Best Carp Fishing Rucksacks

I have been guilty of taking way too much gear when going carp fishing and that’s why I recently purchased a carp rucksack. Sometimes its all you need to get your gear down to the fishery for those short evening sessions after work. They might even end up replacing your large carryall in the end as well.

It’s now my main carp fishing carryall which has all the essentials in and there’s room in most of these for a flask of coffee. The rest of my gear is left in the shed and swapped out into my rucksack before carp fishing sessions if I need it. I’ve actually had a few other anglers ask where I got mine from as they are looking to carry less luggage.

If you are biking or walking to your carp fishing venue from your house then these are perfect. You can attach a chair, carp cradle, net or unhooking mat to most of these with ease.

Korum Transition Ruckbag
Sonik SK-TEK Backpack - Water-Repellent Fishing Backpack Large Carp for Sonik Pocket System - Backpack Fishing Accessories, camouflage, 48cm x 25cm x 50cm
Korum Transition Ruckbag
Sonik SK-TEK Backpack - Water-Repellent Fishing Backpack Large Carp for Sonik Pocket System - Backpack Fishing Accessories, camouflage, 48cm x 25cm x 50cm
48 x 45 x 26 cm
48 x 25 x 50 cm
Fabric Blend 600d Oxford polyester
Waterproof base
Number of Pockets
Korum Transition Ruckbag
Korum Transition Ruckbag
48 x 45 x 26 cm
Fabric Blend 600d Oxford polyester
Number of Pockets
Sonik SK-TEK Backpack - Water-Repellent Fishing Backpack Large Carp for Sonik Pocket System - Backpack Fishing Accessories, camouflage, 48cm x 25cm x 50cm
Sonik SK-TEK Backpack - Water-Repellent Fishing Backpack Large Carp for Sonik Pocket System - Backpack Fishing Accessories, camouflage, 48cm x 25cm x 50cm
48 x 25 x 50 cm
Waterproof base
Number of Pockets

Let’s take a look at some of the best carp rucksacks available.


Best Carp Fishing Rucksacks (aka Ruckalls)

1: NGT XPR Rucksack

Our first best carp rucksack comes from one of the leading brands in the fishing gear and accessories world, NGT. They offer a comprehensive range of products that are all of high quality, and this is no exception. It is made from durable and tough waterproof material and is fully-padded for added comfort – great for those long walks between carp fishing spots which should make it easier on your back.

In total, this offers 50-litres of capacity, and that comes via the large central compartment (33litres approx.) and a series of external pockets and sections that are perfect for all your accessories. It’s a very nicely made roving carp fishing rucksack that has fully adjustable straps and comes at a sensible cost from a good brand.

Key Features

  • 50 litre  capacity
  • Plenty of external pockets
  • Sensible price

2: TFG Ear Banshee Rucksack

Our second best carp rucksack comes highly recommended by customers who all comment on its value for money. It offers around 40-litres capacity in the main central compartment, and also has a series of external pockets for added versatility. The materials of this carp fishing rucksack lightweight but strong, and waterproof, and it is very nicely put together.

You get fully padded, fully adjustable straps for your shoulders, and while it offers great capacity it is also surprisingly compact, measuring just 62x45x49cm, and weighing just 1.6kg. This one is a perfect carp fishing rucksack and will make those long walks a lot easier, and at the price may well be hard to beat.

Rucksack Key Features

  • Lightweight but strong
  • Pockets on the front as well as the side
  • Customers said its good value for money

Rucksack Specifications

  • Dimensions:62x45x49cm
  • Weight: 1.6kg

3: Riverside Outdoor Camo Rucksack

This is a bit of a different rucksack that’s made it onto our best carp fishing rucksacks list. Promoted as being suitable for shooting or carp fishing, this carp fishing rucksack features a camouflage design (so that the carp won’t see you. Ok that’s a joke haha) that will appeal to those who want something other than the usual green or brown finish. It’s a neat and very cheap model, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in merit. It’s made from strong and waterproof material, comes with padded and adjustable straps, and will do the job of carrying kit and accessories very well.

