Canned Hemp – Is It Any Good?

When someone says ‘hemp’ your mind will go one of three ways. It will either be, fishing, sacks or ‘jazz cigarettes’. Today, as you would expect, we are going to talk fishing. Hemp has been a staple fish food since Adam was a lad. In fact it was banned on many waters in the past. The reasons given are numerous, our favourite is that, due to it’s shape, if the fish became conditioned to eat it, then they would also start biting split shot on the line. Leading to more foul hooking. What we do know is that if you introduce it in the right way, the fish do get the munchies… And we are sure with the following you will undoubtedly know what a ‘Roach’ is….

Cannabis jokes aside.  Hemp is one of the  most effective baits out there. But if you’ve ever bought a bag of it unprepared then you’ll know that it takes some work to make it usable. Boiling, adding baking powder, cooling and storing can mean a lot of work that could be spent doing other things, like fishing. There is a way you can enjoy the benefits without any of the hard work however. All you need is a tin opener…

Sweetcorn is a popular coarse bait, but how often have you heard of an enthusiastic angler taking a whole head of dried corn, boiling it and then separating the grains? No? We neither. Just open a can and you are away, so why not do the same with hemp? The advantages are obvious. It pretty much keeps forever, it is easy to store, and it is convenient and effective. What more can we say?

Is all hemp equal? We are not sure, but let’s talk about these products so you can keep your catch rate at an all-time ‘high’…


Some Recommended Canned Hemp


Three words. Keep-it-simple. Nothing added. All natural. Bait tech boast that they only use top quality seeds for their bait. And the seeds are cooked in the can, meaning freshness and flavour is guaranteed. This ensures that what you get with your home boiled ‘au naturel’ product is replicated in a can. All the convenience, and none of the hassle!

Sonubaits Tinned Hemp 400g

Krill is fast becoming a popular flavour for all manner of baits; boilies, meal, and now hemp, all benefit from a good soak in that fishy goodness. The hemp is cooked to perfection, with krill flavour added, so all you have to do is open the can.

Conx2 Natural Hemp + Tiger Nuts Mix

Any angler knows that sometimes you need to create an association between groundbait and hookbait. Conx2 has given us the easy way to do both. Hooking hemp is possible but fiddly. Not so much with a juicy tiger nut. Handfuls of hemp and tiger nuts will create a feeding frenzy. Every time the fish hear that signature ‘plop’, they’ll know there is a cocktail on the way down to them. If you are smart your hookbait will be among it.


Allez! Possibly the most French bait we have seen (with a hint of garlic no less). Dynamite baits excel in creating stand out products, and this Michelin starred can is no exception. It combines the ‘introduced’ with the naturally occurring. And literally as it says on the tin “freshwater snails make up a large part of a fishes diet”, you have the best of both worlds. Something found naturally on the lake bed and a super effective groundbait, all in one easy to throw handful.