What Size Fishing Pole Do I Need?

When it comes to fishing poles, does size matter? Absolutely. The length of your pole will dictate how you fish, where you can fish and how many fish you catch. Wondering what size fishing pole do I need? Well, it all depends on how you intend to use it. Read on to find out more.

While a 16-metre pole might be overkill for certain venues, you don’t have to use all the sections. Generally, the best advice is to buy the longest pole you can afford. Then you’ll have plenty of options for bigger and smaller venues. Failing that, around 13 metres is a nice length.


What is a Good Length for a Fishing Pole?

All poles aren’t created equal, and you’ll find several different types of poles available. All of which are different lengths. Here’s a quick rundown of each type of pole, what they are about, and the ideal lengths you should be looking for.

Match Poles

Ideal Length: Between 13 – 16 metres.

Match poles are designed to be real workhorses when trying to bag up. While they can handle modest-sized fish, ideally, they are used for small – mid-sized species. They are ideal for presenting a rig effectively time after time.

As a general rule, the larger the pole, the more expensive it will be. 13-meter poles can be found at very reasonable rates and are also ideal for beginners who might find a 16-metre pole just a little too unwieldy.

All that said. You are under no obligation to use all of the pole sections, so if you can try and go a little bigger, you are covered for all situations. And they don’t always have to be expensive.

Carp Poles

Ideal Length: 14 metres.

Carp poles have one standout feature that differentiates them from match poles. They are a little stiffer and stronger. And they’ll need to be. Remember, the only tool you’ll have in your bag to battle big carp is the elastic and the speed at which you can ship in and out!

The length is vital, as it will allow you to reach areas where carp may be holed up.

Margin Poles

Ideal Length: 8.5 metres.

Margin poles are a real mixed bag, and you’ll find them in many different sizes, ranging from the relatively short 4-metre variety all the way up to 10 metres. Around the 8-metre mark is a nice halfway house. 

You’ll find that margin poles are a nice budget option. There are fewer sections and less complex engineering that goes into making them.

Here are some lovely margin poles for under £100.


Ideal Length: 3 – 5 metres.

Whips are easy to handle and often popular among younger anglers and beginners. That said, experienced match fishermen can also use them as a supplement to their main pole. 

Around the 4-metre mark is ideal. They are perfect for getting to grips with the concept of pole fishing without having to invest serious money. You can learn more about whips here.

You can find some great whips on our page here. 


It’s vital to remember that the length is the ultimate limit of how far you can fish with a pole. There certainly isn’t any casting. Learning to pole fish is a little challenging, so it’s best to choose a pole size that will put you in range of fish, but conversely, it is not so cumbersome as to ruin your enjoyment. Once you’ve got kitted out, why not take a look at some accessories for your pole? These make it so much easier.