This carp fishing rucksack has a sizeable – if not as large as the above – main compartment, complete with zip fastening, plus three further outside pockets. It measures a very compact 48x42x16cm, so is smaller than those above but still large enough for practical use, and it also features a useful carrying handle. In short, it’s a very practical, smaller-sized and cheap rucksack that is best suited to those looking for one for occasional fishing use.

Key Features 

  • Smaller than most on the list
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for very short sessions

4: Noorsk Rucksack with Cooler

Next on our best carp fishing rucksack list is one from Noorsk. It comes with the additional attraction of including a cooler compartment. Lined with silver foil, this section is perfect for keeping your drink and sandwiches cool, while the rest of the compartments are more than suitable for carrying your accessories and other gear. It’s a nice-looking rucksack that is finished in the usual dark and neutral brown, so will not stand out!

You get a large internal main compartment plus four other external pockets – great for fitting in all the fishing kit need – and padded straps that are fully adjustable. It is made from very strong, waterproof and durable polyester so will be able to withstand rugged and frequent use, and it is a decent size at 60x45x20cm. In short, this is a serious fishing product at a very affordable price, and certainly one that should be considered amongst the best carp fishing rucksacks.

Key Features

  • Comes with a cooler section built-in for your bait (or your sandwiches)
  • Four external pockets
  • Waterproof

5: Roddarch Seat Box and Rucksack

If you want to get serious, this could be the best carp rucksack for you. It’s from Roddarch, who offer a wide variety of fishing gear and accessories, and it combines a rucksack with a box that doubles as a seat, in one neat package. The seat box itself features an array of handy fishing tackle compartments and side pockets. It is made from durable ABS, and is accessed easily and quickly by quick-release straps that separate it from the rucksack.

This carp fishing rucksack also offers a further selection of fishing compartments, including a large central section and many secure external pockets, and comes made from highly durable, fully waterproof nylon that will last a long time. You get fully padded shoulder straps and a seat that can take up to 20-stone in weight. This is one for the experienced angler who wants to be able to take everything to the river bank, and at the price we believe it is an absolute bargain for such a comprehensive item. That’s why it made it onto our best list.

Key Features 

  • It is a box/bag which none of the others are
  • Supports up to 20 stone in weight
  • Lots of extra pockets on the sides

6: Eyourlife Tactical Backpack

Next on our best carp fishing rucksacks list is this very nice, top quality carp fishing rucksack offers something that others might not; it’s made from military-grade material that is designed to block out certain radio signals, so nobody can use your phone to pay for stuff when it’s in there! Maybe that’s a good thing when are fishing and don’t want to be disturbed?

This is a 40litre backpack, so is perfectly sized for fishing, and comes with a big internal section plus a series of external compartments, including a hidden pocket for valuables.

This carp fishing rucksack is very nicely constructed and will be suitable for rugged use over long periods, comes with fully adjustable and padded straps for your shoulders, and measures 50x30x30cm, so is compact yet usable. It also has a handy carry handle on top for short moves. All taken into account, this is a quality, very strong and well-made and that will provide you with plenty of capacity and last a long time for your fishing adventures.

Key Features

  • Military graded material which blocks radio frequencies (good for carp anglers who want some peace)
  • Large 40L internal section
  • Padded shoulder straps

7: G4Free Tactical Backpack

Seventh best rucksack list is this one to help you find the best carp rucksack is another military-style backpack that has plenty of appeal. This product is made from the desirable 600D polyester that a few of the other quality items use; this provides impressive strength and waterproof qualities and means you get a carp fishing rucksack that will withstand rugged and regular use, and that will give you a long life. It’s finished in a desert-style colour scheme, which is a bit different!

You get the usual large internal space – it’s claimed at 40litres – plus plenty of external pockets. There’s also a hidden pocket for valuables. It comes with fully padded, adjustable shoulder straps, and is surprisingly compact for a rucksack of this size and type. Like all the better models, it also has waist straps for added versatility.

