Best Rod Rest for Feeder Fishing

When it comes to carp fishing, nothing is as thrilling as exploring new methods of angling. There are numerous different tactics and fishing methods, and one of the more popular ones is feeder fishing. It provides a great challenge, and if done properly can net you some record breaking carp catches. And when feeder fishing is in question, you have to know that there are tools to make it easier and much more rewarding.
That’s why today, Carp N Bait is bringing you the list of ultimate rod rests on the market today. With these rests, feeder fishing will be a cake walk.

Best Rod Rest for Feeder Fishing (Some Choices)

Hunter Pro Adjustable Rod Rest

For years, Hunter Pro has been one of the leading manufacturers of fishing accessories, and their line of rod rests stands among the finest on offer. Their Adjustable Quiver Tip Feeder Rod Rest is a well balanced, carefully designed rod rest, and it can be also used for quiver tips and swing tips, among others. This design is quite adjustable and offers you the option of a 180 degree change both vertically and horizontally. A nifty feature of this rod rest is its high side, which is designed to prevent your rod from pulling out of place. It also helps out when you’re angling, as there is no need to lift out the rod when you’re striking.
And when you consider its affordable price, everything just clicks together – Hunter Pro offers another cheap and reliable rod rest.

Oakwood Universal

Oakwood is a company with years of experience and a well earned reputation amongst anglers. Their take on a rod rest is certainly a refreshing and useful design that can aid both beginner and experienced anglers. This extending rod rest has a long arm with the carefully added angle on the far end. It also has a fitting at the end that will fit on most seat boxes, or 30mm round legs – a very useful feature giving you a more “hands free” approach. The head of the rod rest is interchangeable. Without a doubt a very useful addition to your angler’s kit, this elongated rod rest can make things much easier. And what’s best of all – it’s affordable.

TMC Multi Rod Rest

This rod rest from TMC just goes all out. Designed for everyone, with a particular focus on ledgering, this rod rest comes in a pair, and features 12 separate slots. This gives you both an option for resting several rods at once, or simply shifting your positioning with ease. They fit all standard bank sticks, with a simple screw-on method. These rests are also injection moulded, which means that the product is extremely tough and durable. At £9 for the pair, you’re looking at a real bargain, and at a much more affordable price than at the tackle shop. And you know that this 12 slot rest will simply make things so much easier, especially with feeder fishing.

Guru Reaper Feeder Rest

Guru’s Reaper is easily one of the finest feeder rests you can currently find. This durable, perfected design is perfectly manufactured and of the utmost quality. It is a multi positional rest, allowing you a plenty of options, and the good choice of notches makes it really easy to use. The sides are higher and curved, preventing any rods potentially falling off. One thing Guru though off is the color – with its bright orange elements, the Reaper is easy to spot and perfectly stands out in the landscape. The end notch screws into most bank sticks, and once tightened it stays in place.
There is no doubt that Guru perfected the feeder and rod rest design with their Reaper. Don’t miss this.

Oakwood Universal Extending Rest

Taking things one step ahead, Oakwood combines length and width into a single, reliable rest. The rest itself looks upon the finest on the market, and offers a tough, multi position design with around 12 notches. It also incorporates the extended sides, so you can be sure that your rod won’t spontaneously fly off when there’s a big bite. The far side features a tightening which fits on most seat boxes and tightens securely into place. The rest arm itself is extended and adjustable, with a nifty curve at the middle. The length is approx. 3ft, and with extending it gains another 2ft. And like some other designs, it incorporates a bright orange color on the notches, so you can easily spot it in the foliage.
A lightweight price tag and good quality make this rest a must-buy!

Hunter Pro Bank Stick & Rod Rest

Combining light weight and sturdy design, Hunter Pro aims to deliver a durable and easy to use rest. It features their usual V rest, which is adjustable, as well as a 180 degrees adjustment both vertically and horizontally. Included are four solid and well made, 60 cm bank sticks, so you can count on some spacing out on the bank. Hunter Pro goes a step further though, and includes with this V rest, an additional adjustable feeder rest, and two adjustable U rests. For £15 that is one hell of a bargain. And the entire set can make your next angling trip much easier and rewarding.
With four sticks and all the rests, you can create a perfect setup on the bank, and ensure that your catch will be as best as possible. And with the sturdy, proven design from Hunter Pro, you know you’re making the right purchase.

Feeder and rod rests can be the deciding factor when angling with passion, and especially in matches. For carp anglers, feeder fishing can be such a rewarding method, and the catches are often memorable. That’s why an investment into a good rest for your rods and feeders can be imperative. And with our helpful guide, you know what’s on offer – choose wisely, and refresh your angling experience! That catch of a life time awaits!