Carp Fishing Gadgets You Need In 2020

Gone are the old days of a man standing on the bank with little more than a garden cane, some silk line and a handful of worms. Fishing is going properly high-tech. If there’s one thing that gets a carp anglers juices flowing, it is the promise of catching fish more easily. Or if it is a bit quiet, being able to enjoy the comfort of your bivvy with all the mod-cons. There has been an influx of tech into the market over recent years, all designed with the aim of addressing common problems when fishing. Some may see it as gaining an unfair advantage, but each to their own. And who are we trying to kid? Most people love investing and playing with awesome fishing gadgets.

We don’t recommend buying things just for the sake of it. Gadgets for fishing should make your life easier in some way or address a common problem. Cool fishing gadgets, there are plenty of, but which do you really need? You can go as advanced as you would like with some of our ideas, making your fishing much more of a special forces mission than a relax down by the bank.

This guide is going to take a look at some of the newest fishing gadgets available and how they might help you either on the bank, or in some cases on the water. Enjoy!

Fishspy Marker Float Underwater Fishing Camera

Our #1 choice: Best fishing gadgets UK

  • Wi-Fi technology
  • Mobile compatible
  • 10m waterproof depth

See it in action


This is one of the coolest gadgets for fishing we have seen. Have you ever sat on the bank and thought; ‘I wonder what is actually going on under the water?’. Well with this fishing gadget you will no longer be in any doubt. This is basically a fairly large float that houses a camera. You can keep an eye on your rig, see where the fish are shoaling, or what they are eating, and assess underwater features to cast to. The manufacturer recommends using 50lb line, this is so you don’t cast and lose your camera. The camera has fins to help it cast a long way with precision accuracy. The signal is sent back to your phone or mobile device using Wi-Fi. But what if it is submerged? Well here is the clever part. When it loses signal it switches to record mode, so you can easily playback what it has discovered in the deep! This is easily one of our best gadgets for fishing! It will blow your mind what is happening under the surface.

Deeper PRO PLUS smart fish finder – wireless WLAN fish finder with built-in GPS

A light, portable and highly useful gadget for fishing

  • Long battery life
  • 15 scans per second
  • Compatible with most IOS and Android devices

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Ok so you aren’t comfortable casting a video camera out? Well hows about this? How would you like to be able to accurately map the bottom of your swim and create a picture of what the entire swim looks like, whilst also locating the fish? With this cool fishing gadget you can do precisely that. The Deeper Pro Plus is small and compact enough that it will stow just about anywhere, either in your box, bag, or even your pocket. It’s easy to use this awesome fishing gadget. Simply attach it to your line and cast out. As you retrieve it will beam real time data to your mobile device and even has an aerial view map mode meaning that you can build up a birds eye view picture of your swim. This gadget can scan down to a depth of 260ft. And the battery lasts for about five and a half hours, hopefully by that point you’ll already be catching fish.


Deeper Smartphone Mount for Fishing Rod

Hands free, for use with your newest fishing gadgets

  • Compatible with most handheld devices
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting for certain devices
  • Attaches to any rod handle

See it in action


So you have taken the plunge, decided to go all out and bought either a Fishspy or a fish finder. But have you ever tried to hold a rod and reel in with one hand, whilst looking at a phone at the same time? No us neither, but we can’t imagine it will be easy. When you’ve bought gadgets for fishing you still have to be practical. This mount is the perfect solution. You attach the mount to your rod handle and then you can attach your mobile device to your rod. Meaning you can hold the rod, reel in and watch the screen, all at the same time! The mount is made from super grippy and durable silicone, and grips so strongly that you can leave your phone attached whilst you cast. The way your phone is secured means that you screen is kept entirely free. Whilst the mount is not particularly high tech, it is the best solution to make life easy if you are using one of our other awesome fishing gadgets.

Goolsky Flytec 2011-5 Fishing Bait Boat RC Boat

Precision groundbait delivery device

  • 500m range
  • 5kg bait capacity
  • Pinpoint feeding accuracy

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Back in the day you would throw your groundbait in a ball or launch it haphazardly it into the swim with a catapult. But where is the fun in that? Bait boats are not the newest fishing gadgets and, whilst somewhat controversial, are here to stay. As the adage goes; “If you can’t beat them, join them”. You can spend up to five grand on an advanced bait boat, however if you aren’t sure whether its for you or want to try something slightly cheaper Goolskys offering is pretty decent for the money.

The way a bait boat works is that you load it with your groundbait of choice, manoeuvre it to the correct point in the swim, hit a button and it jettisons its cargo out the back. It is a far more accurate, if slightly more expensive, way of getting your groundbait exactly where it needs to be. The double motor means the boat’s speed is a decent 4 miles per hour and is highly manoeuvrable. Now the real tech savvy amongst you may have seen that you can combine a couple of our awesome fishing gadgets? Both the Fishspy and the Deeper Pro Plus can be mounted on your bait boat, meaning if you so desired, you could map and see an entire lake!

Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR

Customised, long lasting light

  • Impressive battery life
  • Multicoloured lighting
  • Wireless control

See it in action

If you are making a proper day of it or night, we’ve got you covered with one of the best lights for fishing. Its no good booting over your brew in the bivvy or not being able to see your disgorger. Head torches are OK and serve a purpose, but with constant head turning you’ll end up with a stiff neck. With this cool fishing gadget you’ll be sat in near perfect daylight, regardless of the time of day. Don’t worry about spooking the fish as this bivvy light has a variable brightness setting. You can change the colour of the light at the touch of a button, our favourite is red, which helps to preserve your night vision. You have no need to worry about it going flat in the middle of the night either. LED technology typically uses low power, so the battery lasts for 180 hours. Another really great feature is that by using the wireless controller, you don’t even have to move, leaving you free to continue fishing.

Ridgemonkey C-Smart Powerpack

Stacks of power, wherever and whenever you need it

  • USB-C connectivity
  • Multiple output ports
  • 12V output

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With all that tech going on the last thing you’re going to want to do is run out of power. Even if you haven’t been taken with our offerings, having the ability to give your phone a bit of a top up is a good reason to invest in one of our more practical gadgets for fishing. We mean, if your phone dies, how else are you going to tell the Mrs you’re staying out and won’t be back for dinner? With a maximum capacity of 77850mAH this battery has plenty of power to keep you going regardless of what you want to power. It will even fully charge a laptop from empty to full in just under two hours. You aren’t only limited to charging one thing at a time. If you so choose you can use all four of the ports at once.