Key Features

  • Made from 600D polyester
  • military-style
  • 40 litres of storage

8. Korum ITM Ruckbag

Korum Transition Ruckbag

We love Korum, they really do produce some great fishing tackle and this carp fishing rucksack is no exception which is why this rucksack has made it onto the list. It has lots of additional storage pockets which will help you carry all your smaller gear such as PVA bags, pop-ups and a catapult.

It is made from strong 600 denier material and people have commented on how strong the zips are.

On the rucksack are 4 very useful D loops which means you can attach other bits to your rucksack such as a fishing landing net or maybe even an unhooking mat, flask or water bottle.

The rucksack also has a modular design which means that if you own other Korum equipment such as their cool-boxes then it should all fit perfectly into this rucksack.

Overall it’s a very decent fishing rucksack from a trusted brand and we would recommend.

Korum Rucksack Key Features

  • D ring loops to attach other fishing tackle to
  • Large pockets on the outside (suitable for a flask or a float case)
  • 2 hooks on the outside which could be used to attach a chair to
  • Made from high-quality material

Korum Rucksack Specifications

Height: 35cm x Width: 48cm x Depth: 25cm

9. Sonik SK-TEK Ruckbag

Sonik is a market leader when it comes to fishing tackle and they carry on that tradition with this rucksack.

There is 1 main pocket for all of your bigger items – fishing tackle boxes and bait boxes. Then on the side there’s 1 large side pocket on one side that would suit a large item like a flask and on the other side there are 2 smaller side pockets that would suit smaller items such as a rig box or boilies.

It also benefits from having 2 D rings which make is great to attach a chair or unhooking mat which will allow you to keep your hands free when walking to your fishing swim.

On the top, there are grab handles which will make picking up the rucksack when you are at your swim easy.

Theres also room on each side for fishing bank sticks which are held in with straps so that they won’t fall out.

Key Features

  • Straps on the side for bank sticks
  • Different sized pockets on each side
  • D rings to attach a chair


  • Dimensions: overall: w48 d25 h50
  • Main compartment: w46 d31 h25
  • Side pocket 1: w50 d8 h24
  • Side pocket 2: w30 d8 h24
  • Side pocket 3: w16 d8 h24
  • Internal pockets: w20 h23

That’s our list of the best fishing rucksacks, so before we try and give you a verdict, let’s check out some of the features we’ve mentioned that you may want to look out for when choosing the one for you.

Important Features to Consider for Ruckbags

Size – most of the fishing rucksacks offer around 40-litres of capacity and above, usually split between a main compartment and a series of external side pockets. These are plenty big enough for some short sessions.

Comfort – you may be wearing your rucksack for a long walk, so look for a rucksack with padded, adjustable shoulder straps, and preferably waist straps too.

Durability – you want a rucksack that is made for outdoor use; all the above are, but be aware that some are more rugged than others.

Other Features – beyond the basic rucksack, you might want other features; Number 5 above comes with a fishing tackle box that doubles as a seat, another with a cooler section. Some come with straps to help attach other gear such as unhooking mats.

Shoulder Strap – You definitely want to choose one with padded shoulder straps. I like to bike to my local fishing lake and having one with uncomfy straps would be hard work.

That’s about it for our selections, so which is for you? Let’s have a look!

Our Verdict

The selection of rucksacks we have chosen covers all the bases, so choosing the best one is not necessarily going to be easy! We will say that all of these luggage items are available for around £30 or under, so the price is not going to be a deciding factor.

We have a couple of favourite rucksacks; although cumbersome, the Roddarch model – rucksack number 5 – combines a rucksack, fishing tackle boxes and very handy seat in one package, and will serve very well indeed as it is a dedicated fishing rucksack. If you just want the rucksack, then any of the others will do the job, but we like the Noorsk rucksack – at number 4 – which although not the biggest, comes with a very handy cooler section that will be appreciated on warmer days.

Read through again, make your choice, and invest in an affordable, usable rucksack that will make your fishing trips easier and more manageable.