100 Fishing Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Each month we will be highlighting our favourite 100 angling Twitter accounts. From educational to just plain funny, we look for the most unique personalities to add to our list.

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    Dean Macey

You might actually recognise Dean as a decathalon athlete but one of his favourite past times is in fact fishing! He frequently heads out with his rod and tweets along the way. He is most happy when fishing for the larger species such as carp and perch. Not only does Dean tweet some of his best catches but he gives an interesting insight into what goes on behind the camera on some of the best angling TV shows.

  1. Ali Hamidi

    Ali is another face you may well recognise from fishing TV shows such as Monster Carp and The Big Fish Off. He is a well

known angling author too and many hail his books as some of the best for getting tips about fishing. He recently travelled to Croatia for a fishing trip and has been sharing some of the beasts he caught online. Ali also regularly reminds his Twitter followers when the next angling show is scheduled on TV, so you will never miss a show again!

  1. Angling Times

You will no doubt be familiar with the Angling Times as they have been a best selling weekly publication since the early 50s. They are brilliant at retweeting other people’s tweets to show some of the best catches of the day. The gang at The Angling Times usually tweet everyday so you will always be up to date.

  1. The Angling Trust

If you are a responsible fisherman you will most likely already be an advocate of the Angling Trust. These guys are the single representative body of anglers in England and Wales. They campaign for environmental issues regarding angling and wildlife, lobbying local authorities where appropriate. By following these guys on Twitter you will be able to see the latest environmental news that affects you as a fisherman.

  1. Anglers Mail

The Anglers Mail is another weekly, UK based magazine. These guys are well known for their humorous style and novel articles. On Twitter they often provide links to funny or educational articles for you to learn a few extra angling tips. They are also pretty good at retweeting their follower’s best tweets and helping the angling community appreciate the best catches of the day.

  1. Advanced Carp Mag

This account is brilliant to follow if you want to hear about new and useful fishing tips, but do not have the time to invest into reading a full angling technique book. These guys also regularly tweet new products that they are endorsing or have reviewed, so if you’re in the market for some new fishing gear it’s worth checking these guys out for good advice and even special deals!

  1. Martin S Bowler

Martin is another well known personality in the world of angling. At the moment, it seems that Martin is focusing on an online blog about his fishing adventures. Whilst Martin doesn’t tweet a huge amount of his own original content, he is active in retweeting his favourite articles and fish catches. Martin is also really good at replying to and answering his fans, so if you have any angling questions and want to ask an expert, Martin may well be a good option!

  1. Angling Times Ed

This Twitter account is run by the editor of the Angling Times, Steve Fitzpatrick. If you follow this account you will be sure to get daily status updates of the fish that have been caught by the professionals up and down the country.

  1. Dave Harrell

Dave Harrell is actually the owner of DH Angling. Not only that, but he is an ambassador of the Angling Trust and regularly contributes articles to the Angling Times. Unlike some other fishing Twitter accounts, Dave is sure to post several times a day and not only will you be kept up to date with his own fishing adventures, but you will also see his top recommendations for angling equipment.

  1. National Fishing Month UK

The National Fishing Month in the UK usually runs over summer, often from

July-August, but dates do change. This account is understandably most active during this time but also tweets a fair amount in the run up to the event to share promotions. A main drawing point of this account is the updates regarding specific events that happen during National Fishing Month and even can give you the heads up when tickets for popular angling roadshows will be on sale.

  1. Nick Marlow

Nick Marlow is another angling journalist and one of our top recommendations to follow on Twitter. He has a very down to earth, humorous approach to fishing and often posts funny photos. As well as this, he will also link to some of his favourite fishing gear from time to time.  Some of the best parts of this Twitter account are Nick’s funny faces that he pulls when showing off his latest catch.

  1. Premium Carp Fishing

This Twitter account differs from some of the others as it primarily deals with fishing related topics local to the Cambridgeshire area. This is a really handy one to follow if you live or regularly fish in the area as it has lots of up to date information about fishing at different lakes and rivers. For example, it often advertises when there are available slots at different sites and what the most popular catches are in different locations.

