Sonik SKS Spod Rod Review


The Sonik SKS Carp rod review received a decent rating from us – which prompted us to review the spod rod from the same range.

The Review

Cast from slim multi-modulus carbon fiber blanks, this sleek and chunky spod rod looks fantastic. At 12ft from base to tip, this two sectioned rod has 5 double legged black lined SIC guides (if you dont know, SIC stands for silicon carbide) with a 50mm ring pattern.

The super slim handle (complete with Japanese shrink wrap) provides you with great comfort during action time.  A 4.5lb test curve is more than enough to cope during casting of your spod and mix.

With powerful butt sections with forgiving tips this  reduces the risk of hook pull. The reel seat is custom (DPS is unique to Sonik) and is also in black.

Finally,  a custom black Sonik line clip finishes of this spod rod review.

Sonik SkS Spod Rod Review


A great spod rod with a powerful action – even for the largest spods such as the Fox Exocet.

A ideal spod rod for carp fishermen of all abilities and certainly suitable for most UK carp water.

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