Fishing Loop Tyer

Unless you are a fair-weather fisherman, chances are you are going to be out in the cold and wet. Ever tried to tie a knot with freezing cold hands? Inclement weather aside sometimes you want to be able to easily consistently make neat loops for tying up hair rigs or hook lengths. As you’ll know in carp fishing presentation is everything, so why not make you terminal tackle as neat as possible?

There isn’t much advanced technology in loop tyers, but what you will want is something that will stay free of corrosion and is easy to use. We’ve assembled a list of the best fishing loop tyers so you don’t end up in knots.


Fishing Loop Tyer Choices

Plastic Disgorger and Loop Tyer by Sam’s Fishing

  • Green and black plastic
  • Multi-purpose

When you can combine several handy tools in one you save space and make life so much more convenient. Sam’s fishing has given us a tool that is three-in-one. This fishing line loop tyer is about the size of a pen, so is easy to transport and store in a pocket or side tray. Aside from tying loops it also features a disgorger making unhooking easy, and a hair rig needle. It’s effectively a one stop shop if you are wanting to set a rig up on the bank. The bright green colour ensures that it is easy to spot amongst your other bits and bobs.

2 Easy Hook Loop Tyer & Disgorger Tool by Tonewan

  • Corrosion free plastic
  • Ergonomic design

Ok, so it’s no frills. But sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Another multi-purpose fishing line loop tyer, this set also features a disgorger. You get two in a pack so if one goes ‘missing’ you will have another one on hand. There’s not a lot of ‘tech’ here, but that means that there is less chance of something breaking or letting you down.

Fishing Quick Nail Knot Tying Tool Set by Zer One

  • Multi piece set
  • 3 x 3 pieces

If you are an angler that is constantly misplacing everything (like us) then you probably want a few spares, fortunately with this set that is exactly what you get. Included in one pack is 3 disgorgers, 3 fishing line loop tyers and 3 hook knot tyers. The disgorgers and loop tyers are identical to our Tonewan set above. The hook knot tyer is made of durable metal, and once you have learned how to use it, you’ll save loads of time. They are especially good for tying on eyeless hooks.

Loop Tyer by Sean Simms Fishing Tackle

  • Handmade in the UK
  • Environmentally friendly

Sometimes you just want some solid, homemade quality. This fishing loop tyer is handmade and individually produced. It features a hand stainless steel ring, ideal for attaching to a keyring or chord. The body is made of wood and the loop posts are made of stainless steel. It will create consistent loops of around 1cm. The product is handmade in the UK, so if you want to support a local business this could be the fishing line loop tyer for you.