  1. AndyCarpFishing

Andy not only posts angling related photos to Twitter, but he is also pretty good at posting short videos too. These videos often show off the local environment where he has been and are a nice way for other anglers to check out a new site. Andy posts photos of his personal best catches and they never disappoint. He seems to be a fantastic angler with a lot of skill and even shows off his mate’s catches too!


  1. CarpFishingJournal

This Twitter account specialises in only tweeting about carp. They have been tweeting since 2011 and often use the hashtag ‘CARPology’ to get their followers involved too. This account often features links to competitions for those that are feeling lucky and would like to win some new fishing gear. Interestingly, CarpFishingJournal also tweet questions to their followers to get a public opinion on controversial fishing topics.

  1. Matt Jackson

Matt is from Doncaster and has only recently joined Twitter at the beginning of 2017. His aim is to show off and record his fishing adventures throughout the year. His tweets show that he goes fishing at least twice a week and he seems to photograph and tweet all of the different species he catches each day. This is a great account to inspire you to head out fishing yourself.


  1. Carl

Carl is another UK based angler that uses Twitter to document his different catches and moments when out fishing. The thing that sets Carl’s account apart is his photography of the different fish, which is usually of a very high quality. One of the themes of his online posts is to motivate his followers and get everyone out there on the banks fishing themselves!

  1. Korum

If you have been coarse fishing for a while you will be familiar with Koram products, they are the UK’s favourite fishing brand specialising in coarse gear. What you might not know is that they also have a pretty awesome Twitter account and it is not all just about endorsing their own products! They retweet many of their followers best catches that have been caught whilst using Korum gear. They even share techniques via the Korum Fishing youtube channel too.

  1. Preston Innovations

This Twitter account is another one set up by a fishing equipment brand. They feature excellent photography of their products and the fish that have been caught using them. This account not only serves as a brilliant advert for their brand but also encourages anglers to get out there, even in the worse weather and give it their best shot! They celebrate their follower’s best achievements too.

  1. James Roche

One of the best thing about James Roche is that he really encourages the younger generation (and those who have never been fishing before) to get involved with angling. He is a brilliant advocate for angling schools and charities. Since James is also the Partnership Development Manager for Angling Times, he really knows his fish. His Twitter account is full of angling newbies giving it a go for the first time and he really captures just how much fun they are having.


Danny is an ammature fisherman and heads out every week to see what he can catch. He is very dedicated to blogging his adventures each week and uses his Twitter as a great way to promote his blog and website. Danny is a big fan of stick float fishing and even posts his own handy tips and techniques from time to time. Every now and then Danny also releases a video on Youtube to reveal exactly how he executes each of his techniques.

  1. FishOMania

FishOMania is an annual competitive cup for anglers and takes place in various locations up and down the UK. It has often been referred to as the ‘FA Cup of Fishing’ and seems to attract almost as much attention! These guys tweet about the upcoming competitions and keep fans updated with the latest results and the contest goes on. Since this year’s FishOMania competition took place in early July you may have to wait until next year to see this account in full swing.

  1. Jimmy Bullard

Jimmy Bullard is best known for his antics on the football pitch but has also earnt himself a bit of a reputation for being a cheeky chap who always has something funny to say. You might not know, however, than Jimmy is actually an avid fishing fan and angling is one of his most favourite hobbies. By following Jimmy’s Twitter account you will not only get the odd fishing adventure from time to time but you will be up to date with all aspects of this legend’s life.

  1. Pemb Wrighting

Pemb Wrighting enjoys fishing as part of his family orientated lifestyle. His Twitter account features stories from every aspect of his life but he is particularly interesting when tweeting about his angling competition entries. He recently entered the UK championships and got off to a good start as part of Team Guru. Pemb also enjoys light hearted banter with some other anglers over Twitter which can be very entertaining.

  1. Fisheries Team

These guys are at the heart of the Canal and River Trust. They promote increased welfare and better management of fisheries in the UK. The Fisheries Team are also concerned with the needs of angling clubs all around the country. They often retweet environmental posts on Twitter and share interesting articles that responsible anglers will enjoy. If you would like to be kept up to date with all you need to know to be a sustainable angler, follow this account and you won’t be disappointed.

