Carp Rod Holdall Reviews

A carp rod holdall is essential for storing and securing your carp rods.

You should definitely invest in a strong, padded, good quality holdall. Why? Because protecting and storing your carp rods not only minimises risk of damage, but it makes it easer during transportation.

You really don’t want to be carting your made-up rods around a lake in poor weather conditions.

Plus, it makes storing them at home better as everything is nice and compact.

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Choosing a Carp Rod Holdall

You should consider these 4 things:

  • How many carp rods you need to store (Most offer up to 6)
  • What extra space is required for other tackle, such as reels and landing net poles.
  • How protective is the material?
  • Are the zips, seams and pockets strong and secure enough.

Daiwa Black Widow Rod Holdall

Over the years, I would say I’ve gone through several rod holdalls!

Eventually, general wear and tear will happen – they just begin to fall apart over time.

So, buying a rod holdall made from quality material (and bags of space) would be perfect!

The extra space also minimises damage during transit (everything is free to move a little) so you should never overload your rod bag.

Now you can begin to think about the extras such as the inclusion of rod retaining straps, padded carrying handles and tough zips.

Features designed to PROTECT your carp rods and tackle.

Carp Rod Straps
“An example of rod fasteners used to secure your carp rods”

Your carp rods may come in two or three sections so that is something to bear in mind also when choosing a holdall size.

You may also want to store landing nets, rod rests or throwing sticks – so plenty of extra pockets is something else you should consider!

So, off we go as dive into some carp rod holdall reviews!

1. Behr Rod Holdall Review

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5


Behr Carp Rod Holdall


This rod holdall from Behr fits 6 carp rods within  3 spacious compartments – all made of 100% 600D nylon giving you complete protection during transportation.

There are 3 double zippers on the main compartment accessible for every angle.

When lifting or carrying, there are two well padded shoulder straps that also double up as a ‘backpack’.

This leaves your arms free for other carp tackle, plus, relieves the burden of an aching shoulder!

When transporting in the traditional way, there is an alternate carry handle in the center.

There are 2 large outside pockets,  as well as an additional longer length pocket for a landing net pole or any utility rods.

You could utlilise the 2 smaller pockets  for boilie crushers or any smaller tackle items.

Overall – a pretty decent rod bag with plenty of free space.

2. NGT Deluxe Rod Holdall

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5

NGT Deluxe Rod Holdall

This is a NGT branded carp rod holdall capable of holding 3 made up and 3 unmade carp rods.

Using insulated 210D lining and waterproofed 600Dpolyester for ultimate protection, this is a holdall that is very robust.

There seems to be efficient padding in all the right places such as the adjustable carry strap and around the reel areas.

There is no extra storage space inside the main compartment (which can be ideal to avoid other tackle damaging your rods or reels) but there are two additional long length front pockets that seem long enough for bank sticks and the like.

For small tackle item such as carp weighing scales, there are 3 external pockets with strong zippers to keep tackle safe and secure.

Overall, a well made rod holdall from NGT.

3. Nash H-Gun Rod Holdall

Nash H-Gun Rod Holdall

Nash have put together this superb carp rod holdall as part of their ‘H-Gun’ carp rod range.

Capable of holding carp rods of up to 12 foot in length, this is really classic holdall design.

It can store 3 made-up rod and reels on top of 3 unmade rod setups which is more than enough for most anglers.

It’s best feature is the padded centre ‘flap’ that offers complete rod protection.

Along the length is a three-section aluminium spine that helps to keep the shape as well as some bonus added protection that will prevent rod tip damage from occurring.

Space has been well thought of here because of the great addition of an ultra long external pocket capable of storing a carp brolly.

This is on top of the standard log pocket for your extra pod sticks etc., all of which can be easily accessed, not to mention all the zippers are very strong & are not prone to breaking or snapping of very easily at all.

Transportation is via the adjustable padded carry strap

The H-Gun holdall is made from durable material with reinforced seams to make this a long lasting rod bag.

A great effort from Nash – certainly built to last this one!

4. Cyprinus Linear Carp Rod Holdall

The next set of holdalls is from Cyprinus, a company set up back in 2009 with a view of providing equipment and accessories for carp angling enthusiasts looking for high-quality gear at affordable prices. As a manufacturer, although their products may lack the fancy and recognisable logo of brans with a higher profile, Cyprinus has a reputation for focusing on the finer details when it comes to the design.

Although each of these holdalls is designed to accommodate just one 2 to 3-piece rod, they cost a lot less than bigger bags from bigger manufacturers. They have been built with reinforced bases and are luxuriously padded to provide a decent amount of protection for your rods and the bags themselves. If you have 2 to 3 piece 12 to 13ft rods, you need to opt for the 13ft sleeve, whereas if you have 2 to 3 piece 11 to 12ft rods, the 12ft sleeve is what you want.

We really like the fact that these have been made to handle both specialist and coarse rods and of course that fantastic price.

5. NGT Rod Holdall Sleeve for 12ft Rods, Set of 3

Another great option from NGT, this set of 3 single rod holdall sleeves are 12ft rod bags with a difference. Like standard rod bags, this set of three holdalls can handle fishing rods that are fully set up and ready to use and features a high-quality lining made from PVC to protect your angling pride and joy.

What’s different then about these particular rod sleeves, compared to others that look more or less the same from the outside? The company has designed these models to provide additional space for larger reels, therefore making then suitable for big pit reels, if you use them. So, although they appear to have the same dimensions as other bags we’ve looked at, they actually provide a bit more bulk for their price.

As well as the high-quality construction of the bags main body, we also like the fact that a reliable and durable 600D polyester handle with a PVC backing. As NGT are known for their ingenuity when designing rod holdalls, these models don’t disappoint. The feature a clipping system that means you can attach the individual rod-carrying bags together to create a master holdall. This is perfect if you don’t like the idea of lugging all those separate rod sleeves around (really who would enjoy that?)

Can’t decide?

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