Carp Spod Rod Reviews

These days, specialist rods tailored for spodding make the job much easier than using your normal main carp rod.

When you’ve attached a spod, filled it with bait and added water – it can become much heavier than your lead and rig setup.

For this reason, selecting a strong rod with a high test curve is essential for bait deliverance.


Spod Rod Setup


You’ll need a good spod reel that’s fit for purpose too!

Look to hunt for a reel that can hold a fair amount of braid (use dedicated spod braid), which is the best material to use to lessen your chances of a ‘crack off’.

Most of the ‘big pit carp reel‘ will be more than capable of doing the job.

Other spodding preparation includes the use of a shock leader to take the strain off the heavy end – and save messy fingers, you should use a proper finger stall.

You’ll become a spodding ‘expert’ in no time using the right tackle.


With the right tackle – you can confidentiality spod accurately and safely.

So join us by taking a look at our reviews of the best spod rods around.

Best Spod Rods

1. Chub Outkast Spod Rod

Make feature finding at range more effective with the spod/marker edition from the Chub Outkast Series.

Length: 12ft
Test Curve: 4lb
Features: 50mm ring pattern, progressive power action, depth marks at 6 & 12 inches.


Chub Outkast Spod Rod


Spod rods need to be strong, and it’s as simple as that really….

…the 2-piece 12ft Chub Outkast has a test curve of 3.5lb, which makes it more than capable of firing out spod after spod with ease.

There are 6 and 12 inch depth markers – helpful for hitting your target baiting areas!

It’s also styled to match the Outkast Range.


See the Chub Outkast in Action!


We know it can become difficult finding under water features.

SO, why not take a look at how to find these features using a marker float rig?


Carp Marker Floats

2. Greys Marker/Spod Plus

Greys make phenomenal carp rods, and the ‘Spod Plus’ is no exception.

Built with robust quality, completed with a progressive tip action to maximise heavy, long distance casting for spodding to far reaching hot spots.

It’s surprisingly lightweight compared to other spod rods in the mid-range market.

This rod has a great recovery speed when reeling in each time – which as we know, can be a chore at times.

Greys Plus Spod Rod really does stand the test of time.


Greys GT Spod Rod Review



See the Greys Spod Plus in Action!


If you’re after tips on the use of braided line, take a look at some braided line tips – some vital pointers courtesy of Anglers Mail.

Carp Braid


3. Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel

If you’re looking for a reel that complements your spod or marker rod – the Daiwa Emblem is a great choice.

The Daiwa Emblem is everything you need – twin line clips for clipping up your spot, and a built in mechanism called ‘Castlock’ which keeps the bail arm open and locked to avoid tangles.

Quick retrieval is a must when spodding, and with every turn of the handle – 1 metre of line or braid is wrapped safely around the spool! That is fast.

A tough reel, but a smooth performer.


Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel


How to Achieve Long-Distance Spodding

4. Sonik S4 Spod Rod

Next on our spod rod review hitlist is the Sonik S4  a durable, long distance casting powerhouse!

When you really need to punch out your spod or PVA bag, even in strong winds, the extra power generated from the butt section through to the tip makes this rod fly.

The stiffer butt section is reinforced with a super strong 1K weave for complete confidence. If that’s not all, you have the option of either a slim shrink wrap handle or full cork too.

The lightweight double leg SIC guides are 50mm which eases the line through with no problem at all.

The butt is tipped with a laser etched cap to give you a spod rod that looks sleek.

Overall, the Sonik S4 is a really robust and powerful spod rod.


Sonik S4 Spod Rod Review

Anything Similar?


There is the Sonik Vader X Spod & Marker Rod – a great alternative which includes an anti-frap tip, fold friendly ringing pattern and double leg black SIC guides.


Sonik Vader X Spod and Marker Rod


5. Shimano Aerlex XT-A Spod Reel


When you heavy spodding is called upon – the Shimano Aerlex is right up there.

You see, it’s completely designed for the job in hand!

It’s a robust reel backed up with tremendous cranking power courtesy of the 5:3:1 retrieval ratio.

Spodding efficiently and swiftly are key features required of a reel and the triple line clip allows you to ‘clip up’ to multiple targets with ease.

An added bonus of a baitrunner allows for quick drag adjustments to be made, where peeling of line for depth finding is necessary.

The Aerlex is supplied with free Aero mono, although we suggest dedicated braid  for spod and marker work.


Shimano Aerlex Spod Reel



If you’re not sure about the reels we’ve reviewed here, you can take a look at some other suggestions.

All can be used perfectly fine for any spodding you need to do.

If you’re looking to improve your spodding, we’ve some really good spod mix recipes for you to try out!