Batchworth Lake, Rickmansworth

Rickmansworth is a picturesque, quiet little town that lies on the banks of the River Colne and right there in the heart of the Colne Valley. Rickmansworth is the place where rivers Gade and Chess flow into the Colne, and as such, it has all the needed prerequisites for being a fantastic area for good angling. It is located in Hertfordshire, and that means it is just 27 kilometers away from Central London, which makes it accessible for all anglers. Batchworth Lake is a superb angling location close to Rickmansworth, and a favorite of local anglers. Today we are presenting this fishing venue in detail – you can learn that the idyllic Colne Valley hides fantastic angling prospects.

50 Pegs

Batchworth Lake is a large, mature water. It is a spring fed lake of ten acres, immediately adjacent to the Colne River. It is located on the outskirts of Rickmansworth. There are close to 50 pegs on Batchworth Lake, evenly spaced out and separated by the many trees on the shore. You are ensured a peaceful and personal angling day. The waters have some of the best stocks of fish in the region, both coarse and specimen. There is tench to 10 lbs, eels and pike, bream to 17 lbs, as well as perch and chub. Of course, the water has a great reputation as a fantastic specimen carp water. There are a plenty of 30 lbs heads of carp, and some 40’s as well. Over the years, Batchworth gained a great reputation for the quality of fishing here. In the recent period, the lake underwent great conservations and it was cleaned. There are also implemented silver fish sanctuaries as well.

Surrounded by nature

The lake is surrounded by wonderful nature and you truly couldn’t guess that it was on the outskirts of a town. Plenty of woods all around and a cozy, peaceful natural atmosphere is all you need. Besides the fish and the fauna, the area is home to many wildlife species, including deer, snakes, kingfishers, bats, herons, creepers, and nuthatches.

Batchworth Lake has a lot of features on the water, and the most prominent ones are the two wooded islands – one near the center and the other to the side, which is more like a peninsula. Either way, the most popular swims tend to be the one near the island, and for a good reason. With plenty of deep margins, reed growths and overhanging trees, the lake has all the feature an angler might want for a good challenge.

Night fishing is allowed

The venue operates on a day ticket system, and there is also an option of night fishing with prior booking. Without a doubt, Batchworth Lake is certainly one of the finest angling venues in this region of England, and certainly in the top five venues of Hertfordshire. And that makes it an unavoidable location for any angler – be it beginner or a pro. Because the main thing is fishing – and here it is of the finest quality. Don’t miss it!