Most expensive fishing pole

In this article, we will be talking about what the most expensive fishing poles are in the UK. This is just about fishing poles and not rods, as a fishing rod is a totally different piece of equipment.

If you have a big budget or do a lot of fishing then there’s a good chance you are wondering what can your budget buy you and is it really that much better than other fishing poles?

In this article, we are going to take a look at the top 5 most expensive fishing poles in the world at the time of writing and give you an overview of each one.


1. Daiwa Air Z Pro Pole 16m

Price: £5,000 but it has been as high as £7,000

This is a fantastic pole that you will see a lot of the top anglers use on YouTube. A lot of these anglers are probably sponsored and therefore may receive a massive discount on it. One guy in my angling club has this pole and he’s in his sixties. He said it’s a fantastic pole and as he got a bit older he needed something lighter to use at 16m. The only downside he said was that he is sometimes scared to use it as it’s so expensive. If the banking behind him is really high and there’s a chance it might scrape on some gravel then he will use his other, cheaper fishing pole. He did also say that he has broken a few sections which are expensive to repair but overall he said it’s a fantastic piece of kit. He did let me have a go of it as it’s the only pole on this list that I have “hands-on tested” and it was impressive and felt much lighter than mine (mine is more of a budget pole).

2. Browning EXO Sphere Zero-G F1+ Set 17m

Price £6,100

This is the most expensive pole on the list, but I have added it as second on the list as a pole I haven’t personally seen anyone use when I have been fishing. Browning is a well-trusted brand that has been around forever. One of the all-time angling greats, Bob Nudd uses Browning poles, and he’s a highly respected fisherman.

This set, although expensive does come with 16 top kits. Top kits can be £100 plus on their own so you really do get a lot of kit for your money. It’s also over 16m long, but how often you would be able to use it over 16m due to rules at many commercial fisheries I don’t know.

3. MTX4 Ultra 16m Pole Package

Price: Just over £3000

There are quite a lot of poles at this price point but we decided to include this one as it seems like a popular choice amongst anglers. It is used by Jamie Hughes (3 times Fish O’Mania champion). He is sponsored by Matrix but I do hear a lot of good stuff on Facebook groups about this pole. £3000 is a price point that I would say is the limit of many top match anglers who fish matches every week.

Are expensive poles always better?

Like most things (cars, houses, phones), etc you will notice the difference if you buy a high-end model. Most of the expensive poles are lighter which makes it easier to hold them at 16m in length. This, of course, gives you an advantage over someone who has a heavier pole who perhaps can’t fish at 16m all day due to the heavy pole giving them a bad back or even things like the wind can make a heavier pole harder to hold all day.

How long will a fishing pole last?

In the garage, I have some old fishing poles from when I was a teenager that I just can’t face throwing away. There’s nothing wrong with these. The fish have no idea that I am using an older pole but when I compare it to a pole that was more recently manufactured you can really feel the difference when you hold them both at their full length.

What about spares? Are they expensive?

As with anything that costs more, to begin with, spares are always going to cost more. Think of it as spares for a high-end Mercedes are always going to cost more than parts for a ford focus. They also might not be as highly available in the shops so you may have to wait a bit longer.