Best Pole Skid Bungs: Protect Your Pole

If you’re looking for the best pole skid bungs in the UK, you can find them below. If you don’t know what a pole skid bung is, or you don’t really think they are worth using, you can find out more info about pole skid bungs below. Pole skid bungs are really inexpensive, but they can save you thousands! Why? Let’s find out, shall we?


Recommended Pole Skid Bungs

Fladen’s Pole Saver Skid Protector Bung

This Fladen’s pole saver bung will fit in most of your pole sections. You can use the screw thread to ensure a tight fit in the pole section, and that is all you need to do. The bung will fit securely and provide protection from stresses as you’re shipping out or playing a fish.

Garbolino Expanda Bung

The Expanda bung from Garbolino is very similar to the bung protector above. It is a universal bung protector that works by tightening or loosening the thread depending on which pole section you’re fitting it into. Once you have secure the bung in the pole section, it will take the stresses of using your pole away from the joints and save you from hearing that dreaded crack of carbon that no angler wants to hear.

Maver Clean Cap System

I really like the Maver Clean Cap System. They have bungs for all different sizes of pole sections, and they fit amazingly well. Installation is as simple as fitting the bung into the pole section, and that is it. You are ready to use your pole to catch some large F1’s and even larger carp and the Clean Cap System will keep your pole sections secure. These pole sections protectors are the easiest to use and provide a fantastic amount of support for any section of your pole.

Pole section bungs are really inexpensive, yet they really can save your pole from so much stress. They spread that stress over the length of your pole so that you can confidently and easy ship out or play a fish. I wouldn’t recommend fishing without them!

Why use pole section protectors?

Pole section protectors, or pole skid bungs are a must-have, in my opinion. The joints of a pole take a battering when you are playing a fish. As your shipping, your pole out, or playing a fish and removing sections of your pole, puts stresses on the joints of the pole. These stresses can eventually cause your pole to break.

A very simple, very inexpensive pole skid bung can stop these stresses in their tracks. These little things fit into the female part of the pole joint and extend into the male part. Once installed, a pole section protector spreads the stresses on the joint and put the pressures back into the body of the pole. Pole skid bungs cannot help with every stress that your pole will go through, but they do help a lot.