  1. RobHughesTV

Rob Hughes is another TV presenter from BT and has 2 main passions that he likes to share with his Twitter followers; carp and cars! He has only been tweeting since 2016 but in this time he has been fantastic at sharing exactly what goes on behind the camera at work. Most notably, Rob has shown great support for the British Women’s Fishing Championship and often shares his enthusiasm for this online too.


  1. Martin Greene

Martin Greene is a self confessed gadget enthusiast and he really enjoys trying out the latest angling gizmos. He shares photos and reviews of each new product he tries out so those in the market for some new angling gadgets would be wise to check out this account before making any purchases. Most recently, Martin has been sharing his adventures from the River Wye but many would argue the star of this twitter account is actually Martin’s dog – Mutley!

  1. Off the Scale

Many of the accounts we have reviewed so far have featured anglers based in England, however this account is great for those that live in Ireland. It is the official account for the number one anglers magazine ‘Off the Scale’. Impressively, the guys and girls at this magazine’s HQ are really concerned with environmental concerns and have recently been tweeting to raise awareness about critically endangered skates which are disappearing from Irish waters.

  1. FishingInfo

This Twitter account has been set up to accompany the website fishinginfo.co.uk. Both of these online platforms are are actually part of the Angling Trust network so you can expect many tweets to help you be more responsible and environmentally aware when you are next out fishing. This account is really good in pointing you in the right direction to find out important fishing information. For example they share excellent resources for checking the river levels in your area.

  1. Avid Carp

Avid Carp is actually a fishing equipment brand that aim to deliver new and innovative products to help you improve your fishing and develop new skills. One of the latest products that they have been promoting on Twitter are the Floating Corn Stops which could add an extra element to hookbaits. As well as tweeting about their products, this account shares some of their staff’s best catches on a regular basis.

  1. Sonubaits.com

This Twitter account is linked to a company that is dedicated to producing fishing baits that are new and unique. They are confident that their products can help you capture more fish. Sonubaits.com regularly tweets the successful catches that people have achieved using the brand’s products. They also run a monthly catch prize competition that you can enter by tweeting photos of your catches.

  1. Drennan

Drennan Tackle are a UK based company that started out producing small balsa wood floats on a small scale. They now offer over 2500 different float based products and use CAD (computer aided design) in a lot of their manufacture. They use their twitter account to promote the latest in the range of Drennan products but also ask their followers to suggest tips and solutions to common angling problems, which they then share with the online angling community.

  1. Sam Edmonds

Sam has been an angling favourite on twitter since 2011. He launched his account to accompany his angling based blog in which he really demonstrates his passion and enthusiasm for fishing. He updates his Twitter and his blog on a monthly basis, letting his followers know exactly which species he has caught in which locations. Sam’s photos provide a nice story from each of his fishing trips and many followers will enjoy watching him share his love of the sport with his dad!

  1. Fishbrain

In 2013, Fishbrain launched a new app from Sweden. It is essentially a fish recognition application that is able to help you identify which species of fish you have caught. The app itself has often been referred to as ‘the Facebook for fishermen’ and it seems that it will have a lot more to offer users as technology develops even further. This Twitter account keeps you updated with the best way to use this app and announces new updates when they are ready.

  1. River Monsters

One TV show that will not need much of an introduction is the ever popular ‘River Monsters’. On this show, explorer Jeremy Wade searches for underwater beasts to share with the world. This is the official Twitter account connected to the show. When there is a new series of the show on the way, this account offers little extras to accompany what you see on TV. This includes behind the scenes footage and interesting videos to advertise the next episode.

  1. AT RiverFest

The Angling Trust oversees one of the largest UK river fishing competitions, with prizes up to £40,000! The AT RiverFest Twitter account tweets everything you need to know to help you either take part in, or follow, the competition. Some of the most helpful types of tweets this account offers are about ticket availability and changes to competition times and locations. You also have the opportunity to contact these guys to help resell any unwanted tickets.

  1.  Fox International

This Twitter account is run by another well known fishing brand, Fox International. They are actually one of the largest manufacturers in Europe and have a very high reputation for quality. Many of their products are actually designed by anglers themselves. They have a particularly large Twitter following which seems to be due to the fact that they retweet the best fishing posts from all over the web!

