Combwich Ponds, Bridgwater

Located in Somerset, on the banks of the River Parrett, lies the historic market town of Bridgwater. This picturesque town boasts a long and rich heritage, and takes an important place in the turbulent periods of the English history. It is located on the edge of the picturesque Somerset Levels, which are characterized by the low and wooded rural landscapes.

Our latest fishing venue is located in its vicinity, and is well known as the Combwich Ponds. These were previously clay pits and go back for centuries. Nowadays, these are seasoned, mature waters that offer a lot of variety in fishing, and a good amount of diverse features. Located in peaceful surroundings, the Combwich Ponds can really be a wonderful venue for a good day of fishing. It can also be a great venue for Bridgwater and Somerset locals. Let’s learn more about it.

The venue covers roughly 14 acres, and has several barely separated waters, surrounded by public pathways and a patch of natural landscape in the village midst. The waters have long been a favorite of the locals, as they captivate with the peaceful and natural surroundings and also a good choice of fish. The waters are stocked with coarse fish and specimen carp. Besides the regular coarse fish and an odd eel, there is a good stock of specimen carp that goes well into the 20’s. The largest caught recently were around 28 lbs. The anglers report that the fish at this venue tends to move a lot, so it is quite important to find a good spot, and you’re bound to have success. There is also a lot of bream and eels, which can make that carp catch more challenging. Anglers report that boilies, pellets, and corn work the best on the water, and that the Bungalow area produces the best catches.

Being a natural area, Combwich prides itself on a variety of natural features and a lot of diverse birdlife. There are ample reed beds all over the place, deep margins, a lot of sand bars and gullies, and a good depth at certain places. On average it goes over 4 feet deep. The majority of the swims around the perimeter were re-done to be safer and dry. They are stone chippings and fine grit on top.

Anglers report that this venue enjoys great popularity for both locals and seasoned anglers, and that it can often be busy, even in winter. It is also said that the water might suffer from an excess of eels, which are eager to rise to the boilies and hamper good carp fishing. But in the end, it is all a part of the challenge.

Combwich Ponds are in the care of Bridgwater Angling Association, a seasoned and well maintained fishing club that prides itself on a long history. This club is always looking for new members, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Bridgwater locals will especially appreciate this venue, for its great ambience and its proximity to the town.