Best Pole Socks – Keep Everything At Hand

In angling sometimes the simplest solutions are best. The best equipment to focus on is that that makes your session easy. A pole sock is never going to set the world on fire, but it is one of the most vital pieces of equipment you can invest in. Poles can be expensive, for the sake of a few extra quid you can ensure that your pride and joy stays in perfect condition.

A good pole sock should be easy to mount and position, and also have the strength and capacity to easily accommodate your pole sections. You want your pole sock to be made of durable material, as with any luck, it will be getting a lot of use.

This article will take a look at some of the best fishing pole socks, and review some of the key features of several brands, to help you make a decision.


Best Pole Socks

Bright and durable: Guru Reaper Double Pole sock

Best for multiple pole sections

  • Durable material
  • Two cups for easy shipping
  • High visibility
  • Universal screw thread, easy mounting

The Guru pole sock is a nice bit of kit. The cups are hard wearing and very durable. The sock is lined with soft EVA foam, so your pole will always be kept safe. The lining also means that you can fit a pole section on top between the two cups and it will be held snug and secure. The cup size is ample to accommodate most sizes of pole sections.

Cheap and simple: Garbolino fishing pole sock

Best budget choice

  • Universal mount
  • Excellent price
  • Simple and effective

The Garbolino fishing pole doesn’t boast much ‘tech’. If you are looking for something that does the job, but don’t know where to start then this could be a wise first choice. At this price point you can upgrade to something more advanced once you get to grips with what features you really need.

Versatile and dynamic: Preston Innovations Pole Sock

Best all rounder

  • Custom sizes dependent on pole
  • Quality construction
  • Anti snag technology

The Preston innovations Pole sock comes in two sizes. There is a standard size for your bigger pole sections and a mini size for those smaller, more delicate sections. The pole sock can be fitted to either a bank-stick or onto a seat arm. The cup of the sock is thick and high quality, so your rod sections will stay safe, and the sock should last a long time.

Square and spacious: Frenzee Single Pole Sock

Best as a combo

  • Unique square shape
  • Roomy
  • Works in tandem with smaller version


The Frenzee single pole sock has a unique square shape, making it easy to get your pole ends in and out without too much difficulty. There is also a mini version available to put in smaller sections when you are playing the fish, or double shipping.

Room for two: Frenzee Double Pole Sock with Rod Rest

Best for double shipping

  • Huge capacity
  • Extra features
  • Versatile


This double pole sock has all of the features of the single version. The lip around the edge is lines so your sections don’t get caught up or snagged. The sock section is deep enough to make sure you pole isn’t going anywhere. One feature we love is the addition of a rod rest between the socks, providing the ideal space to stow your tip section whilst unhooking your catch.

Accessory ideas: Preston Innovations OffBox 36 Cross Arm

Get setup your way

  • Compatible with most boxes
  • Quick release
  • Multiple sizes available.

Ideal if you are fishing a peg that doesn’t have space or ground suitable for a bank stick. The cross arm can be manipulated in any direction meaning you can get your sock exactly where it needs to be.

What is a pole sock used for?

If you have invested in the best set of fishing pole rollers then you will have almost no resistance when you are shipping your pole in and out. Whilst this is a good thing, it comes with a warning. It is often very easy for the removed pole sections to roll forward and tip, either into the water or perhaps even worse onto the gravel on the bank. A chip or ding in your pole can significantly weaken its structural integrity. Not to mention that it’s extremely frustrating.

A pole sock is basically a vertically mounted receptacle that allows you to quickly and effortlessly stow the forward ends of your removed pole sections, ensuring they stay exactly where you left them. The pole sock prevents any further forward movement and also ensures that the sections are available and easy to access ready for shipping in and out.