  1. Mat Woods Avid Carp

On this list we have featured both angling brands, Avid Carp and Korum. Here, we also feature the Twitter account for the brand manager for both of these companies. Mat often writes for different carp magazines too. Mat doesn’t actually tweet a huge amount of his own content at the moment but is great to follow due to the frequency that he retweets his friend’s best angling posts, which the online community may miss out on.

  1. Adam Rooney

Adam Rooney is yet another member of an angling brand as he works as the Brand Manager for Tackle Guru. It’s exciting to see when the latest batch of new angling products have arrived and Adam shows these off from time to time. He also reveals a few sneak peeks behind the camera when he is helping to film on location. Not only does Adam tweet about fishing, but he also enjoys football and fast cars and shares tweets on these topics with his fans too.

  1. Keith Arthur

Keith is a London born fishing enthusiast who has been tweeting since 2011. He is a fantastic one to follow as he is usually kept busy replying to his fans who have tweeted him asking for help in identifying different species. You will be able to see lots of images of people’s catches from all over the world. Not only that, but Keith also contributes to the Angling Times on a regular basis and shares his articles with his followers via Twitter.

  1. Team Korda

Team Korda really know a thing or two about fishing and they produce a whole heap on online based content such as short films to accompany programmes like Monster Carp which is shown on ITV4. They are a fantastic account to follow due to the large number of tweets they post each week plus they always seem to find something unusual or different in the angling news to share with their followers. They host a whole range of online resources to help you improve your fishing techniques.

  1.  Thom Airs

Thom not only hosts his own Twitter account but also is the online editor of the @carpfeed account which you might be interested in too. He works as a full time journalist and his tweets can be quite varied from football, to fishing and several other topics too! In terms of fishing, his most recent tweets have shown off his carp catches. He is also a big advocate for the FishOMania event.

  1. Anne Woodcock

You may have noticed that Anne is the first female to enter this online chart and she is paving a way for other women anglers to follow in her footsteps. She particularly enjoys fishing for salmon in the UK and she works professionally as a Marketing Director for FishPal. She provides her followers with all sorts of updates from her personal life but she is particularly brilliant at promoting Ladies Fishing events across the UK.

  1. Tight Lines

This account is the official Twitter presence of Tight Lines from Sky Sports. They are most proficient in tweeting about the FishOMania competitions and show great enthusiasm for the sport. They have been known for throwing in high quality fishing puns and plays on words to keep their followers entertained. They are excellent at celebrating the winners and often tweet their support for amateurs too.

  1. Phil Ringer

This Twitter account is another in the long list which combines the love of angling with a passion for football! The posts from Phil vary depending on which sport is in season but anglers will be pleased to see that he celebrates his friends competition wins. In July, Phil tweeted images of his pal Geoff as he secured 5th place with a 26lb catch.

  1. Team Guru

You will most likely already be familiar with this angling brand as they not only pride themselves on designing high quality products, but also providing excellent value for money for the budget conscious. They promote match fishing and those that take part in competitions on a regular basis. Most recently, they were at the Cresta UK Championships at Weston Pools, rooting for their team member, Pemb!

  1. Rob Hales

Rob is influential in organising anglers at the Monument and often tweets about availability at this site. He suggests which fish are currently biting and how busy the location will be to provide his followers with the information they need to know before heading out to the banks. He also tweets to show off the different fish that have been caught at this site and recently even shared fantastic images of his own fishing trip to Shropshire.

  1. On Carp

This Twitter account accompanies the online site of oncarp.com. Both of these online platforms aim to collect as many carp angling photos as possible. Their collection ranges from giant grass carp to ghost carp and many in between.  Due to their popularity, this account is always tweeting about someone new and they have been particularly great at highlighting some of the points that all anglers have in common.

  1. Richard Handel

One of the most recent features on Richard’s account is a brilliant “spotted fin” video which is an excellent bit of footage showing off one of his fishing trips. In fact, the majority of this Twitter account shares angling related videos from different locations across the globe. Richard contributes to angling articles for many magazines and uses his Twitter account to share some of his favourite editions.

  1. CARPology

This Twitter account is run by the magazine of the same name. This magazine is an extremely popular choice as it features contributions from favourites such as Hearn and Fareham. The Twitter account itself shares a wide range of fishing related material which is almost always of a extremely high standard. For example, there are professionally shot images of fish, maps of different angling sites and links to angling equipment reviews.

