A List of Carp Bait Companies

Over 25 Carp Bait Suppliers

We’ve pieced together a mammoth list of carp bait suppliers just for you!

From Mainline to CCMoore – there are so many to choose from folks!

We’ve world renowned international stockists to new startup bait suppliers looking to make their mark in the highly competitive boilie making industry.

If you’ve had any success with a bait manufacturer not listed here – drop us a comment at the bottom or head over to our contact page.

We’d like to grow this list as much as we can.

(All prices stated are correct at time of publication)

AA Baits

AA Baits are a respected supplier of top quality fishing bait based in the North West.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Hempseed, Pellets, Particles
Quantity: 100g up to 25kg
Location: Birkenhead, Wirral
Delivery: UK & Europe (est. 5 days)
Best Offer Found: 1kg of 14mm Tiger Nut Boilies (Freezer) £8.50

Visit AA Baits Website>>

Active Bait Solutions

Founded in 2003, Active Bait Solutions offer a full range of baits for the modern day angler.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Glugs, Paste, Pellet, Stick Mixes
Boilie Sizes: 12mm to 24mm (+ Barrel/Dumbell Shapes)
Quantity: Unlimited
Location: Sandwich, Kent
Delivery: See website for prices
Best Offer Found: Malarky Fishmeal Boilie at £7 per kg.

Bulk offers include:

5-50KG £7.00 per kilo
50kg-100kg 6.50 per kilo
100kg-200kg £6.00 per kilo

Visit Active Bait Solutions>>


Custom designed high performance boilies.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Liquids & Attractants, Paste, Pellets
Boilie Sizes: 15mm – 18mm
Quantity: 1kg – 100kg
Location: Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Delivery: £4.95 to Mainland UK
Best Offer Found: Royal Marine (Shelf-life) Boilies at £82.99 for 10kg.

You can try a sample boilie pack for just £1 through the website below.

Visit Baitworks>>


Baut-tech technicians have developed a range which gives anglers a product which is simply the best quality bait available in today’s market.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Particles, Groundbait, Pellets,
Boilie Sizes: 14mm – 18mm
Quantity: Unlimited
Location: Ipswich, Suffolk
Delivery: Search for official stockists for details
Best Offer Found: Bait-Tech Big Carp Method Mix Poloni Mix 2Kg

Visit Bait-tech Website>>

Check out Bait-Tech Bait Deals>>

CC Moore

CC Moore are an international carp bait brand with a particular focus on Carp and Coarse fishing, they are able to offer an ever-expanding range of competitively priced bait items with a proven track record.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Particles, Groundbait, Pellets + Many More
Boilie Sizes: 10mm – 24mm
Quantity: 1kg – 100kg
Location: Templecombe, Somerset
Delivery: International, see website for more info
Best Offer Found: Live System Boilies 15mm, 10kg £74.99 (UK Only)

Why not Visit CC Moore below?

CC Moore Carp Bait

Carp Bait Solutions

Welcome to the revolution in bait making.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Wafters, Glug, Pellet, Stick & Spod Mixes
Boilie Sizes: 15mm – 18mm
Quantity: 1kg – 20kg
Location: Wrexham
Delivery: £8.99 with a 72hr Turn Around for Delivery (UK and Ireland only)
Best Offer Found: 18mm Entice (Original Red) 10kg for £65.00.

Visit Carp Bait Solutions

Carp Bait Solutions

DNA Baits

Bait put together by experts – not a marketing team.

Bait Type: Boilies, Hookbaits, Groundbait, Pellets, Base Mixes & Liquids
Boilie Sizes: 12mm – 22mm
Quantity: 5kg
Location: South Milford, North Yorks
Delivery: Around 5 workind days, delivery from £7.50 under 25kg.
Best Offer Found: 15mm Secret 7 Boilies, 5kg for £45.


DNA Baits

Dynamite Baits

Bait made by anglers – for anglers.

