Fishing Trolley – For When You Have Too Much Tackle!

Carp angling is synonymous with those who have ‘all the gear’. If you are serious about your sport, you probably have quite a bit to carry down to the water. Rods, seats, bivvy, bait, rests, poles, nets… We could go on (and we are bound to have forgotten something). If you can get all your gear to the peg in one trip then you are onto a winner. Not to mention at the end of the session, no one likes the thought of having to do multiple trips to lug all of that gear back to the car. The easier you can make it, the better. Use of a decent trolley can ease the pain.

The best fishing trolley is one that can hold all of your tackle, and is easy to push or pull. Quality wheels make all the difference… An area some anglers don’t consider is what to do with the trolley when they are not using it. It can be counter productive if you are struggling to fit all of your tackle in the car, because a trolley takes up too much space. Likewise down at the bank, if the fishing tackle trolley gets in the way of you actually fishing then your priorities are likely wrong. A folding fishing trolley might be the answer in this case. Another way to save space is to combine features. A fishing trolley seat box can kill two birds with one stone.

Whether to opt for 2 wheel fishing trolley or a 4 wheel fishing trolley depends on several factors. As a general rule, 4 wheel fishing trolleys require more engineering and this is reflected in the cost. It pays to remember that this is something you only use, briefly, at the start and end of your session. A trolley will not increase your catch rate. Whilst, something like a Maver fishing trolley or Matrix fishing trolley are luxury and a joy to use, they are also carry a luxury price tag, which the average angler often can not afford or justify.

In this article we will have a look at some of the areas worth considering if you are planning to invest in a fishing tackle trolley. Whether you are looking for the best fishing trolley, a cheap fishing trolley or something in between, we will have something for you. Let’s roll….

Best Fishing Trollies

Cheap and easy: Folding Heavy Duty Kit Trolley by Milestone Camping

Best budget 2 wheel trolley

  • Compact and easy to store
  • Holds up to 50kg
  • Securing straps included

Milestone camping produce a lot of camping equipment. Whilst not a premium brand, their products are functional and well made. Don’t let the ‘camping’ part put you off. What’s good for campers is generally good for fisherman too. Uneven terrain, space saving and durability should all be high up on your wish list when considering the best fishing trolley. This model features a handy stand so that the trolley remains upright as you are unloading. If you have a moderate amount of gear this could be the trolley for you.


Two wheels, built to last: Classic Twin Wheel Fishing Trolley by NGT

Best two wheeler for heavy loads.

  • Stable over rough ground
  • great weight bearing capability
  • Robust construction

You know you are a proper angler when you have to carry a lot of gear. If a trolley becomes a chore to move, under load,  then it completely defeats the object. The tyres of this trolley are filled with air, as opposed to solid rubber, so it smooths out the lumps and bumps on the way down to the swim. The trolley is also collapsible saving vital space in the car boot, but be aware that the wheels are not collapsible. The construction of this trolley is pretty solid and can handle weights of 80kg. If you want a two wheel fishing trolley that can perform, this trolley shouldn’t let you down.


Combined features: Seatbox Framed Fishing Trolley by Koala Products

Best for casual use

  • Rigid steel frame
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easily adjustable base

When we talked about multi purpose trolleys combined with extra features, this is exactly what we meant. The Koala fishing trolley is designed to house a seatbox. The wheels have quick release pins so can be removed, stowed and replaced with ease. There is an adjustable base to account for any uneven terrain on the peg. Basically you wheel your box and other bits down to the bank, set the base, and you are away. The wheels are solid so don’t expect too much in the way of shock absorption. One thing we must add is that whilst you can take this trolley to pieces for easy stowage, it comes at a cost. It is not a ‘folding trolley’ as such, and can take a short while to set up and take apart. But all that said, You will save time normally spent unloading and setting up your seat box.


Versatile and solid: TF Gear Super Trolley

Best for enthusiasts

  • Universal box mounting
  • Easy to transport
  • Solid design

This product is the Sherman tank of two wheel fishing trolleys. It looks and feels solid, and even comes in an attractive military green colour. The main frame of the trolley features adjustable screws so you can change its size to accommodate your seat box. The handle is presented at an angle, making for easier maneuvering. Overall this is a well constructed trolley that shouldn’t let you down. This trolley would suit anglers who want to make a single journey down to the water before starting to fish

Reliable and simple: Browning Match Trolley Deluxe

Best lightweight trolley

  • Reputable outdoor brand
  • Large all terrain wheels
  • Portable and light

For those who want a solid, well made trolley but don’t require the luxury of a combination trolley and seat box, this could be a strong contender. Browning have always been associated with outdoor pursuits, so when they build something you know it will perform. Whilst we wouldn’t go overboard on piling it with tons of gear, this should be ample for all but the heaviest tackle addicts. The lightweight frame is easy to fold up and store, either in the boot, or the bank after you get set up on the peg. Even more so when you consider that it comes with its own durable bag.