Shimano Carp Rod Reviews

Shimano are a pretty decent carp rod manufacturer.

In fact, according to their website – there are over 16 models including the Tribal, Catana and Alivio series.

Precision in design using the highest quality blanks, means Shimano create excellent rods for the modern angler of today.

We now present a selection of Shimano Carp Rods to mull over!


1. Shimano Catana CX

The Catana CX is a specimen, ultra slim, carp rod that delivers a smooth cast.

This, mixed in with some decent playing action, makes it a nice, balanced carp rod.


Shimano Catana CX Review

Considering the price point (mid-budget), the Catana CX holds up well as far as continuous long casting goes.

It’s more than capable of coping with near-bank activities such as stalking carp.

Test curve options range from just 2lb up to 3 – with a 3-piece model available for those who prefer a compact carp rod.

Fitted with a DNPS reel seat, Shimano’s exclusive ‘Hardlite Guides’ (50mm first guide) and a shrink tube rubber split grip (goodbye slipper handle) and you can see how durable and strong the Catana CX is.



  • Carbon XT40
  • Shimano Hardlite guides
  • 50mm 1st guide
  • DPS reel seat
  • EVA handle
  • Protection cover

Lengths: 12ft or 13ft

Test Curves: 2lb, 2.25lb, 2.5lb, 2.75lb & 3lb

(On the 2lb, 2.25lb and 2.5lb options there are 7 guides)


If you’re after a dream Shimano rod/reel combination – you can’t go far wrong with selecting a Shimano Baitrunner DL (preferably the 4000!).


Shimano Baitrunner DL Reel

2. Shimano Tribal Velocity

The ‘Tribal Velocity’ is a popular choice carp rod because it’s built on the XT60 carbon making it one of the slimmest blanks around.

Combine this with a 3k weave – and not only have you got a strong carp rod on your hands, but you’ve a quality rod that’ll last you years and years.


Shimano Tribal Velocity Review


It comes supplied with a 50mm starter butt guide (40mm on the 10 ft and 11 ft models) with 6 guides in total.

You may be pleased to hear that there is a 13ft option too.

Whether you intend to fish lakes or rivers, these mix of lengths offer complete variety.

As with most Shimano carp rods, it comes with their standard ‘Hardlite’ guides which are very strong – reducing the chance of a break.

It achieves outstanding accuracy and good casting distances, which makes the Tribal Velocity a great carp rod for those looking to upgrade from a starter setup.



  • XT60 Blanks
  • 50mm Butt Guide
  • DPS Style Reel Seat
  • 3K Strengthening Weave
  • Shrink Wrap Split Grip Handle
  • Protective Line Clip


Test Curve Options: 2.75lb, 3lb and 3.25lb

Available Lengths: 10ft, 11ft, 12ft and 13ft

If you decide to own a pair  we highly recommend the Tribal Velocity spod/marker option.


Tribal Velocity In Action


3. Shimano Alivio DX

For anglers on a more tighter budget, the Shimano Alivio DX could be a safe option for you.

Features that you might find on more costly carp rods certainly aren’t missing on the Alivio DX.


Shimano Alivio DX Review

You’ll notice that the blank is constructed from Geofibrewhich is integrated with the more traditional XT30 Carbon – so you’re actually getting a well made carp rod!

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With excellent casting ability and playing action, this setup could be ideal for those who are new to carp fishing?

Right across the Alivio series (there’s also the AX and DX models) you can expect to find all the hallmarks of a Shimano rod such as Hardlite guides, a DPS reel seat and a 40mm butt guide (there are a total of 6 guides).

The Alivio DX is a two-piece rod that looks fashionable and promises not to let you down when it matters.


  • XT30 Carbon Blank with Geofibre
  • DPS Reel Seat
  • Shimano Hardlite Guides (6)
  • 40mm Butt Guide
  • Shrink Tube Rubber Split Grip


Lengths: 11, 12 and 13ft

Test Curves: 2.75lb, 3lb, 3.5lb and a mighty 3.5lb.