The Best Boilie Catapults

They say a workman is only as good as his tools, and the same can be said of a fisherman! You need decent gear if you are going to be at all successful, and that means finding the best in even the smaller items, as well as your main items of kit. If, for example, you are one of the many who uses boilies for carp fishing, you will understand the importance of the best catapult.

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It’s the best way of getting the bait where you want it to be, and with so many different best boilie catapults on the market, we thought we’d do you a favour and have a look at some of the best, here’s our list of those we reckon are worth putting on your shortlist.

Our recommended boilie catapults

1: QDOS Long Range Catapult

This simple yet very effective boilie catapult is typical of the design you would expect, and is a durable and hard-wearing model that will give you many years of service. It is made from strong materials designed to put up with the weather – including a strong latex section for the actual pouch itself – and has a handy and tough puller cord that will make it much easier for you to get accurate delivery. All in all, a neat little addition to your fishing kit at the price of a couple of beers!

Key Features – Latex, pull cord, good design, long distance, light, great price

2: NGT Multi Use Catapult

The fact this one hails from the renowned NGT brand makes it appealing to us for this list. It’s made from materials that give the right combination of strength, light weight and power – including a very strong and powerful pouch and catapult line – and it has a number of satisfied users who testify to its impressive long range performance. With the catapult you also get some boilie pellets, and at a very competitive price.

Key Features – NGT, powerful, strong, lightweight, boilie pellets, price

3: Q-DOS Specimen Catapult

The Q-Dos brand has a good range of fishing tackle and accessories, including this catapult and the one that is first on our list, and they also have many satisfied users who will testify to the quality of the items. This one has the usual strong pouch and powerful elastic, a nicely made pull cord to get maximum launch, and is easy to use and light in weight. A good addition to your fishing tackle at a decent price, it’s one to have another look at.

Key Features – Q-Dos brand, strong, powerful, long distance

4: Hunter Pro Twin Pack

This pair of catapults – it’s a two for the price of one deal – comes from Hunter Pro who offer a wide variety of items of this type. These are well-made with fully replaceable elastic for added longevity, come with strong mesh and fabric pouches, and are optimised for close grouping. They are also of a non-twist design so are more effective and efficient than some others, and as you get two at this price, we think this might be a bargain that is hard to match.

Key Features – twin pack, non-twist, replaceable elastic, mesh pouch, optimised

5: Fox Rangemaster Powergrip

This cleverly designed and well-made catapult from Fox, another well-known brand, offers an ergonomically designed, slightly angled grip for added comfort and accuracy, a strong pouch and powerful elastic for a longer shot. It’s nicely put together and is suitable for boilies and many other forms of bait, and with many users expressing satisfaction with this model, it’s worth checking out. Not the cheapest but hardly expensive, you may find it’s the one for you.

Key Features – special grip, angled handle, strong elastic, powerful

6: NGT Tackle and Accessory set

Why not go a step further and get a very nice NGT catapult plus a load of other stuff as part of a one-off package? You get a pack of 200g boilies, some bags for carrying them, plus a 10litre bucket with an air tight lid, and three bottles of boilie liquid to make your own. The bags are quick dissolving PVA, the catapult is a good one with strong surgical elastic, and it’s all from one of the top brands in the business, so what’s not to like?

Key Features – catapult plus boilies, liquid, bags and bucket all in one

7: Marauder Catapult

If you like simple and traditional, this is the item you should look for as it is as close to a basic, straightforward catapult as you are ever likely to come across. Made from very strong injection moulded plastic – that’s as durable as anything else – and with strong elastic and a 40mm pouch, for the traditionalists among you this is a load, point and shoot model that costs very little and yet will give you many years of loyal service.

Key Features – simple, moulded plastic, 40mm pouch, strong elastic, price

That’s our selection of the best boilie catapults, so which is for you? Let’s have a look.

Our Choice

Given the similarity between these designs in most ways, including price, we can only say that each is worthy of consideration. On balance, if you want a boilie catapult only, we like the double pack for its value for money – that’s number 4 from Hunter Pro – but we also suggest that you take a second look at no. 6, the accessory pack from NGT.

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