Carp Tattoos

The love for a great looking Carp Tattoo is endless.

Some tattoos are simplistic, others absolutely outrageous! (Some I would never consider inking ourselves myself with!)

After digging deep around the web I’ve discovered a wide variety, including the popular Koi Carp!

So, let’s take a look at 13 of the best carp tattoos around…..


Carp Tattoo

Nash Carp Tattoo

Koi Carp Tattoo

Realistic Mirror Carp Tattoo

Carp Leg Tattoo

Cool Carp Tattoo


Cool Koi Carp Tattoo

Carp Hook Tattoo

Carp Hooked Tattoo

Carp Swimming Tattoo

Carp Rod Tattoo


You can share your tattoo’s below…we won’t judge!