  1. Carpy

This organisation has often been compared to a cult for carp enthusiasts! The Twitter account claims that it shares news and view on angling and protects ‘anglers of the old school faith’. This account is a great one to follow to receive gossip about your favourite anglers and due to its informal, jokey nature, you are likely to have a chuckle or two!

  1. Jurassic Fishing

This account spices up our top 100 list a little as it is the first entry of an account that is based overseas. Avid anglers will know that the current world record size of Carp was caught in Thailand at 172 lbs. Jurassic Fishing is also based in Thailand and are on the case of providing the internet with more mammoth catches! They often feature visitors from the UK that head out there to capture their own beast.

  1. Mick Tuck

Mick Tuck has been Tweeting since 2009 from Essex and sharing with his followers his weekly angling blog. This cockney carper often reports how many bites he has had over his time on the lake and is a big fan of night time fishing too. His blog is actually based on Facebook and is a brilliant read if you would like an informal report on the author’s daily fishing experiences.

  1. Paul Fenech

Paul is a UK based sea angling fan. In fact, he actually contributes to the editing at the Sea Angler Magazine. Not only that, but Paul is also an excellent photographer. His Twitter account is a brilliant mix of links to his latest articles and images of his fishing trips. He seems happy with the simple things in life and recently tweeted about his content of having a cup of warm tea on the bank whilst waiting for bites.

  1. Charlton Carper

This Twitter account is yet another that accompanies an online angling blog.  The Charlton Carper features picturesque images of the lakes and sunsets that he encounters whilst out fishing. Another regular feature of this account is photos of his dog who enjoys lazing in the sun whilst out fishing too. The Charlton Carper recently tweeted about his preference for foam on zigs for bait and even shares tips for caring for your fishing tools.

  1. Tunnel Barn Farm

This Twitter account is linked to a UK fishery on the Grand Union Canal. It has over 2.5 miles within its ranges and up to 9 pools for anglers to enjoy. They tweet to provide their followers with updates about angling matches such as changes to the time and venue. If you live in the area you will not regret following these guys as the constant stream of open matches will encourage you to participate too!

  1. Andy Ford

One extremely popular fishing show is ‘On The Bank’ which airs on BT Sport. Andy is a regular presenter of this show and was a previous internationally acclaimed fly angler. This fisherman recently tweeted from Blithfield Reservoir where he was filming with colleagues. Andy frequently reminds his followers of the date of the next episode of his favourite fishing shows too, so you will never miss out on angling based TV!

  1.  GetHookedonFishing

This is one of the first fishing charities set up in the UK and has some very important issues at its heart. They use the medium of fishing to improve school attendance and education development in children and young people. The charity uses their Twitter account to promote the latests projects that they are involved with and seek support of the angling community to be able to improve their resources.

  1. Tom Dove

Tom is another employee at Korda manufacturers and works as the head of Product Development. This means he is an excellent choice of someone to follow if you would like to be kept updated with new elements of the Korda fishing range. Tom also takes part in online banter with other well known anglers and retweets his favourite fishing posts from a plethora of different accounts.

  1. Top Notch Tackle

Dave runs his own fishing tackle company called Top Notch Tackle where he designs and makes his own tackle from steel and aluminium. Have a look through his tweets and see what he has been making and catching. If you want some high quality British made tackle then you can order them directly from his website.

  1. Neil Spooner

Neil is the UK sales manager for the Korda and Guru brands. He has a particularly large Twitter following which is most likely due to his involvement in the series Monster Carp. Last year, Neil shared images of his catches from Lake Decker whilst filming. His enthusiasm for the sport is extremely evident from his tweets and they will be a great motivating factor for those keen to get into the sport.

  1. Matchroom Sport

This sports promoter features a wide range of different sporting events such as boxing, darts, pool and of course, fishing. This is a great account to follow if you would like general updates from competitions that are happening all around the globe. Most recently, however, Matchroom Sport tweeted about their support of charitable foundations and pledged over £250,000 to a local children’s hospice.

