Fish Clickers – When Do You Need One?

“I know what you are thinking, did he catch six carp or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a Daiwa Air, the most powerful pole in the world, with a whole 16 metres of carbon fibre, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?”

Joking aside it is very easy to lose count when you are doing well on the peg. And being lucky has nothing to do with it.  You’ve got the depth sussed, the rig sussed and bait sussed. But in all that commotion, when you are landing fish hand over fist, your mind can wander. There is no worse feeling in a match than completely out-fishing your competition, only to be disqualified for exceeding the weight limit of your keepnet.

Even if you aren’t a serious match angler, it is sometimes nice to be able to remember how many you have caught. Aside from fingers and toes, there aren’t too many 100% reliable systems for keeping count. Sure you can use a pen and paper. But try doing that with hands full of ground bait, or when there are a downpour and the paper is wetter than a Bream’s pocket.

Fish counter clickers are the answer. They are relatively hands-free, simple to use and provide a surefire way for you to keep track. They aren’t only used for counting fish. Depending on the number of digits, you can even use them to count cumulative weight. With some brands you won’t even need to hold the counter, many have mounts that allow you to put them somewhere convenient. We have assembled a list of the best fish clicker’s that will make counting as easy as 1-2-3, even if your hands are dirty, Harry.


Best Fish Clickers

Matrix Fish Clicker

Bright yellow buttons make this fish clicker easy to see even in low light conditions. The scale goes up to 99, which should be suitable to cover you for weight and fish numbers both. This fish counter clicker can be mounted on the leg of your box, or if you prefer, directly on your keepnet, making the act of adding to your score part of the movement when adding fish to the bag. If you make a mistake the clicker has wheels to reverse your choice and also features a lock to stop you clicking accidentally.

Q Connect Tally Counter

Whilst this is not a dedicated fish counter clicker it performs more than adequately. With a chrome body it is sturdy and solid. It will absorb knocks and bangs with ease. This counter clicker goes all the way up to 9999, if you catch more than that, well, we need to know what bait you are using. This is a handheld counter, so is useful if you prefer to be on the move.

Browning Fish Counter

Similar in form to the Q Connect Tally counter, this fish counter clicker has an upgraded feature. Whilst there is a handheld model available, the browning fish counter combines the versatility and functionality of our other choices. It counts all the way up to 9999 and also features a screw mount, meaning you can firmly attach it onto your seatbox or another fitting.