Best Polarised Sunglasses For Carp Fishing

Carp fishing sunglasses. What are they all about? Whilst it’s great to look ‘cool’ whilst you are sat in your bivvy, polarized sunglasses are more than just fishing fashion accessories. The first thing you are looking for is a decent level of protection for your eyes.

It’s no good planning a full day session, to find that by midday you’ve got a headache because of the glare. The second, and some serious anglers would argue, most important thing, is that a decent pair of carp fishing sunglasses can help to increase your catch rate.

Polarized sunglasses work by cutting a significant amount of glare from the water. As a result you can often see whats beneath the surface in much greater detail. Weeds, features, and of course, fish. If you know for sure that there are fish in your swim, it eliminates one of the variables of the puzzle. Or if you are into stalking, they make it easier to locate the fish and cast directly to them. Generally carp are found in murky water. Darker tints such as brown and grey are especially effective in allowing your vision to penetrate deeper.

Knowing which glasses to buy is tricky, as there are plenty to choose from. We’ve assembled a list of the Best polarized sunglasses for carp fishing:-


Rage Fox Camo Sunglasses

Fully polarized with a camo frame, which we think is a nice touch. The glasses are of the wraparound style meaning they will stay firmly where they belong whenever you lean over, on your face and not in the water. Brown chrome tinted lenses ensure maximum visibility.


Korda Shoreditch Polarised Sunglasses

Want to look cool, and be able to see fish at the same time? With this contribution from Korda you can do both! A brown tint to the lenses ensures that visual comfort is optimised. The lenses are also fully polarized, allowing you to pick out the finer details sub-surface. As an added style factor, the frames are in a matt tortoise shell finish.


Fox Rage sunglasses

Now for something a slightly different. Wraparounds are not for everyone, enter the polarized fox rage sunglasses! A lightweight, light coloured frame with orange lenses, these glasses truly stand out! Being well made and sturdy, these glasses should last a while, making them a worthy investment. If you’ve ever owned a pair of Avid carp blaze sunglasses these are equally as stylish and well made.


Korda Polarised Wrap Sunglasses

Korda is a name associated with quality, whilst also being a budget friendly. If you like the idea of wraparounds and polarization, without having to spend a fortune then these are worth a look. Black frames and brown lenses combined mean that the only thing shouting ‘look at me’ will be the carp.


Fox Matrix Polarised Sunglasses

Understated, dark and low profile. These Fox Matrix polarized sunglasses are one colour, black. Black frames and grey lenses aren’t the most attention grabbing glasses, but then when you are in among the carp, your catch rate will do the talking for you.


Fox Chunk Sunglasses (Camo Brown)

Fox features again here in our list. For the true carp angler, who wants everything to be camouflage these are right up there. The well built frames are finished in camouflage, and with brown polarized lenses you will look every bit the veteran fisherman.


Fortis Polarised Lightweight overwrap Sunglasses

If you wear spectacles you’ll often be stuck between brightness or clarity, as you have to remove your glasses to don your carp fishing sunglasses. With this offering from Fortis, you don’t have to as the go over your normal spectacles. They aren’t the cheapest on our list but that’s because they have several extra features, including; rubber inserts on the arms, a range of lens color options and a unique vent system to prevent ‘misting up’.