  1. Gary Roberts

This carp angler has two additional specialities. Firstly, Gary is a talented artist and uses his online following to promote his artwork and seek new ideas. Secondly, this angler is a wildlife expert and appreciates the whole of the lake or river ecosystem. He recently tweeted about his ‘15 minutes of fame’ as he was featured in a popular angling magazine.

  1. Carpfeed

This account is a brilliant source of angling news. They frequently feature their favourite fishing venues and tips on how to get the best spot. Also, they have coined the phrase ‘carphacks’ – these are simple suggestions on how to get the most out of fishing and may not have occurred to you before. Carpfeed will often post their latest reviews on angling equipment whilst providing easy links to their favourite websites.

  1. Crowsheath Fishery

Crowsheath Fishery looks after specialised fishing lakes in Essex and this Twitter account is a great way to stay updated with everything that is going on in the area. They recently tweeted about one of their regular anglers, Aaron, who was able to catch a 21lb common overnight and they update the feed regularly with the latest catches. These lakes offer a range of fish such as carp, catfish, pike and coarse.

  1. Chris Fennell

Chris has his own Youtube channel about angling for carp and he is currently working on his 137th episode. These short videos show Chris in action and the various fish that he is able to catch. His Twitter account features short clips from each of his videos and is a great way to stay updated when new ones are released.

  1. Sally Walsh’s Dam

This is another Twitter account that is specifically linked to a fishery. This one is located in West Yorkshire in the UK. Sally Walsh’s Dam regularly tweets about their client’s best catches so if you fish in the area it is well worth following them to see if it features anyone you might recognise. Recently, they tweeted about Chris Hayes’s success with a 23lb common. They occasionally have minor competitions that run in this location so follow them to stay in the loop.

  1. Bishop Brennan

This account features a wide range of material relating to the theme of angling. For example, Bishop Brennan recently tweeted his support for shark awareness day showing an interest into these ocean giants. One great thing about this guy is that he often photos the fish that he captures as he returns them to the lake. This gives the hobby a slightly friendlier feel and shows a different side to the sport.

  1.  EvolutionCarpTackle

Evolution Carp Tackle is one of the leading manufacturers of artificial baits. They feature innovative tweets on their Twitter account, showing the fish that has been caught next to the item that was used to catch it. This is a great way of advertising their products but also shows anglers how they can replicate other fishermen’s success.

  1. Dave Levy

Dave is the author of the best selling angling book Fallen Kings.  Dave is an advocate for Ridge Monkey products and often features images of him and his friends using such gear. He also releases short videos to answer common angling related questions. For example, he recently posted about how he spools up in response to his followers asking for his advice.

  1. Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson is another top class angler and uses not only Twitter but also Instagram to share his latest catches. The latest posts from Matt showed his success with 2 beautiful commons in the North of England. Not only that, but Matt also shares other highlights of his fishing hobby such as his achievement of coming 4th in the Drennan Cup awards earlier this year. Congratulations Matt!

  1. WBMCarpFishing.co.uk

This is a website that functions as a fishing forum for the Midlands. The site recently published a new video about fishing on a free fishing pool over the May bank holiday. Whilst carp is the focus of this account they do also feature other catches from time to time. One other great aspect about WBMCarpFishing.co.uk is that they often retweet anglers that are new to Twitter and it’s a great way to increase your own following.

  1. Garth Ethelston

Garth is another familiar face from the guys and girls at Korda. Like the others he is (of course) a fishing enthusiast but has a particular passion for pairing his hobby with his family too. He is a great supporter of his friends and colleagues as they appear on fishing shows in the UK and often tweets to show his enjoyment of seeing them on TV.

  1. Ed Betteridge

Ed is actually an angling consultant and works across many different organisations such as Chub, Korda and Mainline. He also frequently contributes to articles from the Angling Times. With all of these things on his plate, Ed actually seems to struggle to get out fishing himself but when he does he shares images of his catches with his followers.

  1. Chris

Chris is from Avid Carp where he works as a consultant and angling tutor. His Twitter account is actually a great way to get in touch with him if you want to be tutored in the sport yourself. Apart from that, he frequently posts information on fishing matches. Chris is a firm fan of the trend of ‘Throwback Thursdays’ and will frequently remind his followers of his previous fantastic catches.