A carp bait heavyweight, Dynamite Baits are instantly recognisable all over Europe.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Liquids & Dips, Particles, Pellets & Base Mixes
Boilie Sizes: Various
Quantity: 5kg
Location: Nottingham
Delivery: See Website for Stockists
Best Offer Found: 15mm Robin Red Carp Pellets, 900g

Visit Dynamite Baits Below!

Dynamite Baits

Eclipse Baits

Eclipse Baits are immensely proud of the fact that they create all of of their own baits in house for over 25 years.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Wafters & Liquids
Boilie Sizes: 12mm – 18mm
Quantity: 1 – 25kg
Location: Ashingdon, Essex
Delivery: See Website.
Best Offer Found: 14mm Nut Mix Boilies, 10kg for £75.

Visit Eclipse Baits below.

Eclipse Baits

Impulse Baits

Founded in 2010, Impulse offer consistent and quality baits.

Never compromise on quality.

Bait Type: Boilies, Stick Mixes and Liquid Additives
Boilie Sizes: 10mm – 24mm
Quantity: Unlimited
Location: Manchester
Delivery: See Website for Stockists
Best Offer Found: 15mm Northern Mere, 5-9kg at £7.50 per kg

Visit Impulse Baits today>>

Kent Particles

Freshly hand rolled and prepared and delivered straight to your door.

Bait Type: Boilies, Particles, Pellets, Groundbaits & Enhancers.
Info: Kent Particles stock Mainline Baits, with there own particle ranges.
Location: Lymington
Delivery: Dependant on weight – see website.
Best Offer Found: Activ8 Mainline Boilies, 15mm, 5kg for £44.99


Kent Particles


Mainline are synonymous with the highest quality carp baits possible. Period.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Base Mixes, Particles, Liquids + much more
Boilie Sizes: 15mm – 20mm
Quantity: Unlimited
Location: Billericay, Essex
Delivery: See all Mainline Stockists>>
Best Offer Found: 1kg Mainline Cell Boilies, 15mm

Check out all Mainline Products below.

Mainline Carp Bait

Mad Baits

Home of the finest baits, rolled to order #puremadness

Bait Type: Boilies, Liquid Additives
Boilie Sizes: 14mm – 28mm
Quantity: Unlimited
Location: St. Neots, Cambridgeshire
Delivery: £6 Flat Rate
Best Offer Found: 16mm Pandemic Boilies, 10kg – £99.90

Visit Mad Baits below.

Mad Baits Carp Boilies


Mistral Baits

High quality carp baits since 1988.

Bait Type: Boilies, Spod Particles, Floaters, Groundbait, Activators
Boilie Sizes: 15-20mm
Quantity: 1kg & 5kg Bags
Location: Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
Delivery: UK and Europe
Best Offer Found: Mulberry Fish Boilies, 15mm, 5kg -£35.99

Visit Mistral Baits for more information.

Monster Baits

Premium quality carp baits. The monster awaits…..

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Wafters, Pellets, Dips, Particles
Boilie Sizes: 15-18mm
Quantity: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg
Location: Teynham, Kent
Delivery: FREE delivery on order over £50
Best Offer Found: Beast Frozen Boilies, 18mm, 10kg – £75

Check out Monster Baits below!


Monster Baits

Munch Baits

Home of the Cream Seed……

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Particles, Liquids, Stick Mix, Wafters
Boilie Sizes: 14-18mm
Quantity: 1kg, 5kg
Location: Hehham, Bishop’s Stortford
Delivery: FREE delivery on order over £150, otherwise £6.95 (see website for Europe)
Best Offer Found: 5kg Cream Seed Boilies, 5kg, £24.99

Why not visit Munch Baits below for more information.

Munch Baits


The international renowned carp tackle and bait company, Nash need no introduction here.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Pellets, Stick Mixes, Pastes + many more
Boilie Sizes: 12-24mm
Quantity: 1kg, 5kg
Location: Essex
Delivery: Search for Nash Stockists online
Best Offer Found: Key Cultured 20mm Boilies, 1kg – see deals

Visit Nash Tackle below.

