Carp Barrow Reviews

Hello, and welcome to some great carp barrow reviews.

Long gone are the days of carrying your tackle to your car, or around the lake – since the introduction of barrows, there is no reason not to spend an hour recovering from back ache!


Carp Barrow Reviews


There are many sizes and styles for you to choose, and whatever you decide to buy – you should consider a few things first!


  • Will all my tackle fit onto it?
  • Does it pack down to a reasonable size?
  • How hardwearing or sturdy is it?
  • Will the wheels or frame last?
  • Are you after a barrow or trolley type design?


There are even electric powered ones now!

Besides, all this – a carp barrow can be quite expensive, so as always, look out for any deals or maybe a second-hand barrow might be more suitable?

How often you’ll actually use the thing may also be a factor.

So, on with our carp barrow reviews!


Prestige Carp Porter MK2

This is a best-seller, and a firm favourite with many anglers!

It offers perfect balance and stability,with the latest model upgraded with precision bearings.


Prestige Carp Porter MK2

The bars are reinforced, with the front ‘Y’ bar padded specifically for placing your rod holdall. This is height adjusted so you can raise or lower to your requirements.

The handle is ‘corner locking’ which makes it easier to remove them and eliminates any movement when lifting.

You’ll notice that the main frame is double reinforced with a nice heavy duty carry bag that utilises this space perfectly.

You can fold the side bars flat enabling you to load a large amount of tackle if needed (like your bedchair which tends to be the bulkiest!) . These are also adjustable (max width 110cm) as to your needs.


Prestige Carp Porter MK2 Review


The wheels are instantly removable for a quick pack down, and the extras include a spares kit and bungees.

This barrow can also be motorised if required (sold separately).

The Carp Porter MK2 is a reliable, lightweight barrow making it one of the industry leaders!

There is usually a new version each year with improvements galore, so worth keeping an eye.


LENGTH: 110cm
WIDTH: 88cm
WEIGHT: 14kg



  • Height adjustable, locking Y bar
  • Quick Remove Wheels
  • Full spares and accessories kit
  • Folding side and front bars to maximise usable load area
  • Can be motorised with specialist kit (sold separately)
  • Smooth Handling with the ball-bearing system
  • Best-selling barrow design

Feel The Love For The MK2 Carp Barrow


TF Gear Trukka

The second of our carp barrow reviews is the ‘Trukka’ from TF Gear.

This is a very easy to assemble barrow that will offer years of service.

TF Gear Trukka Review

With it’s heavy duty frame, high traction wheels and length-long adjustable sides – it can transport a LOT of carp tackle.

It’s not only compact, but when transporting, it felt very easy to push and coped with most terrain very easily.

Out of the box, the frame width is 28 inches, and once you’ve extended the sides, offers a good width at 40 inches.

This makes it ideal for those who travel with the wider bedchairs that around these days!


The Trukka is the perfect way to transport your carp tackle, whilst feeling compact.

Included, are 4 barrow bags (1 Large, 2 Medium that sit just in front and an exterior deep pocket bag)

The Trukka handles well, feels compact and you can expect a lot of space.


WIDTH: 71cm (Extends to 102cm)
LENGTH: 79cm



  • Adjustable sides give huge carrying capacity
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • High traction wheel
  • Easy to push
  • Supplied with four barrow bags worth 70


TF Gear Trukka

Fox Royale Carp Barrow

Fox have a long carp angling association, and the Royale Carp Barrow fits in nicely with the rest of the range.

This is a low-profile ‘lay flat’ barrow – there are no side supports, but that means less to fiddle about with I suppose with no width restrictions.

You can just load up your gear – and go fishing!


Fox Royale Carp Barrow

The frame is made from high-tensile steel whilst to the rear there is a ‘V’ style bar ensuring little movement for your rod holdall.

There is also a spacious storage bag that sits nicely in the centre.

The tyre is air inflated with the pneumatic wheel and handles both removeable. Plus there are looped strap fixings to secure everything down.

After arriving in your swim, the mud feet contain grip studs for extra stability.

Overall, the Fox Royale is a simple transportation solution from a reputable brand.



  • Extra wide design to fit all of your kit
  • Quick and simple load length adjustment
  • Adjustable side support
  • Quick release wheel system
  • Compression strap attachment points on frame for use with FX Universal Barrow Straps
  • Ergonomically shaped handles
  • Low profile
  • Swivelling mud feet with spiked bases for extra stability
  • Pneumatic tyre and wheel bearings
  • Supplied with free under barrow bag


Fox Royale Video Review

Leeda Specimen Barrow

The  Leeda Carp Barrow R300 Compact is strong and incredibly robust, and great value too.

Not only does it fold away flat (more room in the van) but a tidy, stable barrow.

It has a single wheel (removable), steel frame and removable handles.


Leeda Specimen Car Barrow

What we liked the most was how wide the steel frame was, meaning you are easily going to be able to stack your bedchair flat with no problems at all.

If we had one complaint – it would be that the wheel is a little on the small size, and if you’re pushing a heavy amount of tackle, there could be stability issues!

A good barrow for light travellers or those on a budget, the Leeda Specimen Barrow is certainly a no fuss, lightweight bit of kit!



  • Folds completely flat
  • Removable wheel and handles
  • Steel frame
  • Strong & Robust
  • Great Value
  • Ideal for day sessions

Nash Trax Evo

This is another best selling barrow -this time from Nash.

The Trax Evo is an updated version of the same name aimed at those longer sessions.

With attachment points all around the high strength steel frame, extending and adjustable side, rear and front ‘Y’ bar – this is a barrow with many great features.


Nash Trax Evo

Of course, navigating is the one big factor when buying a barrow – and the Nash is phenomenal when stacked to the roof!

The modular frame layout allows for all sorts of tackle layouts which also includes a waterproof barrow bag (perfect for items such as waders or clothing).

There are accessory bags, with zipped flaps, on both sides for any bait or items you need to access quickly.

The all-terrain wheel (more like a tractor wheel!)  is removable as standard, and you can angle the mud legs accordingly for extra stability (actually, these are also extendable!)

The moulded, ergonomic handles finish the Trax Evo off nicely!

We highly recommend this carp barrow – the features we’ve mentioned really give you a lot of options as far as stacking everything up and packing down.


LENGTH: 110cm

WIDTH: 71cm



  • Adjustable front and sidebars, locked with moulded cams – no screws to lose
  • Mesh load bed and sliding bar to prevent tackle falling through
  • Under barrow storage bag that can be removed and stored under your bed in the bivvy
  • Braced handlebars for stability
  • Fold-down front bar to support Barrowlogix Carryall or Food Bag
  • Quick-release wheel system. Supplied with Trax wide wheel for stability and grip
  • Trax thin mud wheel available as an optional extra
  • Rear leg assembly with mud feet
  • Entire barrow can be quickly dismantled for easy storage at home or in the car


Nash Trax Evo Video Review

…and that just about sums up our list of carp barrow reviews.

We hope you enjoyed them!


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