  1. The Goo

Have you heard of the Kiana Carp Goo? It is a unique bait additive and can also be used as a hook bait soak. It has been featured on many TV shows and reviews such as Underwater Seven and Eight and it seems that it is so good that it even has its own Twitter account! The Goo retweets images of its followers who have caught large fish using the product.

  1. Phat Fish Clothing

It seems that the angling community is saturated with reviews and adverts regarding fishing equipment but one aspect that is sometimes overlooked is fishing clothing. Phat Fish Clothing clearly saw this gap in the market and started producing high quality angling clothes which appeal to all fishermen. Their Twitter account promotes the latest in their range whilst retweeting those that wear their products!

  1. Oli Bowles

Oli is another member of team Korda and has been tweeting since 2012. He usually features simple, humble tweets that give his opinions on popular fishing topics. Oli seems to be a big fan of Korda’s underwater films and he suggests that they are a ‘must watch’ in order to fully understand fish behaviour, particularly when encountering rigs. He is also one of the anglers that frequently takes their dog fishing with him and these images of his pet will make you smile.

Find him here


  1. Fryerning Fisheries

These fisheries are located is Essex and provide their users with 3 large lakes with over 50 carp each. The images that this account tweets of this fishing site will really make you want to visit it, with lovely sunsets and spectacularly still waters. From time to time this account will celebrate the largest fish caught in the waters such as the carp caught by Alex Milligan that weighed up to 28lb.

  1. The Carp Society

If you live, or fish, in the region of Gloucestershire it is well worth following these guys on Twitter. They are responsible for 3 of the most successful fishing lakes in the area; Horseshoe, Farriers and Langholme. Not only that, but they also organise the Carp Society Winter Show. They sometimes use Twitter to auction off weekend sessions with well known anglers for those that want to add something new to their fishing experience.

  1. Mark Wozencroft

Mark is in fact an angling consultant and works across several organisations offering his expertise on baits. He also enjoys writing for fishing magazines from time to time. He is best known for his work at Wychwood and DNA baits. He frequently retweets the Wychwood account showing his endorsement for their products.

  1. Tony Davis-Patrick

Tony Davis Patrick claims to be the ultimate globetrotter when it comes to angling for carp. He really has caught his fair share of giants and uses Twitter to show off his success. He is regularly featured on the covers of angling magazines due to his skill at securing some impressive catches. Most notably, Tony posted a photo of a 70+ lb carp caught from a public lake in 2016.

  1. Gillhams Fishing

If you are looking for inspiration of where to plan your next fishing trip you might want to consider following a Twitter account such as Gillhams Fishing. These guys are actually based in Krabi in Thailand and provide as many inspirational images that you could ever need to book a trip abroad. They frequently tweet about their guests and keep their viewers informed of the size of the fish that are common in the area.

  1. Gaz Hood

Gaz is first and foremost a family man but he has a firm hobby in angling. Since he is the Media Manager for the brand Trakker he is great at using Twitter and regularly features reviews and updates on Trakker products. Gaz has an intriguing approach at introducing new bits of equipment; he teases his followers with a photo that doesn’t reveal the whole product and gets them to guess what it might be.

  1. Jason Trought

Jason is the manager at DNA Baits and runs its official Twitter feed. He really is concerned with quality baits and is always keen to see what other people are using.  He asks his customers to use the hashtag DNABaits to show off the successes that they have with his products and he is always quick to retweet them. In particular, Jason recently tweeted a fantastic image of Dave Gostello and his carp catch.

  1. MarinaGibsonFishing

Follow Marina Gibson for an insight into life as a fisherwoman. All too often, women are neglected in the angling sport and Marina hopes to rectify the male bias by providing her own fishing stories. Marina has a very well presented Twitter account and not only shares her best  catches but also tries to gather support for well deserved causes. For example, Marina has recently been tweeting about the WWF campaign, Nature Needs You.

  1. Thinking Anglers

This fishing brand run a very active Twitter feed to celebrate fishing success stories up and down the country. Recently, Thinking Anglers shared images of Liam Richards and his latest carp catch as he released it back into the water. This Twitter account is clearly linked to a Facebook account of the same name so you are able to follow them across several social media platforms.

