Best Dog Biscuits for Surface Fishing

Carp fishing on the surface is exciting, seriously exciting. To be able to watch a big carp zero in on your bait, inspect it, and then gulp it down is truly heart stopping. If the carp are on the surface then that is where you want your bait to stay. So you’ll want something that floats for a long time. There are various methods to make pretty much any bait float. However this can also lead to your hookbait looking or behaving unnaturally, which can turn the fish off. The best method to fish dog biscuits is with a controller float, allowing you to cast a decent distance but leaving your hook-length free to behave as it wishes.

The best bait to use for surface fishing is one that floats easily, is attractive to the fish and is easily mounted on or near your hook. As an additional consideration, larger hookbaits are not as prone to assault by smaller fish. Dog biscuits satisfy all of these criteria. They are large, packed full of flavour and stay buoyant and intact for ages.


In this article we are going to have a look at some tasty surface offerings that are proven carp catchers.  Lets see which one nine out of ten carp prefer…


1. METACYL Hemp Oil Dog biscuits

  • Hard biscuits
  • Easy to mount
  • Stay firm for longer


Infused with hemp oil, these biscuits will stay afloat for ages. They are absorbent, if you so choose you can give them a spritz of flavour. The bag is huge so you can fire out handful after handful into the swim making sure your hookbait is in the mix. Because the biscuits are hard you can either drill them and mount them on a hair rig, or to go au naturel we suggest a lasso knot with the hook mounted about 1cm further up your leader.


2. GO-CAT ADULT Chicken & Duck Dry Cat Food 10kg

  • Different shapes
  • Pre-flavoured
  • Smaller sizes

These cat biscuits are smaller, for obvious reasons. What you get in a 10kg bag is variety. The biscuits also are infused with an element of fish oils giving an attractive scent. You can fish these two ways. With a light setup you can use them as hookbait, But what we would recommend is using these to create a surface cloud of smaller morsels with a big old dog biscuit right in the middle.


3. Pedigree Mixer Original 3Kg

  • Tried and tested
  • Mixed sizes
  • Long lasting


If in doubt, go for the original! Top catchers recommend it. With a variety of sizes in each bag you can throw out and handful and see which get the best response, and then choose your hookbait accordingly. The biscuits are hard and will keep their shape for a decent amount of time.


4. 1 Kg Mini Marshmallows by Mini Marshmallow

  • Colourful
  • Long lasting
  • Easily mounted


Variety is the spice of life. When the carp have don’t fancy dog biscuits but are still taking off the surface these might be ideal. Marshmallows are full of air and non water soluble. Therefore they float and stay on the hook pretty much indefinitely.