Best Carp Fishing Hoodies

A fishing hoodie can be a valuable asset for every avid carp fisherman. When the summer’s gone and and a t-shirt isn’t warm enough then you know its time a warm winter hoodie when you’re on the water. We are bringing you the very best carp hoodies that are on offer – blending quality, style, … Read more

Carp Barrow Reviews

carp barrow reviews

Most of us are guilty of having too much fishing tackle, even if it’s just for day sessions. But we might need it. To ensure that you are well prepared down on the swim you may need a helping hand. Barrows are an easy means to transport your carp tackle. We are going to look … Read more

Hook Tyers: Tie Spade Hooks With Ease

Hook Tyers Tie Spade Hooks With Ease

There’s a whole host of reasons why you may want to use a hook tyer. But anything that makes a repetitive job easier is a good thing in our book! In this article we are going to look at some of the reasons why you should use a hook tyer for eyed hooks and give … Read more

What is a Match Fishing Rod?

What is a Match Fishing Rod

There’s one aim when you are fishing in a match, to catch lots of fish and quickly. Whilst it doesn’t require any specialist equipment, by choosing your tackle wisely you can ensure the best possible chance of success. One way to do this is to use a match rod. In this article we are going … Read more

Carp Fishing Food Bag

Carp Fishing Food Bag

What could be nicer than sitting down on the swim, with a bit of a feast going? By keeping yourself well fed you’ll be able to concentrate on the task that matters. Fishing. Gone are the days of clingfilm and foil. You’re going to want to go all classy with a carp fishing food bag. … Read more

Best Pole Elastic Lubricant: Why It Is Essential

Pole Elastic Lubricant Why It Is Essential

Having problems with your pole? We’ve been there! Many anglers think that a fishing pole will work perfectly fresh out of the box. That you’ll be catching more F1s than Des Shipp in a UK championship with any pole. However, there are a few angling secrets that make using a pole a lot easier. One … Read more

Best Fishing Water Carriers

Fishing Water Carrier

Whether you’re going fishing for a day or a week, taking water with you is a must! After all, how are you going to have a cup of tea at sunrise staring out over the lake without some freshwater? The fishing water carriers below are big enough to give you enough water to wash and … Read more

Best Pole Skid Bungs: Protect Your Pole

Pole Skid Bungs Protect Your Pole

If you’re looking for the best pole skid bungs in the UK, you can find them below. If you don’t know what a pole skid bung is, or you don’t really think they are worth using, you can find out more info about pole skid bungs below. Pole skid bungs are really inexpensive, but they … Read more

Keepnet Arm: A Feeder Fishing Essential

Keepnet Arm A Match Fishing Essential

Keepnet arms are a must-have nowadays. Many fishing venues across the UK are now making hard-standing pegs, and many are banning the use of bank sticks altogether. This means that anglers need to find solutions to problems like how to secure a keepnet to the bank without being able to stick a bank stick into … Read more

Best Groundbait Whisk: Do You Need One?

Groundbait Whisk Do You Need One 1

If you have a long day of fishing ahead of you, a groundbait whisk is a great tool that allows you to mix up all of your groundbait in one go. You can either use a groundbait whisk on the bank, or you can mix up your groundbait before you go. Just before we get … Read more

Best Fishing Towel

Fishing Towel

Here’s a riddle for you… What gets’s wetter the more it dries? The answer is of course a fishing hand towel. Fishing towels are not the most glamorous of topics and don’t get us going quite as much as say, a new reel. But they are a vital piece of gear. In this article, we … Read more

Best Carp Fishing Day Shelter

Carp Fishing Day Shelter

Introduction If you are fishing in the UK you can be sure that at some point, you are going to get all four seasons in one day. It would be a terrible shame to have to call it quits for a brief squall or summer shower, especially if you are catching. The solution is to … Read more

Can a fishing pole be a carry on?

Introduction Nowadays we all wonder exactly what we can bring on an aircraft? Get it wrong with your airline of choice and you may end up blowing your bait budget for the year. In this article we are going to address the question; can a fishing pole be a carry on? Can a fishing pole … Read more

1.25lb test curve rods

Contrary to popular belief, bigger is not always better. Sometimes you want a rod that is fast, quick and agile. 1.25lb test curve rods are ideal for this kind of work. Just because you use a lighter rod doesn’t mean you won’t catch bigger fish. And let’s be honest part of the fun of angling … Read more

Fishing Loop Tyer

Fishing Loop Tyer

Unless you are a fair-weather fisherman, chances are you are going to be out in the cold and wet. Ever tried to tie a knot with freezing cold hands? Inclement weather aside sometimes you want to be able to easily consistently make neat loops for tying up hair rigs or hook lengths. As you’ll know … Read more

Camera Bank Stick Adapter

Camera Bank Stick Adapter

“It was THIS big!” you protest holding your arms wide, yet your mates remain unimpressed. We all know the only way you are going to secure bragging rights is if you’ve got a picture, and if your angling buddies are particularly sceptical it will need you and the fish in it at the same time. … Read more

Fishing weed cutter

Fishing weed cutter

Some of us enjoy a challenge when angling, and some of us prefer the simpler life. Weed in your swim can be a real pain, not only does it make reaching the fish more difficult, but often, if you haven’t been able to manoeuvre your catch successfully, you can end up snagged, losing the fish. … Read more

Waterproof Bedchair Cover

Waterproof Bedchair Cover

What’s worse than being cold when fishing? Being cold AND wet when fishing. Aside from increasing your angling pleasure, the simple fact is that if you are able to fish for longer you are more likely to catch more. Pulling an all nighter is a real treat, but you’ll want to remember your evening for … Read more

Best River Keepnet

Best River Keepnet

You may have already seen our article on keepnets, in which we explained a lot of key features. A river keepnet is very similar, but there are one or two additional considerations that make it much more suitable. Our advice would be to have a dedicated keepnet for river fishing. If you try and use … Read more

Fishing Trolley Wheels

Fishing Trolley Wheels

Yes, we know, not the most exciting subject. But have you ever been manhandling your gear back from the swim after a heavy day only to find that one of your wheels on your fishing trolley has decided to call it a day? We have. And we’d blanked. And it was raining. By having the … Read more