Daiwa Carp Rod Reviews

If you’re a fan of Daiwa, then you’ll love our Daiwa carp rod reviews.

Known for designing great looking rods, at very competitive prices, they’re a trusted brand within the carp scene.

So, let’s review a few of the more well known carp rods, made by Daiwa.


1. Daiwa Black Widow Review


  • Medium fast to progressive actions
  • Matt, low glare finish
  • Low profile soft touch grips and metal trim rings
  • Graphite DPS reel seat
  • Ultra low friction Aluminum Oxide guides


Daiwa Black Widow Carp Rod Review

Length: 12ft
Test Curve(s): 2.75lb – 3.25lb

A carp rod that offers plenty of power and distance, the ‘Black Widow’ is a ideal entry rod for newcomers to carp angling.

The casting action allows very good accuracy and delivers power suited to more expensive rods.

We would describe the tip as medium to fast action.

Housed in the lower section is a graphite DPS reel seat and the low friction aluminum oxide guides handle mono, fluorocarbon or braid with ease.

The rod is finished in a matt black low glare top coat.

The handle is soft to the touch.

There is also a Black Widow spod rod version available.

Daiwa Black Widow Video

2. Daiwa Longbow DF Review


  • Designed in conjunction with Danny Fairbrass
  • High grade, ultra slim blanks
  • Silk matt low glare finish
  • Medium profile, high diameter butt configuration
  • Fuji DPS reel seat
  • Profiled, NS shrink tube handle
  • Metal butt cap and trim rings
  • Custom build finish throughout

Daiwa Longbow Carp Rod Review

Length: 12ft
Test Curve(s): 2.75lb – 4.25lb

Following on from the highly successful ‘Infinity’ range, good old Danny Fairbrass has improved and the result is the Daiwa Longbow DF.

Offering a slim & sleek profile, the look has been toned down somewhat but that hasn’t effected the capabilities at all.

The slimmer blank provides maximum strength throughout to hit longer casting distances capable of holding heavier loads than ever.

It’s believed the Longbow can hit distances of over 140 yards, so ideal for those well thought out trips to France.

From the bottom up, there is an integrated solid metal butt cap leading to a Fuji DPS reel seat that can house almost any reel you can chuck at it.

The series includes a wide range of test curves, the maximum being 4.25lb.

Read more about the Daiwa Longbow DF

Daiwa Longbow DF Video


3. Daiwa Theory


  • High grade carbon blanks with 3K Carbon
  • Over Cap Joints
  • Abbreviated Japanese shrink tube
  • Matt low glare finish
  • Fuji DPS reel seat
  • Slim lightweight SiC guides
  • Matt textured shrink tube grips
  • 1 ft thread marker
  • Aluminum butt cap

Daiwa Theory Carp Rod Review

Length: 12ft
Test Curve(s): 2.75lb – 3.5lb

The Daiwa Theory is a powerful carp rod considering it’s slim blank profile.

Combining a 3K weave into it’s construction allows for a highly responsive ‘feel’ during action whilst hitting those spots with great accuracy.

The single SIC guides add balance to the rod which houses a reel via the Fuji reel seat.

For the big hitters out there, the series extends to a test curve model of 3.5lb.

For margin hunters, the smaller Theory is 2.75lb.


4. Daiwa Phantom


  • Lightweight
  • Progressive Tip
  • Great If On A Limited Budget
  • Titanium Leg Guides
  • Strong Backbone

Daiwa Phantom Carp Rod Review

Length: 12ft
Test Curve(s): 3lb

Constructed from carbon fiber, the phantom has a strong backbone topped off  with a nice progressive tip.

The double leg guides (used to connect the rings to the rod)  are made using titanium oxide to minimise damage.

The black matte finish completes a sleek look.

Its more than capable of seating a big pit reel such as the Nash H-Gun Big Pit 10 for those who prefer long distance casting.

Moving down the rod to the butt section, it doesn’t seem as slim as the picture suggests , but again, this is not really a disadvantage to how the rod feels during casting which is smooth all the way through.

If you’re the type of carp angler that prefers the same brand for rod & reel, we suggest the Daiwa Crosscast carp reel.

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