Spod Mix Recipes 2020 | Top 10 and FAQ

Have you ever eaten the same thing for days in a row? How was it? The carp feel the same… “Another Tutti Frutti Boilie Mr Carp?” No thanks. When using a spod bomb you are going to have to make a really effective spod mix recipe to get them going. In this article we are going to show you how. Here are our top 10 Spod Mix Recipes and a bit of guidance on what you are looking for:


How to Make the Best Spod Mix Recipes

Unlike when using a method feeder, what you are looking for is a really sloppy spod mix. Generally, you’ll want a loose spod mix recipe, the looser, the better.


Well to understand that you need to know how a spod works. Watch this video to see what happens when a spod hits the water.

All makes sense?

What we are trying to achieve with our recipes is a highly effective particle spod mix. We need to create something that fulfils a few properties. It must be substantial enough to stay in the spod for casting, but we want our sloppy spod mix to spill out on impact. As if this wasn’t hard enough, we also need to create something that is a proven carp catcher.

Think we’ve got our work cut out? We’ve got some of the best spod mix recipes on the market. Let’s take a look…

The Top 10 Spod Mix Recipes

#1 Carp Catching Spod Mix Recipe

#2 Danny Fairbrass Spod Mix

  • Pre cooked Hemp
  • 3 Cans of Tuna (in sunflower oil)
  • 3 tins of sweetcorn
  • Mix of crushed and cut boilies
  • 1 cup of water

Want to see how it looks? Check out the master at work here. This is a really effective spod mix. To make it effectively you are going to need a bit of extra kit. Just as you’ll see in the video, we would recommend investing in a Boilie crusher and perhaps even a boilie cutter to make light work of the boilies! Leave overnight for the sloppiest of spod mixes!

#3 Carpology Autumn Spod Mix

Carp catching goodness in a bucket!  You’ll know when you’ve got the perfect spod mix as it will be wet to touch. You are combining a mix of proven carp catching favourites such as boilies, maize and pellets with the added smell of the crab. Just wash your hands before you go near the Mrs.

#4 Edges Winter Spod Mix

We’ve gone a little bit organic here in one of the best winter spod mixes. There’s little here that’s unnatural. If you are fishing big commercials you might find that the carp are turned off by bombardments of flavour. The only additive is dried chilli flakes. Soak the lot the night before you go to create a sloppy spod mix that will attract carp as soon as it hits the water.

#5 Carp Fishing TV Go Anywhere Spod Mix

If you want a spod mix that is packed with the best carp baits, then this is it. You’ve got a touch of flavour with the boilies and tuna extract, backed up by both sweetcorn and hemp. Want to see how it looks, check this video courtesy of Kev Hewitt at Carp fishing TV

#6 Sloppy Spod Mix

Just like when you have a bowl of cornflakes, the milk in this recipe soaks up a fair bit of flavour before releasing it in a visual cloud in the water. We’ve used powdered tiger nuts in this recipe, but feel free to mix and match. You could try porridge oats or crushed boilies. Both are really good carp baits! For a quick how-to check out our inspiration in this video.

#7 Billy’s maple carp mix

This one is a bit of a mix up. If you are looking for a highly effective particle spod mix recipe give this a go. There aren’t any big baits involved here. This works well for attracting the fish, but not feeding them to the point where they get too full. A big old boilie or juicy tiger nut in amongst this lot might be enough to tip the balance. Sometimes making a simple spod mix to catch the biggest carp is the way forward.

#8 Red Curry Spod Mix

No real surprises here. The trick with attracting carp with scent is to use something that they will find interesting, and then give them something to eat at the end of the path. The boilies and corn deal with the visuals, and the whiff of curry might be just enough to turn their heads.

#9 Fruity Particle Spod Mix

  • Mixed Bird Seed (Soaked Overnight)
  • Sweetcorn
  • 1 Tin Chickpeas
  • 1 Pack Strawberry Jelly Powder

We don’t normally advocate cooking spod mix, but in this instance it is worth it. Cook everything for around 15 mins to really soften the grains. This is a fairly cheap spod mix recipe. 2kg will set you back around £2. Ideal for if you are on a budget.

#10 The Cheapest Spod Mix

Whilst the initial outlay might be a little steep. Provided you use all of the ingredients throughout the year this will be a really cheap spod mix. It works out at less than £1.50 per KG. Not bad eh? If you’re feeling flush you can pimp it up. Choose different flavours or add a few handfuls of crushed boilies.

It works really well as a base carrier for other spod mixes too.


What do I Need to Make a Spod Mix?

If you want to make a spod mix, you could get away with nothing but a container and your bare hands, however there are various bits of kit on the market that will make life easier: –

A Boilie Crusher:

Ok you could use a bag and a rolling pin. Or you could make an almost unlimited number of crushed boilies in a fraction of a time. Crushed boilies work really well in spod mixes, especially if you’re going to be using one as your hook bait.

A Decent Spod Mix Bait Bucket:

Avoid dirtying pans and pots at home and have a dedicated bucket. Trying to get the smell of tuna extract out of the family spaghetti bolognese won’t win you any friends at home. With a couple of buckets, you can even make a sloppy spod mix down on the bank at the start of your session. Or prepare it at home and have an easy means of carrying it to the swim.

What Is the Best Flavour of Spod Mix?

Well that all depends, ask the carp! No seriously, some days they will go wild for the weirdest things and other days they will want something that is purely natural. It’s your choice when deciding what flavour to add to spod mix, it’s up to the carp whether they like it. Watch videos and see what the pro’s are using to get some inspiration. The latest trend seems to be Krill based spod mix.

How Do You Make a Sloppy Spod Mix?

Generally, the best way is to use more liquid. If you use ingredients that soak up liquid, like nut powders, crushed boilies, and oats, then you can get away with adding a fair bit. Notice that we said sloppy spod mix, not wet spod mix. Go too far and you’ll be spraying spod all over the swim.

What Are Particle Baits?

A particle is something very small. A particle bait is a very small bait. Normally they aren’t used as hook baits for big carp. Instead, they are used in a spod to create an attractive plume in a localised area of your swim. Examples of particle baits for carp are hemp, crushed boilies, small pellets and breadcrumbs.


When choosing spod mix ingredients you can afford to ‘play jazz’ slightly. Aim to make at least one element of your spod mix recipe something that you know the carp might like the look of. From there it is a case of trial and error until you find something that works. Hopefully, amongst our list, you’ll find a great spod mix recipe and hit the winner with a carp catching spod mix. Tight lines!