga, she absolutely loves it and I have done nothing but support her every time she wants to go. She goes 2 to 3 nights a week and although it doesn’t take up as much time as me fishing I have never once stopped her from going.

She is also going on a yoga retreat this year for 3 days. She didn’t ask my permission, she just saw that we had nothing on that weekend and booked it. I couldn’t be happier for her to go away and enjoy doing something she loves. While she’s away I may have a day’s fishing as well. Once she’s back, we will have couple-time, and go out for lunch and she can tell me all about her trip. This way, we truly spend quality time together rather than just “being around each other”.

Would I love to take my wife fishing with me? Of course, I would, but it’s just not her thing, and Yoga isn’t for me.

Take The Kids Along

This could be a good idea. It’s great dad and kid bonding and it also gives your wife a day of peace. The kids have a great day out and your wife is happy to have a chill day or do whatever she needs to do.

Schedule It In Early

Another tip is to plan your fishing trip ahead of time so that it doesn’t mess up any other plans that you have together. Make sure you get all your responsibilities done for that week before you go fishing. Lawn mowed? Check!

It’s Your Therapy

For me, this is the most important one on the list.

Personally, I feel fishing is great for my mental health. I love being outside, I am sure if you are reading this then you do as well. Let your partner know how much outside helps you clear your mind and get you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I find that when I go fishing I truly forget about that awful day at work, or other issues that are going on in my personal life.

When I get back from fishing, I usually find that I am in a happy mood which can only do wonders for a relationship?

Leave Early, Get Back Early

Another workaround could be that you leave to go fishing early and get home early.

Personally, I love to get to the lake at first light, or as soon as the fishery opens.

Leaving early and getting back early might work be something that works for you and your wife? She drops the kids off at school while you are out, and you can enjoy a day’s fishing but get back in time to pick the kids up from school and maybe even have the evening meal ready for when she gets home from work!

Do Jobs Around The House

Now, if you are spending time with your wife, taking care of your bills, and not leaving all the jobs at home to your wife then why wouldn’t she let you? On the other hand, if you said you were going fishing, left her with crying kids and you were not pulling your weight with the jobs around the house then your wife has a right to moan at you. So…. make sure you are doing your fair share of jobs at home (which you should be doing regardless of whether you went fishing or not).

Family Holiday

What better way than to arrange a family vacation that has fishing lakes? That way, you can spend time with your family and get some fishing in.

When I was a kid this was something we did all the time. Me and my dad fished, while my mum chilled and read her book. Then the next day we might go out and visit some local attractions, get some food out, then fish the day after. It’s a lovely way for everyone to have a holiday and get what they need.

She’s Going To Complain Whether You Go Or Not

This is just here for a laugh as we all like to joke that our wives complain about whatever we do. Therefore, just go fishing anyway as she’s going to moan whatever you do 🙂

I am very lucky, my wife does not moan.

Your Wife Knew You Went Fishing Before She Married You

Now, this article is focusing on your wife, not your girlfriend. If your wife married you after knowing for all those years when you were dating that you loved fishing, she can’t expect you to change and all of a sudden go fishing. However, I do believe that I have done more fishing since we got married but this has not caused any issues.

You Shouldn’t Have To ask

You shouldn’t. If you have to ask permission then something is wrong. Just don’t take the p*** and go fishing and when you are not fishing make sure you spend quality time with your significant others.