Best Pole Elastic for Big Carp

Poles tend to be much better for bait presentation and consistency. A pole angler relies on the elastic in the pole to do the bulk of the work, with the pole action also relieving some of the pressure. To be successful when using a pole you have to make sure your setup is balanced.

Poles normally come with a rating to ensure you choose the right size of elastic. Pole elastic is numbered from 2 to 20. The higher the number the thicker and more heavy duty the elastic. If you go too far above the pole rating and you may very well find that your pole breaks before your elastic does. Elastic is far cheaper than a new pole.

Choosing pole elastic can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be. Our core message here is keep it simple. If there’s even a chance of a big carp we recommend elastic sizes between 18 to 20+ (with a pole rated to match of course). We have assembled quite a few choices for you here to help you choose the best pole elastic for big carp:


Best Elastics

Map TKS Twin Core Hollow Elastic

Editors choice: The best pole elastic for big carp

Hollow elastic recovers quicker than ‘solids’ and is very responsive. If you are going for bigger fish, choose the purple as it’s rated 16 – 20. You’ll get 3m in a pack. This elastic is one of the most popular amongst casual and competition anglers alike.

Connekt Hollow Duo-Wall Hyperlastic

Best pole elastic for margin fishing

The orange elastic is the one you’ll be looking for (size 18 – 20). you’ll be able to keep an eye on the fight with this easy to see colour. With plenty of stretch to control those bursts of energy this elastic is built to last. You’ll more than likely find your hooklength will break before this elastic does. When margin fishing thicker elastics are beneficial as you’ll want the pulling power to keep the fish clear of weed beds and snags It retracts smoothly too so you won’t ‘bump’ fish off the hook.

Middy Original Hi Viz Pole Elastic

Best budget Pole elastic for carp fishing

Another strong elastic that is a really good price. It has all the features of other hollow elastics and due to its smooth action extra lubrication is not necessary. Its got a decent stretch ratio and as you would expect recovers rapidly and smoothly.

Maver Dual Core Pro Match Pole Elastic

Best value pole elastic

Orange seems to be the colour these days. One of the benefits of this hollow core elastic is that it has a power ‘curve’ where tension is applied and maintained gradually. It is available in both 2.5 metre and 5 metre lengths.

Middy MTDI Hi-Glow Fluo Pole Elastic

Best high visibility pole elastic

You’ll get 5 metres of this high quality elastic on a winder. The elastic is highly visible and will stand out even in low light conditions. This elastic is manufactured from natural latex and features a high degree of stretch and control.

Daiwa Hydrolastic

Most advanced pole elastic

Well this one is a little bit different. For big carp you’ll want to select either red or brown. This elastic is packed with technology, literally. The outer walls of the elastic are filled with a ‘secret’ fluid. When the elastic is put under load the fluid is compressed and resists the pressure of the walls. The idea is that the resistance of the elastic changes depending on how hard or fast it is pulled. Sounds quite smart to us.