  1. Natures Baits

This Twitter account is linked to a manufacturing company that design and sell quality baits. This company is particularly well known for its fantastic deals on angling products and it uses Twitter to announce its latest promotion. They also give shout outs to those that get featured in the local news such as David Varely who caught a huge carp in Chase Lakes using Nature Baits.

  1. Rhino Tech

Unlike many other angling brands, Rhino Tech specialises in photography and technology products to enhance the fishing hobby. This Twitter account features the latest in such products. Not only that, but Rhino Tech are also known for offering advice and tips to anglers on how best to photograph their best catches. This account is a ‘must-follow’ for those who want to up their carp photography game.

  1. Taska Carp

Taska Carp is an exclusive angling newsletter which aims to keep its members up to date with all the on-goings in the fishing community. This Twitter account is linked to the organisation that produces these newsletters. Taska Carp are brilliant at retweeting their follower’s best catches including children that have taken up the sport. They most recently featured the angler Keith ‘The Admiral’ Williams who has been on the search for special catches abroad.

  1. Simon Scott

Simon Scott actually farms his own fish and is a fishery consultant for many different locations in the UK. On top of this, Simon is also a keen angler and clearly has many years of experience. His expertise is often sought out over Twitter as followers send him online questions about fisheries. Simon usually provides concise answers that many anglers will find interesting and useful. Most recently Simon answered questions about male carp weight loss during spawning.

  1. Jerry Bridger

Jerry Bridger is the Marketing and Sales Manager from Trakker. He mostly tweets about three different topics, his kids, his gym routines and his love for carp angling. Jerry often takes part in angling matches and most recently he has been tweeting from the Erics Carp Championships in which he took part. Jerry’s Twitter really reveals his love for the sport and would be a great one to follow for those who are looking for angling inspiration.

  1. Team Mainline Baits

If you are into bait fishing you will quite likely already be familiar with this company that produces high quality carp baits. This Twitter feed often promotes the new Mainline Baits fish reporting website. They want to know which fish you have caught using their products and encourage you to upload and report your catch. They also often retweet fans of theirs that use their products such as Andrew Gardner. He was able to catch an 45lb mirror using a ‘toasted almond pop up’ product.

  1. Catchin Carp

Catchin Carp are mainly a YouTube channel that provide tips and tricks on how to catch big carp. They are quite a new YouTube Channel but are uploading new videos each week which are really in-depth and interesting. Whether you are new to carp fishing, or an experienced angler it is worth following them on Twitter to stay up to date with their videos.

  1. Simon Crow

Simon is a carp enthusiast with a very large fan base on Twitter. He tweets almost daily to show off his best catches. Most recently he caught a ‘fat’ common at Key Cray. However, his personal best is a 86lb 8oz carp which he managed to bag overseas. Within the UK he boasts his best is just under 57lb.

  1. Alex Lister

Alex Lister is the manager of the 6 amazing fishing lakes that make up ‘The Monument’ near Shifnal in the UK. He also consults for Avid Carp where he provides his expert opinion on many different angling matters.  Alex Lister has most recently been tweeting about his friend’s catches, 2 of which he managed to achieve in under a minute! He often hosts matches at his lakes and uses Twitter as a way of seeking out competitors.

  1. MCF Carp Fishing

MCF Carp Fishing run a catalogue based inventory of fishing tackle which promises to help its clients catch as many carp as possible.  This Twitter account often posts links to video entries on Youtube which feature Dennis McFetrich. These videos aim to talk you through some of the products available and provide a user-friendly guide. The most recent of these videos featured the MCF Dumper Lead Clips and was accompanied by a special deal to entice new customers.


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  1. ESP Carpgear

This is another UK based manufacturer of carp fishing equipment. However, this account is different from other since it runs a large number of competitions to give its followers the chance to win some new equipment. In June, ESP Carpgear were involved in the promotion of a competition run by CARPology to win a brand new Lo Pro Brolly which was worth £149.

  1. Kryston

Last, but by no means least, this account is the official Twitter for Kryston Advanced Angling LTD. They originated in the late 80s and produce high quality fishing products in the UK. The guys and girls at Kryston HQ tweet on a daily basis and usually feature photos of their products but in July they held an interesting competition which was essentially a giveaway to win £200 worth of tackle. They are well worth a follow if you are in the market for some new fishing gear and are feeling lucky.