Nash Carp Baits


Established in 1986, Nutrabaits distributes to over 50 countries.

Bait Type: Boilies,Base Mixes, Soaks, Oils, Wafters + much more
Boilie Sizes: 12mm, 14mm & 20mm
Quantity: 1kg, 5kg
Location: Goldthorpe, Barnsley
Delivery: See website for UK & International shipping costs
Best Offer Found: 18mm Trigga Freezer Bait, 5kg – £54.50

Visit Nutrabaits and discover a great range of carp bait>>


Catch more fish.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Glugs, Pastes, Groundbaits + more
Boilie Sizes: 14-22mm
Quantity: Up to 50kg
Location: Bideford, Devon
Delivery: FREE UK delivery, see website for other countries
Best Offer Found: 14mm Jungle Bulk Deal, 10kg – £93.50 (£9.35 per kg)

Check out the fantastic Pallatrax website below.Pallatrax Carp Bait

Premier Baits

Premier Baits started out in 1986, and were the first company to commercially produce the fishmeal Boilie.

Bait Type: Fishmeal Boilies, Pop-ups, Wafters, Pellets, Stick Mixes + more
Boilie Sizes: 14-24mm
Quantity: 5- 50kg
Location: Ramsgate, Kent
Delivery: Various Prices – see website for more info
Best Offer Found: 14mm Matrix Fishmeal Boilies, 5kg – £40

Visit Premier Baits for quality carp bait>>


Poacher Baits

The finest carp bait at the best prices.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Hookbaits, Pastes, Particles, Pellets
Boilie Sizes: 12-22mm
Quantity: 5- 25kg
Location: Dartford
Delivery: FREE delivery on orders over 5kg
Best Offer Found: 5kg Carp Pellets – £15.00

Visit Poacher Baits>>


Quest Baits

If your mission is to catch more carp then our passion is to help you do it.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pellets, Glugs, Dips, Micro Feed
Boilie Sizes: 10-20mm
Quantity: 1kg Packs
Location: Nottingham
Delivery: FREE delivery on orders over £100, allow 7 days for delivery
Best Offer Found: Magnum Duo, 1kg, 20mm – £6.49

Why not visit Quest Baits?

Quest Baits

RG Baits

RG Baits – Palatable, Digestible and Nutritional Carp Bait.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Wafters, Sprays, Base Mixes
Boilie Sizes: 12-18mm
Quantity: 1-50kg
Location: Rotherham
Delivery: FREE delivery on orders over 100kg, see website for other alternatives
Best Offer Found: The Formula – 10kg Bait Deal, £119.99

Visit RG Baits for Carp Bait Deals>>

Sticky Baits

Home of ‘The Krill’ – Sticky Baits offer premium quality carp bait.

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Liquids
Boilie Sizes: 12-20mm
Quantity: 1kg, 5kg bags
Location: Newport, East Yorks
Delivery: See the website for official Sticky stockists
Best Offer Found: 12mm ‘The Krill’ Shelf-life Boilies, 5kg – see deals>>


Sticky Carp Baits

Urban Baits

Don’t let another big Carp get away.

Show them who’s boss and get yourself on the going bait with Urban Bait, the pioneer of Carp Bait companies!

Bait Type: Boilies, Pop-ups, Dips, Juices, Pellets
Boilie Sizes: 12-22mm
Flavours: Nutcracker, Red Spicy Fish, Tuna & Garlic
Quantity: 1-50kg
Location: Erith, Kent
Delivery: FREE delivery on orders over £50
Best Offer Found: Nutcracker Boilies, 18mm, 5kg – £37.50

Visit Urban Bait for more tasty carp bait deals below;


Urban Carp Bait



There we have it – a comprehensive list of carp bait companies for you to feast your eyes over!

Is the bait your using not listed here?

Then please drop us a comment/link below to your chosen bait company, and we’ll add it as quickly as possible!

(….and please share this to benefit others my fellow anglers!!!)



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